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  1. Hi If I am sitting facing west (my bad direction) in the office and I cannot change direction due to office policy and space constraint,what should I do?Recently my relationship with office colleague turns bad and $$ is not good. Thank you and happy chinese new year!
  2. Hi Master I wish to understand more fengshui tips: (1)What is the purpose of putting flower printed sticker or paper on the door of the toilet? (2) Can I put a extra round mirror (1 side normal mirror , another side with magnifying mirror) in my bathroom. (3) What is the difference between 2 fire stoves and 3 fire stoves. I had been told to change to 3 fire stoves. (4) Is it ok to put children books and toys near the altar of buddha (same wall)? (5)I been told soft toys are not good for children in term of fengshui. Does there a difference between big and small toys. Is it true?
  3. Hi I have 2 questions that need yr advice: (1) I have two bedroom with doors facing each other. I had given advice to hang a crystal (something like disco ball in the disco)on the ceiling of the living room (which is in between the two bed room). Is it ok? (2) What is the significance of the peacock feather? What is it used for or good for in term of feng shui? Where should I place it? Study room, baby room, office desk? Pls enlighten me Thanks
  4. I am a female born in 1970, 14 Aug In office , I am sitting facing east with my back empty (no support). People passing by can look at my back. Is this ok? I am thinking to shift my desk to have better feng shui as I find my position is not good. Recently my health, luck and working relationship are getting worse. I have 2 options: (1) face west with my back having partition supporting(but electrical point is behind me on the floor) (2) face south with open cubinet behind me and overhead cubinet above me. I been told yellow colour is my lucky colour. So what can I put on my office desk to enhance my luck and health I prefer the 1st option . Is it ok to face west according to my birthdate? Pls advise Thanks
  5. Hi Cecil I had a two year old kid. My mother told me that frog leg is good for my kid's leg strength. So I bought the fresh frog from wet market for a few times and cook porridge for my kid. But now , one of my friend who is a strong buddhist, told me I am doing a sinful thing by buying the frog. He said that although I did not kill the frog but I saw the frog being killed and skinned and I unintentionally kill them. He told me to chant Buddisht words and don't buy frogs again. He advise me even if I want to buy any meat or frog, I should buy them when they are killed. Not to buy something alive and killed in front of me. He told me the spirit will not be rest as the frog is not being prayed. The frog may come to revenge. He told me that I should try not to eat meat so that it is not so sinful...I told him that the frog leg is good for babies and frozen frog leg is not so fresh.But now, I dare not buy fresh frogs. I regretted to buy the frog and a bit scared. (1) Will there be retribution to me and my family? (2) What shall I do? How to make the frog rest in peace? By chanting? (3) Do U know what kind of food can I replace the frog by giving the same vitamins and strength to my baby's body? Thanks
  6. Hi Cecil I heard that to improve relationship (eg.realtives,lovers), one can place a metal rod wind chimes on any corner of the house .This seems to work for my sister as she quarrel with her mother-in-law, after placing the wind chimes, they reconciled. Is tis true? or just coincidence? Thanks
  7. Hi Cecil Acutally My kitchen door is near the main door, so is it ok ? My stove is facing the kitchen door and The kitchen door also directly facing the windows in the living room. Will this consider qi flowing out. I read from your resources portion that it is better to keep the heat of the stove in the house. So will the heat of my stove flow out thro the kitchen door and then out thro' the window in living room.Can I hang a cloth/curtain at the kitchen door ? Thanks
  8. Hi Cecil My HDB kitchen is near the main door and the kitchen toilet is near the kitchen door. Are these bad? Although I installed a kitchen sliding door but we found it is more convenient to leave the kitchen door open and to let more air flowing. Can I hang a curtain at the kitchen door. Will this improve the fengshui? Thanks
  9. Hi Cecil Since U mentioned the qi cannot flow direct from main door to back door. Is it ok that one of the window in the balcony face door of main door and thro door of the bedroom and straight thro the window in the bed room. What I mean is drawn as follows: Balcony Living room Bedroom Bedroom Window door door window []------->[]----------->[]--------->[] Thanks
  10. Dear Cecil If the north is not good and my main door is facing north, can I put 6 coin above my main door. But there is a chinese "FU" put on top of my door frame, will these two crash? If there is a overhead beam in my living room and there is a dinning table underneath the beam (no space to move the table further away from the beam), can I put the 6 coins on the beam? I know that by placing flute can dissolve but I cannot find small flute. Thanks
  11. Hi Cecil If I did not remember wrongly, U advised to remove the shoe rack or at least cover it up? 1. This is considered `peanuts Feng Shui'. No one is going to get a quantum leap by removing a shoe rack. There are many other considerations: It can be the individual, the home etc... 2. When we do a full audit, e.g. if you see cases of helping those with problems, we use all the available methods to map out the situation and then tackle the various issues. 3. If one thinks that changes such as closing the toilet door can also change things this is where, it is wrong. In the first place, in the example of the toilet door, if the toilet is already at a bad location, what more can one do? 4. If there is lots of water behind the house and unprotected, removing the shoe rack will not help. Or if there is a poison arrow aimed at the house. This would not help either. 5. How suitable is one to the house. This is another important question. 6. Usually, quantum leap, would not occur if one already stays in the house for a few years and life is relatively much the same. May I know is it ok if my baby and I sleep in the centre of the bedroom? This is becos I want to avoid the overhead beam of the ceiling on the side of the bedroom. Therefore I need to shift the bed mattress a bit out to the centre. This is possible. Warmest Regards, Cecil
  12. Hi Cecil May I know how long will the feng shui takes effect if I removed my shoe rack in front of my main door? 3 months or 6 months?? May I know is it ok if my baby and I sleep in the centre of the bedroom? This is becos I want to avoid the overhead beam of the ceiling on the side of the bedroom. Therefore I need to shift the bed mattress a bit out to the centre. Thanks
  13. Hi Cecil I saw on a geomancy website that by putting 3 coins in the acct book can improve finance. What is yr opinion? Or Do U have other opinion?
  14. Hi Cecil From your slide, I know that the 6 coin can used to cure sickness star. Can it be use for finance problem, if yes, how should I place (6 coin in two rows?) and where? Is it with bank book ?
  15. Hi Cecil From the animated diagram, one should stand in the centre of the house facing out the main door. All the while, I thought is standing at the main door facing out. So there is a difference between the two method. My main door is actually what is shown in the animated diagram, so I must stand in the middle of the house facing out main door direction just like the anminated man, right? Do try to determine the direction of the main door first. As there are many levels of Feng Shui analysis, if you are facing problems, you may consider using the more powerful Flying Star analysis to check if the house is in balance. Warmest Regards, Cecil
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