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Robert Lee

Daily.Geomancy.Net & Palmistry.Net is now Mobile Friendly

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Hi Everyone,


1) Daily.Geomancy.Net - Free Comprehensive Daily Chinese Horoscope & Ba Zi Feng Shui Forecast is now Mobile Friendly

I have revamp our popular daily forecast layout to a responsive template and will now be suitable for viewing with your mobile devices.  It should be easier to read and take up less space than the earlier layout. 

This Today's Detailed Forecast link is now available on our main page at the 2017 Forecast area for users to enjoy on the mobile browsers. However, the daily forecast chart will not be shown on the main page on mobile browser as it will take up too much display space. Previously, this link and chart was only made available for Tablet and Desktop browsers only.

URL: http://daily.geomancy.net

With the new responsive templates ready in the Online.Geomancy.Net, we are also ready to update more of our reports to make it fully mobile friendly just as our Geomancy.Net or Forum.Geomancy.Net websites :)


2) Palmistry.Net - Our Palmistry Resources is now Mobile Friendly

Our palmistry site is also fully converted to a responsive template, and is now available for viewing on mobile devices.

URL: http://www.palmistry.net


3) Re-updated all our other sites with a latest revision of the Layout Template

As there were some further optimization tweaks and bug fixes on the Latest Website Templates and the Navigation Menu, which I removed off the Navigation Menu title, giving more space for the navigation menu especially for mobile browsers. This latest version have been updated to Shop.Geomancy.Net, Pictures.Geomancy.Net and other sites. So there continue to be a consistent look and feel throughout the site.


Hope you enjoy the changes!


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee


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