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  1. A visit to Kovan Melody on 1 July 2020
  2. 1. Replied your question. 2. Please check out what is Habit Number One. 2.1. For example, Habit Number One involves a Feng Shui Triage. 2.2. Just because you post a one liner question, you mean presto! One has an answer for you? It sounds too good to be true that it is so easy... no need ....? Case Study: How suitable is this stack/unit to the main breadwinner? + Toilet at Centre + Kitchen located at Fire @ Heaven's Gate. All the Odds stack against the potential buyer of the stack/unit Score is ZERO = Very unsuitable for main breadwinner
  3. Thanks! Yes can see the neighbour’s roof. It extends throughout the frontage of this cluster home. As there is a also a gate at the PES, which is also facing the roof-line.. harder to cure. Cure should be at the PES compound. Given that this is the living room/ dining area or “opening.”
  4. COVID-19 and a Watershed election... Dark clouds for the ruling party...
  5. 1. Many Feng Shui Masters are themselves a Feng Shui Products Store or “Lifestyle Service”. LOL
  6. These are some considerations:- 1. Don’t open the window facing the door is the best “fix”. Draw down the curtain or blind facing the door. 1.1. Do both and it’s fine. 2. Another recent posting:- 2. Given no clue if the distance of the stairs to the altar or something like this... I can’t comment .. 2.1. Common sense says.. at the stairs one should at least have a 160 degrees line of sight. 2.1.1. For example, orange arrow shows a blind spot: 2.2. Here, if someone rushing out of the kitchen don’t clash with someone walking down the stairs. It can also be a pet running out of the kitchen etc... 2.2.1. Below. Here both parties.. one coming out of the kitchen and one coming down the stairs have BLIND SPOTS.. 2.3. This additional consumable or may not be the same in your case.
  7. 1. Too abstract. As Sengkang got: Rivervale Block 1xx, Compassvale 2xx, Anchorvale 3xx, Fernvale 4xx 2. Frankly, don’t waste time to say NE of Singapore. And then presto! Is this acceptable? 3. We see street map. Not imagine which part of Sengkang it is: East / West Sengkang... LOL 4. Your question easily relates to this equivalent of Habit Number 1:-
  8. Please note that breezy is acceptable. But too windy .. or too fierce wind will often be less than ideal. Often it also depends on where this is? If bedrooms.. is less of an issue if it was the living room windows In fact, also looked at is at which part of the island? How the high and Low pressure zones move “air”.
  9. If based on conservative Feng Shui; it is a yes to both of your queries.
  10. Common sense 101... Why create a bottleneck? For example if there is a solid wall, someone coming or “rushing” out of either the kitchen towards the living room or someone rushing down the stairs are at a “dangerous” bottleneck. This is even without consideration of the altar location, if any. Thus all the more as a stakeholder one should even be more vigilant of Habit No. 10. Reference resource:-
  11. Please note that it is not so much of “its bad to have a bedroom adjacent to the altar”. But rather, not good to sleep sharing the same wall as the altar that’s all.
  12. 1. Please note that it can be appropriate if one is finding a mandarin business name. And then convert to English name: Not the other way around. 2. But usually can be used as guide for designing a company logo, instead. Reference and and https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/10717-an-inauspicious-company-logo/?tab=comments#comment-21833
  13. Understand that not everything is Feng Shui.
  14. These are some considerations: 1. Many new homes in Singapore: HDB / ECs and condos use dry wall. 1.1. And the dry walls are often : one side is say the master bedroom TV wall. And on the other side is a bedroom / bed-head. 1.2. Many TVs still have EMF radiation. For example, at certain locations of the TV (depending on the model) if I were to use an EMF meter.. often the readings are relatively high. 1.3. Many TVs today are mounted on a wall. And for dry walls, even if the contractor mounts it, they mount it on a piece of plywood. Here, unlike a concrete wall, hopefully the EMF does not penetrate to the other side (a bed-head). 1.4. Thus if a bigger TV means more surface area; to circumvent this, do mount the TV or the edge is higher than a bed-head. 1.5. However, in some instances some clients do use use bunk beds. Thus the bigger the TV, may mean that not possible to mount too low or too high that it is at the same level(s) of the bed-heads on the other side. 2. Under the Holy Trinity of Chinese Luck system... 2.1. We are on this earth for 80 years or more of our life.. and really no issue with having a TV set in the privacy of one's bedroom. For some, the bigger the better. (Other than concern as mentioned under above Para 1... ) 3. Stigma of sleeping with a "mirror" facing the bed? 3.1. In the past and even today, some were told to cover the screen with a cloth. For fear of the reflection of the screen of a TV set. (Long time ago... the culprit was a Plasma TV screen which is highly reflective). 3.2. The tale goes like this: some say that when one sleeps, the person's spirit suddenly sees a mirror image of itself and gets a rude shock! 3.3. The argument also be opposite this. For example, the husband's spirit wakes up and sees the mirror... combs the hair and then "fly" off to meet .... 4. It is like some can eat chili padi while others are sensitive to it. 5. Coming back to this tale: Some felt that the bigger the screen... and if the unlikely notion that the screen is reflective... need a large cloth to cover the screen.. for those who have a fear of reflective material as mentioned under Para 3.2. above. 6. Common sense: 6.1. Common sense says that every period, there is optimum size of a certain TV screen and its price or the value for money. 55" is today... pretty value for money and about the right size for a bedroom .. HDB/ EC or standard condo unit. 7. Thus really go ahead ... if one wants to. This has more to do with Human/Man luck and not so much of Feng Shui. 8. It becomes a "Feng Shui" problem if for example, the next door family member gets zapped with EMF radiation... ...
  15. 25th June 2020 Dragon Boat Festival and Rice dumplings. This day is also my mum’s birthday.
  16. Another 1st time open door non-religious. These are instead Chinese customs and practices... nothing to do with Feng Shui... No fixed layout.. for the display of fruits in the living room:-
  17. 1. Many Feng Shui Masters are simply a Feng Shui store in disguise. Often they call their store Lifestyle services. 6. Ask: "Must I buy from You?" 7. When the buying Stops, the selling Can!
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