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  1. Sample layout as explained above:- With full view of the sink and stove
  2. From the main entrance door, I can see into the internal organs of the kitchen: Master Lee, frost up or white roller blind (outside on wall or inside kitchen) is good? The idea is to mask the lower half of the kitchen so that the internal organs will not be seen from the main entrance door:- Can also be fully covered.
  3. Note: Li Chun was traditionally an important day for farmers in China. The farmers would pray and hope for a good plentiful & successful harvest with the arrival of spring!
  4. Li Chun on 4 February 2019: Best times to deposit money if you want to ‘Prosper’ in 2019? This is a modern invention! or Fake News! FAQ: Must I visit the bank or can I do a transfer from one bank account to another? Reply: As this is Fake News, it does not matter! If one has nothing better to do; then please go queue at the bank lah! Furthermore, no logic to transfer from an account (withdrawal) = isn't this considered inauspicious, first?
  5. Slate is a natural stone and formed in layers. In opinion is not strong enough to take on the load of heavy vehicles.
  6. In 1966, the site where today's Ascent @ 456 Balestier Road is just a road away from Shan Road where part of Tan Tock Seng Hospital was:- Today, there are a row of shop houses including Balestier Hotel acting as a buffer with Ren Ci Nurshing Home. While Tan Tock Seng Hospital is now further away approximately around 550 metres away at Ascent @ 456's 7 O'clock position:-- Otherwise, not much has changed.
  7. Part 1: Ascent @ 456 & Symbolism in Feng Shui = "The Coffin Position" 1. What is "the coffin position"? 1.1. It is where as shown, here; part of the bed face the bedroom door. And in this illustration, chances that one of the partner's legs face the bedroom door:- 2. How did this come about? 2.1. In the past and even today, when funerals are carried out in a landed home, when a family member died; the physical body in a casket is brought into the home "head first". 2.2. And when it is time to sent the decease for burial or cremation; LEGS FIRST! out of the main door/main gate of a home. 3. Thus this is how the term "Coffin position" came about. Where one should not sleep with the legs facing a bedroom door.
  8. I am trying to add some resource on the newer project: Ascent @ 456 given that it is relatively new development. As for Wilkie 80 which TOP around the year 2000, this is not a new project thus not within the terms of reference of this topic " Want a NEW condo reviewed". It is not new. It is an old project. Also in the early years few if any resources were uploaded to the internet.
  9. 1. Do you want to have a general review of a new Condo reviewed? 1.1. All new ECs & HDB BTOs with the exception of developments with one and two bedders only eventually:- 2. Let me know. When I have the time; will try to review the development. Often these are smaller developments of 50 or less units - not possible to actively review each and every one of them. 2.1. For new HDB BTOs, whenever I have the time, will review one-by-one before key-collection. 3. Appreciate that the review is about the overall general development and not a narrow focus of specific blocks/stacks that you are only interested in. 4. As Singapore Property Review conference is "locked" to refrain from postings of requests for individual stacks that makes the reviews cluttered:- 5. Please post your request for the review, in the Wishlist / Enhancements / Feedback conference, here:- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwwgeomancynet/ P.S. From 2012 onwards, majority of HDB BTO estates have been reviewed. Thus no need to request for a review for HDB new launches. I may not be able to review immediately especially if I am busy. But will certainly do so eventually.
  10. Part 2: If part of the master bed faces the master toilet door is this also considered as "the coffin position?" Type A1 & A1a:- 1. There are two differences in opinion, here: 1.1. VIEW-POINT A:- A: Some Feng Shui Master (FSM) would automatically say that whenever a bed faces ANY DOOR, this is considered inauspicious. Some quote this "the coffin position" thing. While others don't know the actual story. As they were told that this is inauspicious. To this category of FSMs, a taboo is a taboo even they don't want to take an effort to understand why. 1.2. VIEW-POINT B:- B: Personally, it is my nature to first try see if there is any association with Common sense or not? 2. I found two considerations:- 1st consideration = Coffin position valid? 2.1 There is some logic in legs facing a bedroom door. As under symbolism, the bedroom door can lead towards the main entrance door and out of the home. 2.2. But if the partner's legs face the toilet door; one is "brought" into the toilet and usually even if a toilet has two doors, the two doors does not lead DIRECTLY towards the main entrance door. Here, one still needs to back-track into the bedroom and then brought out towards the bedroom door. 2nd consideration = Common sense? 2.4. Here, whenever we flush the toilet; water would be forced into the toilet bowl chamber and the air within this chamber would be forced out of it. Here the air may be forced linear out of the gap of the toilet bowl seat. Since the toilet bowl directly faces the bedroom door then towards the bed; this is less than ideal. Simply close the toilet door is acceptable remedy. 2.3. This is based on science. Here, if the lid of the toilet bowl is in the closed position, usually there is still a small gap where the there is always those rubber studs that is between the plastic seat on the toilet bowl that cushions it from the ceramic material of the toilet bowl. 2.4. For the above, reason, it has nothing to do with "the coffin position" but based on common sense. 2.5. Fortunately, the above illustration is an exaggeration given that the "spray" in misty red should not be too strong a force to reach the bed.
  11. Sorry, no review on this previous development.
  12. HDB Orchid Spring @ Yishun Site plan and floor plan
  13. Nearly all colours except Grey. The standard clay tiles is good or the maroon colour tiles. If other materials, also avoid greying tone. Grey goes with white exterior.
  14. IN GENERAL these are the considerations or pairings of roof tile colours and exterior wall finishes:- 1. If possible try to avoid BLUE roof. As under the I-ching, blue represents difficulty andif it is the entire roof, it is like water on-top of you. 2. If blue roof MUSTbe used, then the exterior walls should be white or off-white never cream or beige. 3. If greyroofis used: best choicefor the exterior walls is white in colour. Grey exterior walls, so so. IF grey roof is used must avoid cream or beige coloured walls. 4. Under currentFeng Shui period, the best colours are earth tone(cream or beige) colours especially for exterior walls. Thus if green roof is used; cream or beige or peachy colours are acceptable. 5. WHITE roofs is a no no as it represents "death or mourning." 6. Common traditional colours are orange or maroon. If so, any exterior wall colours are fine. For example, if such coloured roofs are used: exterior wall colours can range from white to off-white to cream or beige, to red brick tile colours etc.. etc....
  15. Cecil Lee

    How to dispose off fengshui items

    Frankly all these are commercial products sold in the name of Feng Shui. To feel better, can simply wrap in a newspaper and bag them. Thus to some: there is no trace of “guilt”. If me, I simply skip the newspaper bit and bag them in supermarket plastic bags or any other paper bags also can and throw them into the bin. I am really happy to hear of this. You made my day! Cheers!
  16. Cecil Lee

    HDB West Plains @Bukit Batok

    Please refer to the attached street map:-- 1. In my opinion, thanks to the Multi-store car park (MSCP) Block 463 at HDB West Plains, limited "contact" between blocks in HDB West Plains and Le Quest. Other than what is shown above. 2. Blue and pink arrrows are not an issue since the threat is to the side of each other's wall. The only threat is in RED from Le Quest as shown in the red arrow. 3. If one notice, Both X and Y are parallel to each other. Thus there are no threat from X to Y and vice-versa. Other than both Blocks face each other thus at West Plains, views at "Y" is been blocked. Same also for South facing stacks of Blk 463B at West Plaiins and South-East facing stacks at Blk 464A. 4. This is part and parcel of "life" in SGP.
  17. Fyve Derbyshire then and now: In 1966:- Today: Nothing extraordinary since 1966x Except that St Michael’s School is now replaced by St Joseph’s Institution. And Kheng Cheng School has disappeared totally.
  18. Fyve Derbyshire (formerly Derby Court) at 5 Derbyshire Road by Roxy-Pacific Holdings. Freehold with a total of 71 units: Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui a tower block (or point-block) is a safe design. As it allows for qi to flow around the tower block.
  19. Cecil Lee

    Chinese Altar Dimension

    H50 inches is acceptable. But optimal Height should instead be 49 3/4 inches or 126cm However Length 900mm should instead be either be between the range of 88cm to 88.5cm.
  20. Cecil Lee

    Fourth Avenue Residences

    FOURTH AVENUE RESIDENCES in district 10 with 476 units in total. A triangular plot. Under Shapes and forms Feng Shui, it does matter how the blocks are laid out + which unit one is eyeing to purchase! AllGreen Bukit Timah Collection launching soon. The area has not changed much: Today’s map:-
  21. “My water fountain” I decided to do this must it be on 24 hours? More to do with common sense... mosquitoe breeding
  22. Avoid buying this type of water feature / fountain Under symbolism in Feng Shui; this water feature may even look like a "monster" or a profile of it. As such, try to stay clear of such a design for your water feature/ water position. Especially if it faces towards the home
  23. Cecil Lee

    First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Hi master If my official move in date is xx Dec can I start bring things slowly before the actual day Reply: Very common = ok
  24. These two sprouting green means symbolically means growth and prosperity
  25. Cecil Lee

    First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Client selecting items for first time open door:- 1st choice Fa Gao If don’t have the above, this chocolate coloured Fa Gao still okay. As there are red dots on the TOP of the Fa Gao.. Red grapes preferred over green ones Maroon plates preferred over white party plates