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The focus of this review is solely on External Feng Shui.

Cecil Lee


Any External Feng Shui Issues?

12 Useful Guidelines for Selecting a New HDB BTO Flat with External Feng Shui Factors in Mind.

External Feng Shui concerns can significantly affect the flow of Qi, impacting various aspects of life such as health, relationships, and overall well-being.
Issues like a house facing the edge of another block, proximity to certain landmarks, or a direct view of a cemetery are examples of external features that can disrupt this energy flow.

[The score is 35 out of 100.]



[1.] The afternoon sun can influence moods within a home.
[2.] Common Bin Lobby (CBL)
[3.] Inauspicious Fire @ Heaven's Gate
[4.] A Hospital is nearby.
[5.] Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS)
[6.] A Chinese temple is nearby.

[7.] Is there cause for concern regarding a nearby church, mosque, or elder care facility?
[8.] Areas designated for a school.

[9.] External Sha Qi or Poison Arrows
[10.] Unit numbers with 4, 44 or 444 Okay? 
[11.] Precinct Pavilion
[12.] Electrical Sub-Stations + Pump &/or Switch Rooms located above the unit

Please be aware that the information provided is not exhaustive, as no two developments are identical.




FAQ 1: Is this information applicable to resale HDB flats?
Indeed, even better. For resale, one can actually visit the unit and site in person!

FAQ 2: What about Internal Feng Shui and Other Factors?
This resource does not include information on Internal Feng Shui and other considerations. Please refer to the details below.


A holistic approach to finding a good HDB BTO flat involves considering various Feng Shui factors such External, Internal, Frontage, Kitchen & Main Bedroom that aligns with one's long-term living and financial goals.



External + Internal + Frontage/Kitchen/ Main Bedroom = 100 MARKS
[35 + 35 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 100 MARKS] 




Considering local and international properties for off-site house hunting – which home is the best choice for me?


PACKAGE A Sample Report(s):

Sample 1 : Latest Format w.e.f. 16 March 2022

Part 1 of 3 = How suitable is the unit - Frontage, Kitchen & Main Bedroom? [30 marks]
Part 2 of 3 = How is the luck of the Internal Feng Shui of this unit? [35 marks]
Part 3 of 3 = External Feng Shui luck? [35 marks] + Overall score/grade [Total = 100 marks].


1826485210_1STCHOICEPART2OF3.thumb.gif.bff8bf7881a6f56b31f3de3d227a38ba.gifs EX


This Resource covers


Please note that we reserve the right to modify the report format for enhanced user-friendliness. The provided sample pertains to an older property with a Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.) issued in or after 2004. The report you receive may vary from this sample."Research Makes the Difference" - Report Version 8.1 © Geomancy.net, 2022. "We Care!"


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[1.] The afternoon sun can influence moods within a home.

The afternoon sun can influence the ambiance of a home, and heat is known to have a significant impact on our mood.

west home.gif


West Group Sunburned(1).gifWest Group Sunburned1(2).gifWest Group Sunburned2.gif


[1.1.] Older HDB flats often have distinctive characteristics, such as unit windows with shades that face the afternoon sun.






[1.2.]Identifying the afternoon sun rays on a single sample: Unit #677.

While Unit #677 doesn't receive direct afternoon sunlight, on sunny days, expect sunlight at an acute angle throughout the year. Don't be too relieved if the living room area isn't affected by the afternoon sun rays; the situation may change in six months.



Site Plan Extract for HDB BTO Tampines GreenTopaz



Macro Site Plan of HDB BTO Tampines GreenTopaz



[1.3.] Many second-time homebuyers often try to avoid purchasing homes that receive the "afternoon sun," even if they belong to the West Group. Is this accurate?


1. Indeed, those who have previously lived in a west-facing home and are aware of the challenges often seek to avoid repeating the experience, especially when considering a long-term stay of five years or more.

2. It's common sense that on a sunny day, from the afternoon until the evening, the walls, having absorbed heat, can radiate it back into the home, making it uncomfortably warm even as late as 7:30 pm. Not everyone can afford to run the air conditioning throughout the evening.

3. Nowadays, many school children attend classes in the morning and return home by noon, while adults may spend their day in air-conditioned offices. The children are left to endure a hot and sweaty environment at home, which is hardly conducive to studying, especially when the air conditioning cannot be used all day due to the high cost of electricity for many families.

4. This can also impact the resale value. Many young homeowners, during their first resale home viewing, have encountered owners who turn on the air conditioning to conceal the heat. Consequently, these young couples experience a rude awakening upon receiving the keys to their new home, finding themselves in a residence akin to a sweltering greenhouse.

5. Perhaps individuals in the West Group could consider evaluating the suitability of homes facing northeast, among other orientations.

6. It's also wise to consider the effects of UV rays on a person. The good news for Chinese individuals is the presence of "yellow skin pigments," while Malays and Indians have brownish skin tones. Darker skin is known to offer better protection against skin cancer. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays, such as from the afternoon sun, can lead to long-term effects on our eyes, like cataracts, which may become more pronounced with age if one is frequently exposed.



[1.4.]. Related: Any concern with the afternoon sun?

rich and afternoon sun.png

Afternoon sun and ME! - Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine & more... - FengShui.Geomancy.Net



[1.5.] Moods and feelings are often categorized under the concept of 'Man or Human Luck.'


What is Man or Human Luck?


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[2.] Common Bin Lobby (CBL)

[2.1.] Should I be concerned if the front door has a view of the two common bins?


1. It is advantageous that planners have placed most of the common bins between the two emergency exit staircases.

2. Regrettably, this arrangement does not apply to Stacks #971 and #973.

3. The separation between the common bin lobby and the two external common bins, designated for general waste and recycling, can be seen from the front doors of these particular stacks.


4. The red dots usually indicate half-height safety railings, not a solid wall, allowing for ventilation in the common bin lobby area. Such designs were prevalent in earlier building developments. It is hoped that the HDB has revised this approach, but I believe it's always better to err on the side of caution.

5. Take Block 374B as an example, where the common bin lobby is strategically positioned between two emergency exit staircases, a commendable design aspect.


Residents of Block 373A, particularly those living in Stacks 953 and 955, have voiced similar concerns.


7. It's absolutely inadvisable to meet someone who adheres strictly to the Front Door principle. It's a greater issue if a Feng Shui Master obsesses over the front door to the neglect of everything else, to the point of only eating and sleeping there. Such individuals are labeled 'The Conservatives'.

7.1. Perplexed? Wondering how to implement Feng Shui in your home? Does it begin with your front door? Applying Feng Shui involves more than just the front door; it encompasses understanding the five elements—earth, metal, water, wood, and fire—and their interaction with your space, as well as ensuring your living areas are free of clutter and your main entryway is welcoming.


[2.2.] More on CBL

A.The Common Bin Lobby (CBL) is located right next to Stack/Unit #669, which means the living room windows overlook the CBL's open lobby area.


B. Front Door of #641 and #643 in full view of the Common Bin Lobby (CBL) and Common Bins


Regarding photos from HDB Tampines Greenweave: they are not exactly similar to those of stacks 641 and 643. Nonetheless, this can often impact the resale value as well. 

A unit that directly faces the common bin lobby, including the recycling and general waste bins, is a valid concern. 

It is indeed wise to review the block plan thoroughly before deciding to purchase a unit.


Reference Resource:



For Stack #631, the primary concern is whether the CBL is consistently well-maintained and clean. In contrast, for Stack #633, it is less likely that the service yard has visibility into the CBL. However, for Stack #631, it should be noted that the service yard likely has a view into the CBL.


For Stack #625, it is probable that the service yard has visibility into the CBL. Regarding Stack #601 and #625, it is the master bedroom windows that are nearest to the CBL.


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[3.] Inauspicious Fire @ Heaven's Gate

[3.1.] Male Breadwinner and the inauspicious Fire at Heaven's Gate

1. Search this forum for "Fire at Heaven's Gate."

2. Generally, a kitchen with a stove positioned at the NW cardinal point is considered inauspicious for the male head of the household and can negatively impact him.

3. This is attributed to the NW direction in the Ba Gua Trigram representing Heaven, as well as symbolizing the male head elder of the house.

4. Therefore, simply put, activating a stove at the NW is believed to 'burn' one's Heaven luck, which is considered unlucky and may also adversely affect the male head elder's career.

5. Consequently, visualizing South-facing stacks and identifying those with kitchens in the NW sector is straightforward. This is particularly true for the Flying Stars S2 facing ones.

6. For instance, in the HDB Kim Keat Beacon development, stack #562 is an example where the kitchen is located within the NW sector.



See below: Kitchen located at NW

hdb kim keat beacon 562.png

Additionally, stacks #534 and #546, which are marked in red below, are impacted by the kitchen located in the northwest. Both of these stacks face S2 and have kitchens situated at the Fire at Heaven's Gate position.


Reference Link:


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[4.] A Hospital is nearby.

[4.1.] Any concern with the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital & Sikh Temple?

1. Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

1.1. Theoretically, the primary concern involves the proximity of the Pathology Department and the mortuary.

These two areas, which may be identical or adjacent to each other, should ideally not be near one's residence.

1.2. Thankfully, the developers of this project have thoughtfully used structures such as the Multi-storey Car Park (MSCP), Electrical Substation (ESS), Precinct Pavilion, and Community Club (CCC) as a buffer between the residential HDB flats and the hospital.

2. Stigma associated with a home facing a hospital.

2.1. Regrettably, there will always be individuals or their loved ones who hold superstitions and deem it unlucky for a home to overlook a hospital. Convincing such individuals otherwise can be challenging. It is hoped that this mindset is limited to a minority.

Below: Image captured from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital facing Adora Green BTO.


I remember the DBSS HDB Adora Green. The two stacks of Block 348A commanded the highest prices in this development, as they face Yishun Pond and also have a view of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), despite the hospital being about a kilometer away. Nonetheless, these stacks/units have a view of KTPH.

This image depicts Singapore General Hospital, highlighting a location often considered inauspicious and generally avoided in hospitals: the Mortuary.


Every hospital has one, although some are less noticeable. 

P.S. For SGH, apart from the nearby Clubhouse (where a client of mine owns the Michelin-starred restaurant Ka Soh), there are no other residential quarters close to Block 9, which houses the mortuary. Please note that SGH has recently undergone a significant renovation, so the situation may have changed as this information is at least six years old.

3. Silk Temple

3.1 The developers of this project likely considered the temple's location; therefore, no stacks or units directly face the temple.

3.2 Stack 33 is the only one that offers a side view of the temple, while stacks 35 and 45 do not face it directly.

4. The peak of the Silk Temple's roof cannot pose a threat to any units in this development since none of the stacks or units face the temple directly.

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[5.] Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS)


[5.1.] A recent innovation is the adoption of Pneumatic Waste Collection Systems (PWCS) in various developments, including executive condominiums, private condominiums, and even some new HDB BTO projects.

1. It appears that Hong Leong/CDL is an early adopter of the Pneumatic Waste Collection System in several of their new developments.

1.1. Take, for instance, The Venue, a CDL project, which had recently received its Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.).

1.2. Signage was placed at the common bin area, displaying around twelve cautionary instructions on what not to do.


1.2. A cautionary sign displayed numerous prohibitions.

1.3. Previously, at The Criterion by CDL, a notice served as a user guide in the common bin area.


1.4. It is hoped that the residents will agree to refrain from such activities.

1.5. With proper management, the potential savings on maintenance costs become apparent, benefiting the daily cleaners.

2. Currently, not all developers adopt this approach. Therefore, while the manual system may have its occasional problems, they are comparatively fewer.

[5.2.] Residents of the HDB Yuhua BTO are experiencing difficulties due to the installation of the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS).

1. As anticipated, it only requires one or two thoughtless residents to disrupt the entire system.

2. Consider enduring this for over four years...

Source and Credit as shown in the two snapshot:-


Extracts from the above article:

3. Persistent odour

3.1. Foul smell exuding from the centralised bin centre at Blk 223A of Jurong East Street 21 has been a persistent problem in Yuhua since the PWCS started.

3.2. According to a recent report from the Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, residents have been bearing with the smelly environment for the past four years.

3.3. Some residents also revealed that some people throw bulky items such as large soft toys, cardboards and mattresses, which choke up the pipe network.

3.4. This worsens the foul smell in the area and the cleaners will have to manually take the items out.

3.5. The adoption of technology is laudable, but the success of this new system also depends on the users to be mindful of what they disposed of.

4. Every development with a Pneumatic PWCS most certainly has a headache...Be it a high end estate or public housing...

Reflections at Keppel with a high percentage of PRs and expatriates...


HDB Northshore Residences I & II.. locals & PRs

[5.3.] Concerns regarding the Bin Centre (Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System) PWCS include issues such as odour, 

1. It's generally wise to avoid buying a unit next to the PWCS.

2. Therefore, units #231, #233, and #235 should be your last considerations!

3. Stacks or units facing the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS), particularly stacks 267 and 265, often carry a stigma. Moreover, these stacks are also positioned directly opposite the PWCS and an electrical sub-station.



4. In contrast, at HDB Tampines Green Glen, the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) is out of sight and out of mind. This PWCS is cleverly concealed alongside the Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) attached to the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP). Well done there! Unfortunately, that's not the case with this development.

5. To be cautious, or as we say locally, to be 'Kiasu' and 'Kiasee', one should try—really try—to avoid buying a unit within the area marked in red.

6. If limited by choice, consider acquiring a unit facing away from the PWCS. Stacks like 241 appear to be acceptable. Stacks 273 and 275 might be fine as well, but I'll address these in a separate Part/Case Study since especially the lower floors may overlook the Precinct Pavilion.

7. Moreover, if one is aware of the challenges and the educational efforts required—as seen in several notices from existing condominiums like CDL's The Venue—there is a learning curve regarding the proper disposal in the common bins of each unit.

7.1. Otherwise, the management, or in this instance, the Town Council, may regularly issue circulars advising against the misuse of these bins.

7.2. In the case of CDL developments, it is common to see signage above the PWCS displaying numerous icons, sometimes as many as eight or more, instructing people on what not to dispose of in these receptacles.

Related resource :

Case Study 4: Any concern with the Bin Centre (PneumaticWaste  Conveyance System) PWCS?1. Great that for HDB Tampines Green Glen, the PWCS is literally out-of-sight and out-of-mind.2. This PWCS is neatly tucked away with the Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) attched to the MSCP. Kudos,...

Residents of the newly developed High Park Residences at Fernvale, Sengkang, have encountered a learning curve. During a visit on December 8, 2019, it was confirmed that a red notice was prominently displayed on the refuse chute door, stating: "NO BULKY ITEMS SHOULD BE THROWN INTO THIS PNEUMATIC SYSTEM."


The Venue at Potong Pasir, a project by City Developments Limited, has encountered issues in the past...

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[6.] A Chinese Temple is nearby

[6.1.] Is it still advisable to refrain from purchasing a unit at stack #54?

If necessary, consider securing a unit at #56 as a fallback option. These two stacks offer the most direct route to the upcoming Chinese temple.


Case Study 1B: Why are the NE and SW corridors considered unfavorable when aligned with a temple?


Discover the significance of Devil's Gate and its connection with a temple oriented from northeast to southwest, as well as the units situated along this "highway."




[6.2.] Smoke Rising from the Cauldron - Incense Holders



"Unfortunate news for homeowners - the new HDB BTO, Nanyang Emerald!"


The incense cauldrons are situated around the red ring area.






[6.3.] The HDB Melody Spring Yishun BTO was launched in August 2018. A case study of the future temple adjacent to Melody Spring and the Devil's Gate/Backdoor might be conducted. Could the altar be a concern?


[6.3.1.] The temple is located adjacent to the HDB BTO Melody Spring in Yishun.


Yellow = The units facing the Chinese Temple may vary depending on the floor level.

Red = Units situated in the northeast region of the temple could become an unexpected gateway to the netherworld, as the northeast is often regarded as the devil's "front door."

Green = The units in close proximity.


Units in red are impacted by the Devil's Front Gate (generally considered unlucky).

The placement of an altar could unintentionally serve as a gateway for spirits to come and go.


One comforting aspect is that if the temple is oriented from west to east, then the aforementioned issue is less pronounced.

It remains uncertain if the temple will be aligned from southwest to northeast. Should this be the case, it could be considered very unlucky for those units within the northeast zone, particularly for units from the first to the fourth storey.

Do not align the temple with the purple outline, as it may bring disaster to those in the downstream NE zone.


The unfortunate reality is that even if the temple is rebuilt from the ashes, it will likely encounter specific challenges within the newly T.O.P. HDB Blossom Spring.

Both Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu principles share similar thoughts...

Certain temples are deliberately aligned along a northeast-southwest or southwest-northeast axis, depending on their specific purpose.

The renowned Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery in Toa Payoh is oriented in a northeasterly direction. This alignment is not derived from the Flying Stars system but is instead set precisely between 10 degrees and 190 degrees for a particular reason.


Previously, I have received multiple SOS messages from residents at blocks 255 and 253 separately....

Ideally, the temple could have been aligned north to south, akin to block 194. However, due to the temple's presence, many HDB blocks were also aligned to match the temple's orientation.

The Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery and the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (Sin Ming, also known as Bright Hill) are not aligned precisely North to South. However, when comparing the layouts of these temples, it is evident that both are angled in a North-Easterly direction, which is intentional.



In Indonesian or Malay, the term "Mampus" is used to describe a situation that is certain to result in death.

Want to read more about the Devil's gate?




[6.4.] Every temple features a burning offering mount or chimney, often adorned in the style of a Pagoda. (Location: HDB Garden Vines BTO)

For the future temple, it is conceivable that an offering mount could be situated at either location y or z.


Here, even if the temple poses no threat to the occupants of a unit, the frequent burning

Thus, in certain situations, even if the temple does not directly harm anyone, the fumes, depending on wind or airflow, may be lethal.

Frankly, there's no room for complaints in such matters. One must simply decide to accept it or move on, please.

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[7.] Is there cause for concern regarding a nearby church, mosque, or elder care facility?

[Extract: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/13571-flo-residence-punggol-field-walk/?tab=comments#comment-28544]

Case Study: Flo Residence @ Punggol Field Walk:

1. Frankly, the stacks/units are priced reasonably.;
2. I sense that the design of this development may not be optimal in terms of Shapes and Forms Feng Shui.
3. The least desirable stack is #19 at Block 9 due to its close proximity to the neighboring HDB Block 169A of Punggol Nautilus (169A Punggol Field).
4. Additionally, the development features a rectangular section designated for a future church.
4.In the near future, particularly for the pool-facing stacks of Block 3 and Block 5, the presence of a church will be noticeable due to the cross on its roof, serving as a daily reminder. However, since the church is not yet constructed, it is hoped that this is not targeting a unit in this development.
5.The surroundings are not particularly remarkable as it is situated near Sheng Jia Temple and the incomplete Bright Hill Evergreen Home.
6.I understand that in the future, this area is earmarked to include a mosque among other developments in the vicinity.


[7.1.] Should I be concerned buying a home near a mosque

[Extract from: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/17709-hdb-tampines-greenspring-green-spring-bto-launched-in-november-2019/?tab=comments#comment-40634]

1.In the multicultural society of Singapore, it is quite common to find mosques in close proximity.

2. With the scarcity of land banks in Singapore, the government has recently been identifying numerous "left-over" plots of land to integrate into housing developments.


2.1. For instance, private developers have bid on en bloc land to construct Paya Lebar Residences (PLR), which was completed in 2003 and was previously known as Vistaya View. Similar to this site, PLR is conveniently located within a short walk of the MRT and numerous amenities, including Our Tampines Hub.

.2. It is not only adjacent to Masjid Wak Tanjong Mosque but also to Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah.

3. HDB Tampines GreenSpring was also constructed on a "left-over" plot of land.

3.1. Therefore, it is quite common for the Darul Ghufran Mosque to be situated along the significant Tampines Avenue 5. Similarly, Tampines GreenSpring is designed to somewhat envelop the mosque.

3.2. Since the 1970s, mosques in Singapore have not been permitted to broadcast prayers at specific times of the day, typically at least three times daily.

4. Fortunately, mosques are now generally quiet, contributing to tranquility. However, on Fridays, one can anticipate nearby roadsides and parking lots to be crowded with vehicles.

5. In Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is advisable to avoid a unit that directly faces the crest atop a typical mosque dome, as this is considered a Sha Qi. Similarly, a home facing the spine of a Catholic/Christian church cross can also be seen as such.



6. It is challenging to dispel the perceived stigma of another person.

6.1 Even if one maintains neutrality or adopts a "live-and-let-live" approach, this applies when residing in a unit facing or adjacent to a mosque.

6.2 However, considering resale potential, say 5 years down the line, this factor can significantly impact the resale value of a unit.

6.3 Here, it is impossible to align with someone else's preference if they are simply not interested in purchasing the unit.

6.4 It's common to anticipate low-ball offers in such unfortunate circumstances.

6.5 Certainly, if today's prices for such flats are significantly discounted, it's advisable to do your own calculations. The price or cost of purchasing any home is not related to Feng Shui.

6.6 It's common knowledge that in an open market, buyers typically have certain expectations, such as being willing to pay a premium for features like unobstructed views or pool access, if available.

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[8.] Areas designated for a School


1. Directly south of the Fernvale Vines land plot, there is a site designated for a school.

2. Below: To the north of this site, another plot is reserved for a different school.


3. Should I be concerned?

3.1. Indeed, if one's apartment directly overlooks a construction site, this is particularly relevant for blocks 464A and 464B, whose south-facing units are adjacent to this designated area.

3.2. Noise pollution and dust are common during the construction of schools, often persisting for the two to two and a half years or longer.

3.3. Fortunately, only a few Feng Shui practitioners and some individuals believe that living in a place facing a school is not ideal.

3.3.1 The primary concern is that schools become inactive after hours, leading to a YIN environment in the evenings, characterized by stillness and quietness.

3.3.2 Technically, this is accurate. However, the morning and afternoon activities of many young individuals often resemble a surge of Yang Qi throughout the daylight hours.

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9. External Sha Qi or Poison Arrows

[9.1.] Is there a potential poison arrow from a neighbouring stack/unit?

Sha Qi, also known as Poison Arrows, refers to the negative energy in Feng Shui emitted from sharp angles or objects pointing towards a space, which can be detrimental to the well-being of the occupants.

Knowing what to look for, one can readily spot potential poison arrows emanating from the sharp corners of a neighboring block or unit.

2. [Refer to the following] For instance, highlighted in bold RED is a potential sharp corner:-


3. The good news is that a discerning eye can identify such Sha Qi directly from the Sales Brochure.

3.1. Provided that the sharp corner is not directed at an opening, like a balcony sliding panel or windows, it does not pose a threat.

3.2. If uncertain, select a different unit. This can only be determined accurately at the time of the unit's T.O.P.

4. Certain block layout designs may unintentionally generate 'Sha Qi' or a 'Poison Arrow' from one building directed at its neighbor.

5. It's important to note that my analysis was only a sampling and not comprehensive. Are you able to identify similar poison arrows at this location?



6. Another form of Sha Qi can be explored through the following link:




[9.3.] A staggered block or stack layout may lead to the formation of sharp corners, also known as poison arrows.
Location: HDB Fernvale Vines

1. How do I know if my unit is affected by a poison arrow?

1.1. From the site plan, it is possible to only make a rough estimate of the likelihood of a potential poison arrow.

1.2. The crucial point is that if a sharp corner does not face an opening like a window, then it generally does not present a problem.

2. For Block 466B, stack 502, spanning storeys 1 to 7, could be impacted by the sharp corner of the MSCP, which may be directed towards a bedroom opening.



[9.4.] These could be considered potential poison arrows if they are directed towards an opening in a unit, such as windows.

1. None of the aforementioned should be directed towards an opening of a unit, like a window or balcony.

2. If directed at the living room windows or balcony, they are practically the hardest to remedy (if at all).

2.1. Photograph: Lamp posts adorning the rooftop garden of an HDB multi-storey car park (MSCP).

2.2. The HDB Sales Brochure specifies the height of the MSCP. Since there is no standard number of floors, some MSCPs are five storeys high with a garden on the sixth, while others may have seven storeys or more.



2.3. A lamp post that is positioned to point towards the window of a residence, especially the living room windows, is regarded as a Sha Qi, or poison arrow.

2.4.If that is the situation, finding a solution becomes more complex. This contrasts with a bedroom scenario, where one can simply lower the day curtain permanently.

2.4.1. In this scenario, the principle 'out of sight, out of mind' in terms of perceived threats is applicable.

2.4.2. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to keep the living room's day or night curtains closed at all times.

3. Kindly note that the illustration originates from a Multi-Storey Car Park in the Tampines estate.

3.1. I have selected it to depict Sha Qi, also known as poison arrows, in various manifestations.

3.2. A lamp post aimed at the windows of a neighboring unit may potentially cause a 'poison arrow' effect.


2. Contrary to expectations, the lamp post is not at fault. Rather, the problem originates from the roof line of the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP).


The lamp post does not pose a threat. However, the roof-line of the MSCP is a potential hazard in this situation.


Sometimes corners of an MSCP may become a potential Sha Qi or poison arrow:


3. Thus be careful of the roof-line of a shelter or pavilion also aimed towards a unit's opening such as a bedroom/living room windows:-


4. Trellis with multiple "spikes"







[9.5.] What is a 天斩煞 (tiān zhǎn shà.)?

Some interpret the red arrow as a symbol resembling an axe or blade directed at a target marked in red.

The following example where unit at X is affected by it.


The reason why it is is because the distance of the two blocks in YELLOW is in close proximity of BLOCK in GREEN and with a unit X.

The unit you mentioned in black can also be affected if the wind blows from a South-Southwesterly direction towards North-NE direction. 

And only if the wind is very strong. 


Otherwise, if the aforementioned condition is not satisfied, the unit should normally remain unaffected by it.

The concern also hinges on the unit's height in block 308C. The proximity to the rooftop of the MSCP increases the concern. Assuming the MSCP is four stories high and devoid of landscaping, units like #05 or #06 could experience the most significant Sha Qi, especially if the prevailing winds are strong.

A straightforward test is to hold up an umbrella; if it tilts and pulls away from your hands, it's best to manage the wind entering the unit. For instance, you can do this by narrowing the openings, such as casement windows, or by shutting the sliding glass panels.

If this situation were in the southeast of Singapore, for instance, Marine Parade, it could be a significant concern. The winds in this area are strong, blowing from north to south or south to north, depending on the time of day, due to the high and low pressure differences between the sea and land.


[9.5.1.} Is there a potential Tian Zhan Sha affecting Block 55, Stack 09?


In the event of strong winds, ensure that the openings of Stack #09 are closed.


What is Tian Zhan Sha?




[9.6.] It is advisable to steer clear of the lower floors of Stacks 121 and 123, particularly Stack 121, due to the negative energy known as Sha Qi, as it is situated facing the service road that leads to the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP)



Another practical consideration, particularly for units #02-121 and #123, involves traffic noise and potential glare from headlights when vehicles turn from Jurong West Street 93 onto the estate's service road.



[9.7.] A long corridor leading to the front door.

An extended hallway that guides to the entrance of the unit.

Is the front door facing a long corridor a concern? According to Feng Shui principles, this setup can affect the flow of energy into your home.

1.Unfortunately, the complete Sales Brochure with the block and stack layout is not available.


2. At this moment, it is unclear whether the front door faces the long corridor. Please verify this when you receive the Full Sales Brochure.

3. Luckily for prospective buyers, HDB will include this information in a detailed e-brochure.



Stacks #603, #623 & #689


Block 630A Unit 87 facing the longest corridor  [Photos viewed from left to right]





[9.8.] Interested in purchasing a unit at the highest floor of the block.

1. One of the main concerns of purchasing the highest floor is the concern of a leaking ceiling.

2. Some are also concerned with the potential heat if there is no proper insulation. 

3. Recently I was doing a can or cannot buy evaluation at a highest floor unit at Parc Palais condo.

4. Both the potential buyer and myself saw what looks like water leak stains in several areas : kitchen and rooms / toilet(s). Here, the water tank is directly above this unit. My client decided not to purchase this unit.

5.  Highest Floor & Water Tank(s)

water tank 1.jpegwater tank 3.jpegwater tank.jpeg




[9.9.] Noise Pollution or White Noise


[9.9.1.] Common sense Feng Shui and eating house

1 It is inevitable that one should avoid a low storey unit especially at stacks #215 and #213.


2. One concern is the aroma from the coffee shop, which can be pleasant unless the smoking area is too close to the residential units, particularly stacks #215 and #213, to prevent passive smoking.

3. Coffee shops near HDB flats are usually required to display signs to reduce noise levels after 10 pm; it is hoped that these regulations are being followed.

4. As the development ages, another secondary concern is the potential increase in pests.

In several HDB developments, delivery vans and trucks arrive to deliver goods and produce. It is hoped that the buffer between the shops, MM, and EH will be adequate to block or diminish the noise. Frequently, some delivery personnel do not bother to turn off their engines, which is illegal, but they seem indifferent to the regulations.


[9.9.2.] In addition to buying a flat close to a coffee shop, another factor to consider is the smoke & smells coming from a barbecue pits.


1. Residents of HDB flats may occasionally catch the aroma from a nearby barbecue pit, like those in an adjacent condominium.

2. Another consideration in my 'Can or Cannot Buy' assessment of a new development is the potential for barbecue smells to permeate the unit, which can be particularly unwelcome on enjoyable Fridays, weekends, and public holidays.

Location: Corporation Drive / Kang Ching Road area
It is probable that residents living nearby (facing the coffee shop) have requested the coffee shop owners to display the sign:




[9.10.] Noisy aircraft flying overhead


When purchasing a home near an airport, it is crucial to give greater consideration, especially for developments near Tengah or Seletar Airport.

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[10.] Unit numbers with 4, 44 or 444 Okay?



[10.1] What is beneficial for one person may be harmful to another.
How can I future-proof my investment? It's like chasing a puff of smoke.


1. Some people are comfortable with unit numbers like #04-444 or #14-444, while others consider stacks such as 404 and 414.

2. What about after the Minimum Occupation Period (M.O.P.)?

2.1. For instance, a potential buyer might avoid #04-444 or #14-444, or even the entire stack #444. Therefore, even if we are comfortable with such unit numbers, others might not be.

3. Stack #440 might also be subject to similar concerns.

4. Fortunately, this is not related to Feng Shui but rather to the cultural preferences of the Chinese, particularly influenced by the Cantonese dialect group. It's worth noting that many Koreans also have an aversion to the number 4xxx.

5. Conversely, the number 13 is associated with superstition in some Western cultures, not all, as an unlucky number. A common example is the fear surrounding Friday the 13th.

5.1. Since these numbers are at least three digits long, aside from floor levels, the number "13" is also typically omitted.


5.2' It's probable that Singapore Airlines adopted this policy to cater to the Western superstition regarding the number 13 as unlucky, while not being concerned with seats numbered 4, 14, or 44.

6. This can be more about the saying, "One man's meat is another man's poison."

7. When in doubt, it's better not to take the risk and simply avoid that number.



[10.2] Unit Numbers in this development are Odd Numbers.
If so, there can never be a number ending with a Four ( 4.)  LOL

odd numbering system.png

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[11.] Precinct Pavilion


1. Evaluating the Can or Cannot buy by Ranking is one of my initial steps when considering a new BTO site/development.

2. It's a given that mortality is a part of life for everyone.

3. However, with the soaring prices of brand new flats, one must acknowledge that a home represents a significant investment.

4. Moreover, when a home becomes eligible for sale on the market, everyone aims to maximize their investment returns.

5. The location of the precinct pavilion, whether at a corner of the estate or central and visible to several or many units, is inconsequential.

6. Whenever possible, it is advisable to avoid purchasing a unit, especially on lower floors, that is directly in view of the precinct pavilion.

7. Today, I walked through an estate in Fernvale.

8. Some of the flats have a direct view of the wake/funeral, and there was music playing loudly from the wake, which I recorded. IMG_8439.MOV

9. It's impossible to control unforeseen events such as a funeral, which might coincide with a family's celebratory occasion, like Chinese New Year, or even a wedding tea ceremony.

I was just a block away, but the music was incredibly loud. Examples of this music can be found in any of these three films...

IMG_8437.MOV 5.04 MB · 139 downloads

IMG_8438.MOV 14.23 MB · 75 downloads


The lower floor units at Block 436A have a direct view into the entrance and resting area of the funeral pavilion.



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[12.] Electrical Sub-stations + Pump &/or Switch Rooms located above the unit

Essentially, it may concern the future resale value.

[12.1.] Electrical Sub Station (ESS)

There is no known effects living close to an ESS.


Unfortunately, when the Minimum Occupation Period (M.O.P.) approaches, some potential buyers might have reservations about units, particularly those on lower floors facing or in proximity to an Electrical Substation (ESS).




[12.2.] Residing in a unit situated directly above the domestic transfer water tank and pump room is a notable feature.

1. For resale flats, these units are easily identifiable.

1.1. Typically, the unit is on the second storey, directly above the pump room.

1.2. For HDB flats under construction, it would be beneficial if the Sales Brochure's site plan could highlight this detail. Regrettably, I have seldom found this information in the site plans.

1.3. HDB does highlight the Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) and Consumer Electric Room, which are fortunately housed in a separate one-story building within the development.

1.4. However, this is not the case for condominiums, especially private ones, where I frequently observe smaller capacity developments, such as 45KV, situated directly below a unit. It's important to be aware of this!

Please open this link to hear the sound of these working pumps...




[12.3.] A switch room located at the Void Deck above my unit?

Sampling from Blocks 104 and 107 at Rivervale Walk.

Regrettably, for new BTOs that are yet to be constructed, there is no indication of the location of a switch room beneath a block or stack. 

Fortunately, in newer BTOs, the occurrence of this issue is becoming increasingly rare.


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