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  1. Hi Cecil, Guess what? While cruising around on Saturday, we came across 'Central View' by Far East. We visited the showflat and fell in love with the layout and furnishing immediately (no toilet in the center). On Sunday, we went to view our chosen unit and decided to purchase it. It's cheaper because its living room, master bedroom and 1 more bedroom are facing west, thus bask in the afternoon sun. However, it's facing the Serangoon highway instead of other building. Will need to install thick curtain. Again, need your advise on 2 items: 1. You mentioned that period 7 building has #5 star x 2 at east direction. The unit we've chosen has it's front door at east direction, which is my husband's excellent direction (he is east and I'm west house). Shall I do anything to reduce #5 star's effect? 2. As the front door is facing east, my 'disaster' direction and my daughter's 'irritation' direction, can we counter it by choosing a bedroom located in our good direction? Thank you very much for your time and advise. Thanks again...Daphne
  2. Hi Cecil, Thank you very much for your advise. I really appreciate it. We've decided to forgo this development. Besides having toilet in the center which make me uneasy, the location is not ideal either (in between 2 MRT stns!)So, my husband and I decided to rent a place for the time being till we find a better investment place. Thanks again....Daphne
  3. Hi Cecil, I am seriously consider purchasing a unit at Yishun Emerald. Appreciate if you will advise me on the followings: 1.It is consider a period 7 building and period 7 will end in 2003.What is the implication for period 7 building? Would you advise to wait and purchase a one of period 8, which will begin soon? 2. All units in Yishun Emerald has a bathroom/toilet located in the center of the floorplan, which is very bad feng shui. Is there any cure for this besides not using the bathroom /toilet? Thank you.....Daphne
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