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Robert Lee

New & Improved Geomancy.Net's Main Page + Other Site Improvements!

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Hi Everyone,


Thank everyone for their feedback and patience as we revamp our website! 


I am pleased to announce a New and Improved Main Page launched. Our site has a wealth of resources and tools, however it was never easy designing a main page that can bring out the contents in an easy yet organized way. However, I believe this latest layout brings out our original "Learn and Apply Feng Shui navigation menu concept" in the old site design, better than ever before. At the same time, the new layout still allowed latest updates to be featured prominently in both Desktop and Mobile layout!


1) New & Improved Main Page


The new main page organizes and groups related sections together in the same visible area. Such as:-

  • Daily Forecast + 2017/2018 Forecast
  • Main Feature Content + Latest Site News
  • Learning Resource + Personalized Reports + Get Expert Advice
  • Home Consultation + SG. Property Reviews
  • House Hunting + Auspicious Dates + Other Related Resources

Each section contains all the useful resources in a list, along with related sections placed side by side (on larger devices). This makes it easy to find all the useful resources on site in that section as well, as have related sections close or next to each other to continue browsing other sections of the site.

This makes all the "key" site features available right from the main page with many tools that users may use every day available at a glance. For example, those looking for the daily forecast, can focus on the daily forecast section with everything related there. Or those looking for house Hunting Resources, can zoom in to the property reviews or House Hunting sections etc. So that just visiting out main page and you will be able to find everything you need.

In addition, certain features like Daily Forecast / Main Feature Content are hidden away in mobile devices since they are a little small for such contents. This makes it better for mobile browsers as well.


2) Improved Navigation Menu (Right Collapsible Sidebar)


When we re-launched our brand new site, the sidebar was white which sometimes doesn't make the navigation easy to read vs the rest of the site content. And it initially I used used an accordion type layout which works nicely on desktop and tablet, but I noticed, that on some smaller mobile devices, the space was quite narrow to show the content properly.

Since then, I have improved this and changed it to a more darker theme and adjusted a nice font size comfortable for both desktop/mobile devices. In addition, a floating menu is used on larger desktop, so that there is no need to scroll the sidebar just to find the next level of menu which is very suitable for browsing with the mouse. And in the mobile/tablet, a scrolling style navigation which allows for finger swiping support is used. 

This makes the navigation menu a lot better to use in the respective devices.


3) FengShui.Geomancy.Net & other shortcuts


In order to keep a more recognizable site presence, instead of a longer "Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net", I created a new shortcut url "FengShui.Geomancy.Net", that will be the branded throughout our entire network. This is not only serve as a functional shortcut URL to "www.geomancy.net" or "geomancy.net", as well as, a shorter site branding for the entire network especially for search engines.

There were also a few other shortcuts added/updated to make it easy to link to those useful sections of the sites, such as our these following useful shortcuts:-

URL: http://daily.geomancy.net - Comprehensive Daily Forecast
URL: http://dates.geomancy.net - Free Auspicious Dates Report


4) Back-end Server Caching and Database Performance Tweaks


Since the new site launch, I have been re-tweaking the various site CDN, database and Cache performance. I believe the current setting is now very highly optimized to ensure that users will have a fast and smooth loading site!


Hope you enjoy the changes! There are still more changes coming, and we will announce it as they are available.


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

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