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Topic: New! Geomancy Forum Updates!

Navigation: My Adviser (Geomancy Forum) » Announcement :: What's New?

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Topic (1/1):
New! Geomancy Forum Updates! Read 3975 times
Robert Lee

Rank: FS Experts
(Geomancy.Net Founder)

Location: Geomancy-Online.com
Posts: 2406
Joined: Dec 1998
Posted in: Announcement :: What's New?
Posted on: Wed, 28 Jul 1999, 21:29 PM,
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Dear Anon (Hidden for Privacy),

We have re-organised the forum conferences so that it is more clearer and easier to access.

We have added two new conferences:-

- What's New at Geomancy.Net?
- Wish-List / Enhancements / Feedback

In the future, we will post all updates made to the entire site into What's New at Geomancy.Net.

Please login to subscribe to the mailing list support for What's New at Geomancy.Net? if you wish to receive any notification for updates on this site.

In addition, we have added a Wish-List / Enhancements / Feedback conference. This conference is for users to let us know what you like to see at Geomancy.Net or if you have any suggestions on improvement to the site.

We have made some re-adjustment to certain conference restriction.

There will be two tips which will no longer allow users to post messages into that list. This is to allow that only Feng Shui Tips or Forum Tips that Cecil or Robert would like to share with the users. There should be no discussion on that mailing list.

In addition, we have change the Discussion Session into User Discussion Session (User to User). This is for users to discuss with other users.

So please login to your account and re-adjust your mailing list options to select conferences which you like to receive notification for.

Thank you for your time!

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee


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