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  1. Hello Cecil and Robert, and Greetings to all forum members. I am about to move to an old house. This house is being subject to reconstruction works, and I would like to know if, in a FS perspective, the direction on which a door opens is important or not. I ask this because frequently doors open from the left or from the right towards the inside or the outside of the division. If important in a FS perspective, which of these four combinations is better? Thanks in advance
  2. Again, I will try to post the file with the paln of house. I am sorry, but there seems to be some problem with the process of attaching the file...
  3. This is the file I wanted to send before... Sorry :)
  4. Dear Robert: I?m sending you, as agreed, the plant of the large and narrow house I wrote you about, but first I must add some comments: In what concerns the plant, there are numbers on it. They correspond to the following: 1/2. Bathrooms and possible closet for storeroom in small bathroom 3. Dining room 4. Living room 5. Study room/Guest room 6. Study room 7. Entrance 8. Dressing room, and/or closet room 9. Master bedroom 10. Kitchen The north is pointing where the letter N is (I couldn?t draw an arrow...), and I must tell that the reading is not perfect. The direction I show on the plant corresponds to a reading made on the outside. In the inside, the campus pointed north as being a little bit more to the left. But, as far as I recall, the difference is nor VERY significant. I could say that it would be of, maybe, less than 12,5 degrees. There are 2 entrance doors. We were thinking on using the one marked with n. 7, not only for space reasons (room nr. 6 can be used, instead of an Hall, as a room for a working table, as in room 5 we would also have a bed for visitors - or a room for a future baby...), but also because when you open this door, the stairs (going down) are right in front of it, and that, as far as my limited knowledge of Feng Shui leads, is not good. The rectangle in the Kitchen corresponds to a cement wall, inside of which is the chimney tube, and on its right will be posted all the machines, dishwasher, etc. It is possible to separate fire from fridge and sink. Also, it is possible to post some items on the wall on the right of the Kitchen door (fridge and oven, for instance, but not possible for the other machines - dry & wash clothes, and dish washer). So, taking all this into consideration, I ask for your advise on purchasing a house with this characteristics. And, I would also ask for your help, if not in other subjects at least in knowing what remedies to apply to the fact that, according to my reading, my death line and my wife?s disaster line run through the entrance door (or at least their area of influence ?touches? the entrance door). What can we do? Very near the entrance door there are the bathrooms. Is it important? Good or bad? And finally, please J don?t advise me NOT to buy the house, because me and my wife, we really liked it, it?s what we had been looking for months, and in the place where we wanted it. Most of it, we agree that there seem to be good vibrations in that house... and basic intuition is something we should not ignore... About me and my wife, if this is can help, I was born 31-Dec-1970 and she 11-May-1968. Thank you so much for your kind and precious attention. Pedro
  5. Dear Cecil: After a 6 month search, I am about to buy a new house! Finally, me (metal dog) and my wife (earth monkey), we found what we were looking for. BUT, when I started looking to the house on a Feng Shui perspective (as a total amateur, I must - unfortunately - add?), and, among other Feng Shui related subjects (on which I will probably ask for the forum?s kind advise further on), there is one thing that, prior to any other, is concerning me: the house is rectangular, but in a very long and narrow type of rectangle. The long part of the house points (more or less) towards North and South, which makes that the other directions, on the narrow side, especially East and West directions, are almost absent. Now, my wife?s best direction is North, and that, I presume, is good, because there is a good space in the house falling under that line, but, on the other hand, my best direction is East, and there isn?t much space in the house within that direction. Plus (and I am still on a very initial stage of the audit of my possible future home) I think that the front door is on my death line and on my wife?s disaster line (if it is not exactly over the line, its on their area of influence?). The good part of this is that the bedroom , living room and the kitchen, the areas where we spend most of our time are all in positive areas for both of us, or at least in those rooms, there is always a part of them that falls under the influence of a positive area for both of us, and this seems to be good. I would like to ask you if, taking in consideration this small amount of information, you could please advise us on this. Do you think that one thing (narrow form, death and disaster line over front door) ?compensates? the other (most used parts of house in good directions)?, and if there are any remedies on this. If the information is not enough please contact, and I will provide whatever necessary. thank you very much in advance. Pedro
  6. Dear Cecil, Responding to your reply, I first heard of this 8 aspirations on the first Feng Shui book I ever read. Later on I found that this author belonged to the Black Hat Sect. his name is Celso Yamamoto, and I think the book is from Brazil. I can't give you more info because I just can't find the book. As a matter of fact, I think I lost it... (which was very fortunate to me, because otherwise I would have never knew the truth about that FS school...). As far as I recall, he presented a Pa-Kua (Bagua?), and said to align the front door with the position career. Of course that this is the application of the Black Hat Sect. BUT the other reference to the 8 aspirations, I read it on a book by Richard Webster called "Feng Shui for Beginners".( As a matter of fact, when I bought it I sent a message to the books forum - around the 28 Jan.- to know if someone could give me a hint on this author...), and, although I am not an expert, this author don?t seem to me as a member of black hat sect, AT ALL? and he says that generally he pays much more attention to the 8 house theory, and it?s 4 good and 4 bad locations, that he does to the 8 aspirations, as in this method, you don?t use the compass directions (N, S, SW, and so on) I hope that this is enough information for you, and I would like to know if you could give me any topics on this matter, because I really don?t know if I should accumulate this 8 aspirations with the 8 directions. The problem is that this 8 aspirations system just seems very uncomplicated on one hand, but on the other, it seems very similar to the Feng Shui that the Black Hat sect defends? Thank you very much. Pedro
  7. Hello to everyone! First of all, sorry for my English? I?m sending this mail because, among the infinity of Feng Shui aspects that are still confusing me, there are two that are particularly important, and I would like to clarify them before going any further in my studies: When studying the 8 house theory, I have came across with two concepts that are causing me great confusion: the 8 aspirations (career, knowledge, family/health, wealth, fame/rank, marriage, children, helpful people and career) and the 8 directions (death, disaster, spook, irritation, health, excellent, prosperity, longevity). Obviously they don?t stand for the same things, and what confuses me is that I don?t know if these aspirations and directions are calculated by the same method. For the 8 directions, and if I followed your Web page instructions correctly, I have to find the centre of the house, and the direction of the main door, or room. After, according with the direction the main door is facing, I will superimpose my personal 4 good and 4 bad directions (which I have previously calculated according to my year and hour of birth?) over the house plan, correct?. Now, in what concerns the 8 aspirations: I haven?t understood yet how they interact with the 8 directions, and my basic doubts are: 1. Can they be calculated with the same method? 2. Is it possible that, as an example, my death line can be in the same position of the Health aspiration? 3. Do this two methods belong to different kinds of Feng Shui schools? 4 Are they compatible? 5. Is it possible to use them simultaneously? 6. Are the 8 aspirations used only in the Black Hat Sect (being that I don?t agree with the line of this Feng Shui school?)??? I would appreciate if someone could answer to this questions, or to give any orientation on this matters, as I am in great, great confusion? Thank you very much in advance Pedro
  8. I'm writing from Portugal. Feng Shui is not very developed in my country. you can find some books in specialized bookstores, but you don't have much to choose from, and that is why i ask you if you have heard of a book by Richard Webster called "Feng Shui for Beginners", by Llewellyn Publications. It seemed to me that it could be a good guide for a beginner, like me. In case you know it, I would appreciate some advise. Plus, I would like to know if there are any reliable web sites (besides yours) from which I can extract more information on Feng Shui. Thank you very much.
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