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Main Door Not Perpendicular to House


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Hi Master,

I have viewed an unit and like the feel of the place. However, I was told that since the frontage/ main door is not perpendicular to the general direction of the house, this unit is not advisable (shape of unit is slightly odd, not too squarish, hence door seems slanted). I would like to seek your opinion on this matter. 

This is on Stack 3. The 2 balconies are generally North- South facing. Door is mainly West (but slightly tilted North).



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  • Staff

1. Feng Shui Masters (FSMs) & their followers are generally divided into two camps:-

a. The Conservatives = "The Front Door." In general, Eat, Sleep on the Front Door and repeat again. LOL

Compass reading is from A to B:


Thus a Conservative FSM (may shit pants) or feel very disturbed with a "SLANTED" or what looks like a CROOKED door.


b. The Modernists = "The Frontage of the House. Need not be the Front Door."  In general, Thus Front Door although may be important may not be like the "end of the world"

Compass Reading is usually from C to D. But may also be C to E depending on further review of what it's frontage looks like. In generally often should be C to D for such a layout....



2. An In-depth understanding of the Frontage of a home. Is it always the main door? Who are the Conservatives & the Modernist. What lead to the Conservatives use of the Main Door only?

2.1. Who are the Conservatives and the Modernists?

2.2. An in-depth understanding of why the Conservatives has misunderstood the knowledge passed down by the ancients.


3. Feng Shui for Hig-rise Compass Reading should be taken from the living room looking out of it.

4. Good luck if one encounters a FSM who only Eat, Sleep and repeat again.

5. Thus if one meets a Conservative FSM, where their main concern is the Main Door then don't ever dream of getting such a home. As nothing but "curse" words...

6.  For The Modernists and their followers:

Part 1 = How suitable is the unit? Frontage, Kitchen and Main Bedroom each 10 marks x 3 = 30 marks in total.
Part 2 = How is the luck of the Interior Feng Shui of this unit? 35 marks.
Part 3 =External Feng Shui luck? + Overall score/luck. 35 marks.

7. Put it this way, there are way too many INDIAN CHIEFs or (CHEFS) out there. And the reply to your question or concern may differ as mentioned, above. Thus to avoid a situation of why you say may not be an issue. But others don't think so. However, scientifically can be calculated based on above Para 6.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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