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House under construction before 2023. And completed after CNY 2024. Does this comes under Period 8 or Period 9 Flying Stars?

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1. Thanks for sharing your concern.  As this is a good and relevant question.

2. There are differences in opinions even in the Feng Shui Master (FSM) community.

3.  In my opinion, generally, there are TWO MAIN arguments:-

ONE (1):-

3.1. Day of move-in (Based on the concept of the most Yang Qi)

3.1.1 This is based on logic and common sense: where it is considered that a brand new home is just but an empty shell = Yin = No activities.

Furthermore, "standard" flats have bare living/dining and bedroom floors. How to start staying in such a home? 

3.2. Therefore for the above reason, some FSM often consider the day of moving-in as the start date. Here there is indeed Yang Qi. 

3.1.2 Thus, based on this premise: a house is still vacant or yet no YANG Qi. Therefore, this group of FSMs may consider this. Thus the Flying Star chart would depend on this.

TWO (2):-

3.2. The day the foundation is laid (Based on the day of "conception" or in a home the laying of the first Foundation = Topping up ceremony [if any])

3.2.1 Some conservative FSMs say that the day the BLOCK's foundation is laid, this should be the birthday of the house.

3.2.2 This is similar to in the past and even now, many Chinese say that our actual birthday is to add 1 year to our present birthdate. This is real: "Not something I puck out of the air." As traditionally, every one is in our mother's womb for 9 months. Thus this is the rationale for adding that ONE year!

3.2.3 Thus some FSMs insists that the house/unit period is based on the start date of construction! 

3.3. Date of T.O.P.

3.3.1 In my opinion, this is often used, today. Especially by FSMs for homes that had T.O.P several years after T.O.P.

3.3.2 For two reasons: 


3.3.3: Many can't even remember when the moved-into their new home. In fact, just give some of us a year or more.. and we really don't remember the date. Unless we noted it somewhere or moved-in on a special occasion. 

3.3.4 Worse, if the home has changed hands with a 2nd, 3rd or more owners/tenants!. How to ask the First owner! Even if asked, may not remember when they actually moved-in!


3.3.5 HDB or developers are not required to offically record the date of first piling work or laying the ground or topping up ceremony (if any). Some homes were built in 2 1/2 years.. others 3 years.. And homes like HDB City Vue T.O.P. 5 or more years later.

4. Thus this variant of the "Moved-in or Yang Qi"  is difficult to be implemented.

5. This is why many FSMs find that T.O.P. date or for HDB = "Lease commencement Date" is always available. As one can official check one's home's lease commencement date. As this date is relevant to confirm the remainder of their 99 year leasehold homes.

Western or Lunar Calendar: Moved-in before or after Chinese New Year? For home owners that moved-in between two Flying Star Periods such as 1983 - 1984 ; 2003 - 2004; and 2004 - 2023?

6. Other considerations is the use of the Western or Lunar calendar? For example: Should I consider the start of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2024 that I moved in as belonging to Period 8 or 9. Or that I moved in before the start of CNY as belonging to Period 8? Fortunately, this only happens on the fringe of Period 8 or 9. And not every other year's consideration. 

6.1. Again, this is about recall. If the home has changed hands a few times. Who do we check to find out when the first owner moved-in? Or that many of us even cannot remember the move-in date after 1 year or more?

6.2. I understand nowadays an owner of a unit is able to log in electronically into their property's profile. And query the HDB system for the unit's "Lease Start Date".

6.3. HDB through the years call this by various names. Sometimes HDB calls it as "Lease Commencement Date". 

6.4. In the private estate world of ECs/condos and landed properties: they use only one term: T.O.P. for this!


7. Not too long ago, there is a need or requirement to obtain a Valuation Report. And that valuation report will say: Lease Commencement Date:-


8. Note: The above report is no longer in use. As the whole method or process of purchase has been changed, today.

9. In the past many HDB documents and reports always referenced it as: "Lease Commencement Date". But nowadays there is no more standard. It has also been called the "Lease Start Date".

10. I think I know why: For programmers: they usually try to shorten descrptions for their programs! Thus perhaps use Start instead of Commencement. LOL

11. In conclusion and based on common sense: many FSMs very much depend on the T.O.P. date especially for re-sale HDB homes. For the above reasons.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Find out now.pngNowadays, HDB made it convenient for the potential seller to understand their eligibility.

And have carefully worded the number of years left in their lease as at a specific date.

For example, this snapshot says: 86 years 4 month(s) remaining on the lease as at 28 September 2019.

In Feng Shui, to determine the age, we have to do the calculation to determine the "Lease commencement date".

Actually, the potential purchaser can ask their Agent for this information. It is no secret. In fact, it is crucial fact as one of the buyer's purchase factors.

eligibility to sell.PNG

P.S. This has nothing to do with Feng Shui. But what the last line says is that the seller can only sell THIS unit to a CHINESE!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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