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  1. I have a 1(ms)-8(ts)-4(ws) combination where my front door is and a 4-5-1 combination in my east corner. I have inadvertently tapped into the writing and literary aspect of these stars but would like to know more about the peach blossom method or other method to enhance my romance luck. Also, with 4 star becoming inauspicious in 2003, how will this affect my house? Thanks, Gloria
  2. Ok, I divided the two shapes into two rectangles, the other one being the bedroom. Doing this, the southwest corner of the main room becomes the bathroom and the southwest corner of the bedroom is a built-in closet. That doesn't help my marriage prospects because then I flush my prospects away and I keep far too many memories. How do I enhance the relationships area of my life given these two placements? I was born in 65 so my auspicious directions are NE, NW, SW and W. I am also thinking of moving the mirror to the dining room. Would that be ok? I really appreciate the help you've given me. Gloria
  3. I apologize for not reading your question right. Of course, I realized it right after I sent the layout of my apartment. I really think it's wonderful that you take the time to do this for people like me. Anyway, here is the sketch of the building. I am in the south area marked X. The building is not L-shaped nor U-shaped, just the units. Therefore, my right door neighbor is missing its Northeast component. To my left is a balcony so wind flows freely here. There is, however, an open space in the middle marked atrium. My front door is partially in the area of the elevator. The garbage chutes are in the west and east. I hope this helps. Thanks again. Gloria
  4. Thank you for your very, very prompt reply. Attached is the floor plan for my apartment in bmp format. Some additional details: 1)There's a mirror along the east wall of my living room. 2)I have put up a Japanese style screen to hide the door of the bathroom and to separate it from the dining room. 3)The divider I had built in to separate the living room from the kitchen. All my books are there plus my computer.
  5. I had just finished paying for a one-bedroom apartment when I started reading about feng-shui. It turns out my apartment is L-shaped, the bedroom in the northwest being the protrusion. My problem is I am missing the entire southwest area of relationships and part of the west (children). No wonder my romances have been few and far between and they don't last. I am single and would like to settle down and I fear the shape of my house is hindering me. How do I remedy the missing corner since that section is occupied by the adjoining unit? Thanks, Gloria
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