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Cecil Lee

Indonesian style food at DBSS Adora Green @ Yishun - What is Nasi Ayam Geprek?

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Gado gado not available. No choice ordered nasi Ayam geprek.

What enticed me was the scoops of this:

4A33D9ED-6324-461E-B5C0-64E26115E25C.thumb.jpeg.d11aa7466e59ac8466f2afb295d63c5b.jpegFried smashed chicken = shreds doused with a happy helping of their chilli.. 25DB6A5A-5FB0-46C7-A2D3-19D2F64CECCD.thumb.jpeg.5361cdf98d800ff656fcaedefafdeaa3.jpeg

Rice is in a pyramid shape.

Ate all the chicken shreds = protein but left out as much carbohydrates = white rice as possible.


Chilli? Okay, spicy... but to me... I am used to hot, hot, hot. Thus it is like the top of the iceberg only. LOL




P.S. The last time whilst in Jakarta, my client invited me to a restaurant with this chilli as a codiment... I managed to fishing like a full bowl of it! With second helpings. Uniquely Singapore born! 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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