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  1. Dear Cecil Thank you so much for your reply. Pertaining to the question on activation of mountain and water stars, I have another doubt. If there is both good mountain and water stars found in a bedroom which is at the front part of the house, which star can we activate? Thanks and best regards Guek Rian
  2. Dear Robert/Cecil I understand crystal is classified under a water element thus, it will be good for enhancing water star. What about those heavy crystal in a cave shape (look like mountain)? Will it be suitable for activating mountain star or water star? I have one of these type of crystals but not sure where will be the correct place to put. If I have a mountain Star 6 and water star 8 at a corner, what kind of element is appropriate for the activation? Is there any different ways in activating 6,8 in the living area than bedrooms? I am currently very interested in feng shui and would like to know more about my house flying stars analysis. Hope you could answer my doubts. Regards Guek Rian
  3. Dear Cecil Thank you so much for your quick reply. I may have given you the wrong information by attaching a 9-grid chart earlier. In fact, if measuing the main door from the centrepoint of the house, it is still within the NE section. I am attaching a sketch of pie chart for your reference. Based on your earlier reply, if my main door is at East sector, will I still be using the NE flying star chart? Sorry I am indeed very confused. Thanks for your kind advice, I have based on your advice to check on the house leaks. Please refer to my sketch. Are they consider a leak if the main door is opening to a see-through glass wall but not window? What about the mirror in the living room which can reflect the lamp pole outside through the glass folding doors. I have put up a day and night curtains there few weeks ago. Can it be able to shield the bad effect? By the way, my husband is a weak fire person, but we do not have any water features at home. Can we have one outside the main door because we love the water flowing sound very much? Thank you again for your kind attention to my queries. Regards Guek Rian
  4. Dear Cecil Thank you for your reply. I am enclosing a simple sketch of my house layout for your reference. Regards Guek Rian
  5. Dear Cecil My house is facing NE 55 deg. which has a double 7 in the main door. However, it is not located exactly in the centre of the main facing but on the right side which is near East sector. Someone who knows a bit of Feng Shui advised us that each time when we open or close the door, we are actually activating the 2,3 and base star 5 at East sector. Is it true? Any remedy? It worries us a lot because we really faced some financial problems after shifting into this house. Thank you for your help. Regards Guek Rian
  6. Dear Cecil I have a big and heavy projection TV on my attic (3rd floor) which is located at the front part of the building. This attic is directly above our master bedroom. By placing the TV there, am I accidentally activating the mountain star which is not supposed to be done on the front portion of the house regardless which level it is in now? Is activating mountain star in front consider bad? Can I just shift it to one of the corners of the attic room (somewhere which is not the main facing of the building)? OR must I move it out and place it at the rooms behind? Thank you and best regards Guek Rian
  7. Dear Mr Cecil Lee Thank you so much for all your generous advice. I am still unable to upload my attachment. It is just a simple sketch showing my drain water flowing from the back to the front part of my house which pass by my main door from right to left and exit at the extreme left end. We have been pondering to engage feng shui master to audit our house. However, we could not afford one at this moment due to our financial difficulties. We will definitely contact you when times are better. Anyway, we are very grateful to all your advice. You certainly have great and good karma for being able to share so much with everyone. Best of luck! Regards Guek Rian
  8. Dear Mr Cecil Lee Thank you for your reply. It's indeed very sad to know that this is an inauspicious house. I have few doubts, hope you could help to enlighten me. 1) Why is it inauspicious to have a narrowing at the centre of the house? 2) Presently all the glass panels are clear and see-through type. Can the following help to cure? i) tinted adhesive film (partially see-through) or non see-through adhesive film? ii) day curtain (partially see-through) or night curtain (non see-through)? iii) potted plants to shield the glass panels? iv) Is there any other cures for covering up the glass panel folding doors? 3) The drain behind the house is flowing towards the front, please see Diagram 1. 4) Is fencing of the house consider as a "leak"? Please refer to Diagram 2. We really hope some changes could be done so that we could carry on staying in this house peacefully without worrying our financial problems every day. Thanks for your kind attention. Regards Guek Rian
  9. Dear Mr Cecil Lee Thank you for your quick reply. I am attaching a copy of my house layout for your kind reference. FYI, my hubby is kua 2 and I'm kua 8. We actually selected this house based on his 1st favourable direction. But somehow, it did not turn out well at all. There is only a one-way street in front of our gate. The rest are surrounded by houses. Many thank & regards Guek Rian
  10. Dear Mr Cecil Lee Thank you for providing such a comprehensive website. I really enjoy browsing it. I have some doubts about my present home, hope you could help to answer them. Ever since we moved in to this house, we have been running into financial difficulties and trouble in our careers. My main door is facing NE which is favourable to us. But, on the SE area, there is full glass panels of folding doors that has 2 & 3 flying stars. Since that area is dented inwards (look like a missing corner), therefore there is altogether 3 walls of folding doors. My questions are: 1) Are all these glass panels folding doors consider a leak? How can we cure it? 2) Can we prevent the bad stars of flying into our home by using non-see through adhesive tapes to cover up all the glass panels of the folding doors? What about curtains, do they help? Or, which is the best way? Thank you for your kind attention. Regards Lan GR
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