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About Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net
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Robert Lee

Mobile friendly + you are assured of secure end-to-end SSL encryption: Main website + Forum + Reports generation + resources

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Hi Everyone!

Firstly, Geomancy.Net would like to wish all users a Happy and Prosperous Year in the Year of the Rooster!


On this joyous 2nd day of CNY, not only are we opened for business. But is now smart-phone/tablet friendly!

We thank everyone for your feedback on site issues (if any) as well as patience as we tweaked and improve the site since the soft-launch!

1) Site Wide SSL Implementation

To allow users a secure and seamless browsing experience between all our resources: be it web pages, forum and report generation. 


As of 30 Jan 2017. users visiting our normal http (non secure pages) will be automatically redirected to https (secure SSL pages) automatically. Including, our older related domains alias (3dglobe.com/infoserv.com.sg etc), will automatically redirect to our main secure geomancy.net site. This is to prevent any SSL warnings if https url isn't geomancy.net.

2) Back-End Server Software Update on Online.Geomancy.Net

Online.Geomancy.net is our engine for generating your reports and is transparent to you.

However, in order to support SSL; we needed to make template changes in our Reports to support the latest version. I have checked all the reports and fixed all the necessary template that needed to be changed. This is also the first step for us to an upcoming Major Revamp our Reports template, later in the year.

However, should there be any issues, feel free contact us at support@geomancy.net.

3) Tweaking the New Website to optimize the pages for faster browsing

Using data from our soft-launch, we tweaked the servers configuration to improve the performance of web pages utilizing server and browser caching to improve the site performance.

As of 30 Jan 2017, we added two CDN resources for our www.geomancy.net/online.geomancy.net website. This allows us to load commonly used external files (like images etc), from our CDN servers located closest to you. This will improve the loading performance of the site.

In addition, we tested numerous server optimization settings and caching settings and have now implemented the one that works the best for our site. And did a one-time re-optimization of all images on the server to further reduce the file size. So the site should load a lot faster now. 

4) Redirection of older pages to the new pages and archiving of old website!

As the new site is now working well and can fully replace the old site. The old website has been archived away (archive.geomancy.net) while most of the older pages have been automatically redirected to the new links to support older and existing links.

5) Updated content pages that doesn't fit well on mobile devices

As we were testing our site, we have fixed up pages that didn't work well on mobile such as our Yearly Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast, broken links or report links that didn't work properly after the initial soft-launch.

I am pretty sure most of the issues have been fixed now. However, should there still be any issues, again just let us know: support@geomancy.net

6) Integration of Common Site look throughout most major sections of the site

With a new responsive layout design, it's now possible to better integrate a common look throughout various sections of the site. However, as this site has hundreds of thousands of resource, it's impossible to change everything immediately. Hence; appreciate your kind understanding in this area as it has to be revamp section by section.


Our next projects are for revamping in phases of our sister sites:-

  • Lovesigns.Net
  • Palmistry.Net
  • Online.Geomancy.Net - (Redesign and coding of a new report section, this will be hardest to change since it's not easy to reformat a report that was designed for Desktop and A4 Print into a mobile friendly layout) 

Otherwise, most of the site is now revamp. We will still continue to improve it over the next few days!

We like to once again thank everyone for your support and patience as we revamp our website. However, I am sure you will enjoy the site better with these changes!


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