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About Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net
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Cecil Lee

Project: Wiki.Geomancy.net

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Dear All,

I am currently working on the project of a " Wiki.Geomancy.net ".

The main purpose of this wiki is to built on the foundations of this forum:

1. While a forum is very useful for posting and replying to daily messages, it's biggest drawback is it's inability to efficiently collate tons of daily messages in this forum.

2. How about setting up a Blog? A blog is like a daily journal of a person's activities, thoughts and aspirations.

3. While a " Wiki " can be used effectively to build a large reference "encyclopedia" of useful, organized information.

4. We are privileged to host and maintain a forum that is one of the oldest and information in this forum and entire website resources span no less than 13 or more years.

5. Bear with me, as I begin the journey of frequently updating the new "wiki!". Frankly, it may take me several months to even at least a year to "capture", collate and organize the on-going " wiki ". For the moment, the "wiki" editing is a "closed system". In the future, we may decide to allow what it's real intention, for the public to edit and refine the resources!

My intention is that it will always continue to provide information of "Real people, Real life situations " or commonly known as Applied Feng Shui!

Thank you for your continued, Support!

Cecil Lee

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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