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  1. Dear Master Cecil, Thank you so much for your reply! Sounds like the busy street traffic does not change the building's main entrance/"mouth" direction as I thought it might. There is a large advertising block built right on top of building where name of business in large letters are posted - no neon lighting though. Dad's business is just being moved to this new building so they're at the stage of fixing up, decorating and getting ready to move the students over. The work crew is fixing up and painting the side doors (facing street) first, in neutral colors. I will suggest large live plants in the main reception areas right inside main entrance doors (not facing street) now that I know this is the "mouth" of business - no poky leaf type plants! We should probably enhance the side doors facing street also since there is a smaller sort of blank area right inside these smaller doors where people who walk by from the street might come in (potential customers). There are logistics issues we still have to work out butyou gave me some ideas, so thank you!
  2. Dear Master Cecil: The building my father's business is locatedis an elongated rectangle building withitsmain doors on the long side of building (facing SW 240degree) andits smaller side door facing the busy street (facing SE at 118degree or so). I would like to help him and do a flying star chart but am not sure if I should use thesidedoor facing thebusy street or the main doors which areNOT facing the street, asthe "mouth" of the building. The main doors are designed to have customers come in and out; therefore, more activities happen there. However, the street on the SE side is a main thoroughfare so there are lots of traffic there from cars. There would be no question if the building is flipped to the side and has the long side with the main entrance doors facing the busy street, but that's not the case. Also, the business is a beauty school. What is the element of this type of business? And how should we best enhance its element? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  3. Dear masters Cecil/Robert: If we have a sitting sector combo: 3M- 5(period)- 7W annual 3, and this sector is in the E. Would you suggest fire to combat tripple woods? If so, besides painting the kitchen wall red (which we'd rather not do), what else can we do? Place a big object in fire shape? If you can give some examples please. Master bedroom combo: 8M- 1(period)- 3W and annual 8. Would you use fire to enhance the good earths? Would this harm the good water star 1? Son's room has combo: 6M- 8(period)- 1W and annual 6. He loves his fish tank there but I think water is not good for this combo. Am I right? His room is one of very few good sectors in our reverse chart house (Facing W1 255 degree). Facing sector has 7M- 9(period)- 2W and annual 7. I'm already clearing the space (water element) is there anything I should do since this is an important sector? Also, if metal is recommended and if we use windchime indoors where there is no wind, would it be effective? If not, is there anything else you recommend beside the grandfather clock (too big and impractical for small house)? Thanks!
  4. Dear Master Robert, My friend is still at her job so far, so that's good. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Dear Masters Cecil/Robert, will you help with one question please? My friend is starting a new job today where her desk is in a reception area facing the entrance door directly - just a few steps into the room. The room is not that large, roughly 5m X 8m. There were more than a dozen people doing this job within the last year but no one lasted. Either they quit or were fired, some as soon as two weeks. My friend was asked to try since people in her company know that she's a very hard worker and if anyone works out it would be her. She would have to relocate (which she doesn't want to move), if this job doesn't work out so she really loves to have this work out. She thinks it's some Feng Shui/bad Qi at work here but doesn't know how to combat this. The bosses don't believe in FS and want people who come in to first see this reception person and be screened by her, so they don't want to move this desk. The entrance door faces S and that's my friend health line, which is good. But, with the history of everyone being fired from this job, she'd like to do something to combat the bad qi, if it's possible. Is there anything she can do? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, Cecil, thanks so much for your prompt response! For clarification, our shingles were replaced without things underneath exposed, so maybe in this instant keeping the period 6 is correct. However, in 2000, we also remodeled kitchen and bathroom quite extensively. Stove were moved to a better Feng Shui location (it was located in the N); a wall was knocked down, water pipes were altered so that we could bring washer and dryer from basement to first floor. Again, my thinking at the time was centering around roof line, if we didn't change roof line, period wouldn't change. But now, I'm not so sure. What do you think? As far as the hill on back. We really do have the facing of the house to W1 (255), as front door and garage door are both in front. The back does not have living room (living room faces front), it does however have a porch but this porch doesn't get used often. I'm afraid I don't have a new sketch of the house to attach (will work on it). When you said star#8, which sector star did you mean? Because we're facing W1, the three sitting sectors on the back of the house are NE, E, and SE. I ordered the reports few years ago and didn't keep up with FS for a while. I thank you for your offer to run a complimentary report under period 7, but I think my account may likely have been expired.
  7. Hi, Cecil/Robert, I have two questions: 1)My house was originally built in 1971 (period 6) and had shingles replaced in 1998 (period 7) with no roof structure changed. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this, but in northern U.S., due to harsh weather, these shingles need to be changed every 20-25yrs. I don't think when this was done the wood-cover under the shingles were lifted so I don't think stars would be able to shine through. My flying star report was run via period 6, because at the time, my understanding was that unless you change the roof structure, changing shingles didn't count. Now that I read through more and more forum discussion on this, I'm not sure if this thinking is correct. Should I have my house FS report re-run as period 7 in this case? 2) Also, my house faces W1 (255degree) so either period 6 or 7, I will have a combo of 10 situation. According to one Flying Star book, I can activate the goodness of this lucky combo by having a water fountain on the back of the house or some other water structure (building a pool is not feasible for us). I understand that this goes against the shape and form school (mountain backing and water in front of house is good). The landscape around our house is such that there is a hill behind us and I thought that it was good; but it looks like it doesn't go well with Flying Star theory. Your thoughts please. If you agree with having a fountain on back, then how far back should it be placed? Thank you for all your help!
  8. Robert, how about number 442? Cecil mentioned that 4s are not bad, but said that 2 represents sickness. come to think of it, the previous owner of this house developed a physical sickness (MS) while she lived there. I know that our pillars of destiny and flying star reports will play a part, but this is starting to scare me. How strong a part does house number play in the whole skim of things?
  9. Dear Robert/Cecil: I'm trying to decide which entrance is best to use in our split entry home, but don't know how to measure the second entrance. This door is a side door leading to the garage. Do I use the center of the house upstairs to take the reading for the door downstairs or find the center for the downstairs. I don't use downstairs much as it only consists of washer/dryer room and a home office for my husband, and there are the 2 garages tucked under the living areas upstairs. However, we use this door leading to the garage quite often, especially in the winter. I think my husband should use this second door more as his deathline crosses the west facing entrance upstairs. however, this door faces North, which is opposite of his element (he is fire), which is probably not that good either, but better than death line.
  10. Dear Robert/Cecil: I would like to order Pillar of Destiny report(s) but have trouble figuring out who actually is/are the business owners in regard to Feng Shui. My brother and I are legally responsible for a very small and new S-corporation (we are major share holders - actually the only two) but my father indirectly runs the business. Well, actually both my brother and father run the business. My brother does all advertising, pays the bills, other admin. and P.R. work. My father supervises the staff and other internal work. My question is: Whose Pillars of Destiny affects the business most in this case, so we can arrange and decorate the place appropriately? Persons who are legally responsible or persons who actually run the business. Should I do 3 reports for all of us (it gets more complicated with more partners). Should I do a combo of dad and brother, or a combo of brother and myself (I'm a long-distance administrator who's in frequent contact since my back is on the line legally)? Also, is there anything we should do in F.S. to attract customers? We're doing some advertising but it hasn't worked well so far (due to limited budget, we have to resort to alot of low cost creative methods). Thank you much for your advice!!
  11. Dear Cecil, I have a similar problem regarding main entrance. We frequently use our garage door to get in and out of our split entry home. I don't know how to measure/determine direction of my main door as this garage door is downstairs. My other "entrance door" used more in the summer and to receive guests is upstairs with the rest of the living quarters (downstairs only has a workroom, washer dryer room and a 2 car garage). I can measure the upstairs entrance door which is 245, but don't know how to do it with the garage door. How do I use upstairs' center of the house to measure the door from downstairs? Second question is now that I found out both my husband and I are weak fire, this garage door faces north (door to get in and out faces N, but the main garage door leads to the drive way faces W) do I assume that this door won't be auspicious to use as N is water and try to use the other entrance door upstairs more, which faces W (even though my husband's death line goes through this W door)? By the way, I tried to test out a the flying star free report but couldn't, because it kept asking for "estate name" which we don't have, I tried putting in our last name but it didn't work. Will we have better directions with a paid report? I hope to be able to do this in near future. Last question: I opened an account in the report management center sometime ago and forgot to record what I put down, so now I can't get in. Should I start over and create (and record) new information?
  12. Robert, can you tell me how long it takes once I order a paid pillars of destiny report before I get back the results? Happy Chinese New Year!!!
  13. Hi, Robert! Can you recommend some Pillar of Destiny books which might shed some lights on the stem and branch combinations? Evelyn Lip's book only mentioned the "lucky/harmonious combinations" briefly. I'd like to learn more about this. Thanks! Also, my father just recently opened a business in L.A., California and everything seems to be working out so far. Since I'm a worrywart and now that I discovered Feng Shui, I think the reason which he had failed so many times in the past (at running a business) was perhaps because he has been living in a wrong apartment. This of course might have been attributed to poor management strategies, not enough resources, and wrong timing for a particular business in the market. I'm just so worried for him that this might end up the same way even though he seems to have pulled things together well. I did a pillars of destiny analysis for him (as best I could) and it seems that he's into a pretty lucky period of his life, but I don't understand all the combination stems and branch well, so I might be wrong. Now that I found out that he is a "fire" nature person, should I try to persuade him to move into a south facing place as this will at least be a good start (the current apt. is not in a very good neighborhood anyway and I've always thought that the lightings and everything seem dreary and there's an iron fence entrance door that makes you feel like you're living in a prison, but all the houses around that area also have iron fence doors). What's your opinion? Do you think my fears might have FS related grounds? Do you know of any genuine FS practicianer in the LA area whom he can consult? And, by the way, I'm looking forward to reading your materials on the FS for business. As always, thank you for your time and attention!
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