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Cecil Lee

The Concourse at Beach Road

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The Concourse and subtle nuiances of Feng Shui in this building:

This figure is titled a "Black Tortoise". In Feng Shui it is one of the four animals: green tortise, white tiger and Black Tortise".

The Black tortise simply represents the "back" or rear support. Thus if one looks at this "black mascular person with such a stance and figurine" One would never have imagined that it is for the purpose of Feng Shui... 


This cartoon like resin rounded figure aptly named Buddha. It also represents a solid mass. Other than that perhaps the owners want to portray a safe and peaceful environment... 


La Lecture... give a guess...



Under symbolism, a horse facing out simply implies that the residents or tenants of the building will frequently venture out to get more business as well as lots of travel..


Such buidlings will have huge columns and floor embedded with lots of re-inforced steel bar causing lots of compass disturbance, thus it is good to prepare a general protrator readings on a street-map.

Using it as a reference:-




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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