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Feng shui gone wrong in my factory according

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Dear sir,

I have a factory which was feng shui from a feng shui consultant many years back.

There has been no as such improvement in work and year by year debts are growing rapidly.

Currently I am taking over work from my father.

One thing I noticed is during rainy season our business starts flourishing and suddenly get halted when rains stop. I have noticed this many times and thus out of my curiosity I am writing this to you.

is there any specific place where we can apply water element or any other feature to replicate rain.

rain water pours from our main gates in north , north west sector

I have attached my factory map and chart done by feng shui consultant.

 factory faces N2 at 6 degree

period 5

IMG_20160825_163927351.jpgSir please provide suggestion your valuable tips would be very helpful.IMG_20160825_163912945.jpg



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These are some considerations:

1. Firstly, it is unprofessional for any competitors within the same industry to comment about one another's work.

2. Furthermore, I am not even sure whether the attached charts are the correct ones etc.. For example.. the chart shows that it is a Period 5 chart. For example: today we are in a Period 8 chart : 2004 to 2023. While a Period 7 chart is 1984 to 2003. Period 6 chart is 1964 to 1983. And this Period 5 chart seems to imply that your factory? is like built or no major renovations done and if he used a Period 5 or 1944 to 1963 chart to plot your factory correctly or not.. it is a question mark?

2.1. The above Flying Star chart is one thing... there are other considerations like the surrounding drainage flow around the factor;

2.2. Shapes and Forms Feng Shui eg. Location, location, location: The external environment / the site / the building are all important considerations. For example, if there is a "fire" threat even a seemingly innocent neighbour facing the factor.. that has a "fire element"; this could also hurt the business. Thus even rainfall could temporary remove the threat.. Please note that this MAY not be your situation. I am just giving an off-the-cuff example.. that's all. There are so many other things.. that may seem innocent but ..

3. Anyway.. I have added some interpretations of the significance of some numbers are e.g. #5 in business is = misfortune/ "sickness" in business etc...

Other than the above, I have such a hard time staring trying to figure the blurred image especially the 2nd attachments.


rough comments.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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