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Help with furniture placement

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Hi Master, 

I'm a Kua 5 female and a breadwinner in my home. Attached is the intended furniture placement for my new place. I have been reading the general dos and don't for fengshui and I have a few concerns which I will like to seek your advice. 

If I stand at my main door and take the compass reading, the door is facing north. However, my valuation report actually shows the living room is facing north east. What should be the right way of looking at the direction? Main door or center of the living room? 

Due to the squarish layout, I have no place to put my dining table. The current layout is blocking the pathway between bedrooms and kitchen which I feel is not ideal. As you can see the dining table will be sharing the same wall with the toilets. Is this a concern?

For Master Bedroom, the bed is placed with the same wall as the toilet door which is not ideal. However it is also not advisable to have the bed placed across the opposite wall due to the door. Should I place the bed on the South facing direction which is against the window and also is my unlucky direction?

For Kitchen, I can't decide where to place the stove and sink. Based on the current layout, the toilet door will be facing the stove. If I switch the stove with the sink, the stove will be facing the window which i feel is a fire hazard issue if the wind blows. 

Thanks for your attention. :)








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