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Topic: Sense Of Taste @ Oasis@Elias

Navigation: My Adviser (Geomancy Forum) » Info :: Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine

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Topic (1/1):
Sense Of Taste @ Oasis@Elias Read 3136 times ( 1 File)
Cecil Lee

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(Geomancy.Net Founder)

Location: Geomancy.Net
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Joined: Dec 1998
Posted in: Info :: Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine
Posted on: Tue, 29 Nov 2011, 20:01 PM,
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Sense of Taste @ Oasis@Elias Cecil Lee Cecil Lee support@geomancy.net Hmm... wondering what does this sign mean? "Sense of Taste?"

Location: newly TOP Oasis at Elias condo in Pasir Ris
What sense of taste? "What sense of taste?"
Sense of Taste.JPG - (1280KB)
Preview of What sense of taste?
Click to view bigger image of What sense of taste?


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