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David Huang

Main door facing neighbour's main door

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Dear Master, 

I would like to start my question in this forum with a simple question. I have a house with the main door facing directly with neighbour's main door. In front of neighbour's main door, there are some medium size tress yet we still can see each other through. This kind of situation is not auspicious, worse still our relation is not good with each other. Might be because of the main door. There are some poison arrows too from other houses. I have placed windchimes but it is less effect though. I would like to place mirror. My questions are:

1. Is it better to place conVEX mirror or concaVE? My front neighbour somehow is better finacially, but considering some poison arrows.

2. After placing the mirror, do I still need to hang the windchimes? Since they are in front of my main door so I am afraid it will slice the main door in the middle. 

In addition, my neighbour has placed large convex mirror but inside the house, just right behind the main door but I still can see from outside. They always open the main door most of the time. Thank you for your time answering my question, Master Cecil. Warmest regards.

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