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  2. Part 1: Common Rubbish Bins (Two: Common and recycle bins) 1. The planners did a good job in placing the common rubbish bins centrally away from all units within each block. 1.1. Thus unlike the HDB Boon Lay Glade (this 2019 batch); this development does not have stacks/unit's main door facing the common bins nor very near-by to it. 2. However, if one intends to buy low floor units of 2 or 3rd storeys may (if at home when the rubbish truck arrives could get a whiff of the smell coming from rubbish trucks reversing towards the collection point that's all:- 500, 516, 518, 536, 534, 538, 552, 554, 570, 572, 568, 594, 584, 582
  3. Part 2: One of the biggest eye-sore of this development is the placement of the common rubbish bins: common & recycle. The most "affected" are stacks:- 237 257 265 283 301 Secondary stacks also involved are e.g. 239, 249, 255, 257, 261 & 263 to name a few. Obviously, in the near future, it can be a consideration for lower sales value. A previous client who had sold their former HDB flat with a rubbish chute outside their unit similar to the above:- Reference to the above ... the article on rubbish chute can be found under this link:-
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  5. Cecil Lee

    Parc Life Executive Condo (EC)

    A visit on Chap Goh Meh 2019 = 15th day of the 1st lunar month of 2019
  6. This day is also Chinese Valentine’s Day🙏🏻 (Origin is from Malaysia, Penang)
  7. Part 4: Kudos to the architect/planners of this development: as they have took the classic consideration of placing the Multi-storey car park (MSCP) between the development and the raised MRT tracks. As well as part of the MSCP is along Sims Way (traffic noise). In addition, the Precinct Pavilion (PP) and the Drop-of-point is also close to Sims Way. As a result only four (4) stacks #54, #56, #70 and #72 are nearer to Sims Way. While stacks #58, #60 and #62 faces the MRT track. (Train noise).
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  9. Part 3: Bin Centre (BC) and Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) 1. The oddity is that sometimes one has to look further than the development. 1.1. This is why HDB Sales Brochures (SB) often offer clues of this. As the SB will always include the development's surroundings such as the existing BC of the neighbouring Block 19 public housing. 1.2. Best to avoid low floors under stacks 68, 70 and 72. Especially low floors of stack 70: view from Master bedroom / bedrooms and to the right of the living room windows. 1.3. For Stack 68 and 72, mostly about the concern of "smell" if any. 2. There are no know inauspicious effects of living close to an ESS. Nevertheless, there is always a stigma associated with one. 2.1. Thus often even for us in the Feng Shui line.. the question asked by a potential buyer is: "Is there an issue with the ESS next to the unit I intend to purchase?"
  10. Part 2: Proximity to Precinct Pavilion (PP) 1. This is a small development thus can understand that there are limits to where the PP can be placed. If possible, select a higher floor unit for flats close to the PP. 2. One cannot control the activities in a PP. For example, on one's auspicious holiday period such as the 1st day of Chinese New Year. And if happen that a wake/funeral is on, this is not ideal. But cannot do anything.
  11. Cecil Lee

    The Terrace, HDB Waterway Sundew & View

    HDB's first new-generation neighbourhood centre opens in Punggol = Oasis Terraces (17 February 2019). No difference from any other mall. With the exception of an attached Poly Clinic
  12. Cecil Lee

    Very adorable Chinese girl

    Another ... baby girl simply too cute and sweet
  13. Cecil Lee

    Very adorable Chinese girl

    Isn’t she adorable
  14. Cecil Lee

    Feng Shui of High Park Residences Condo

    Some of the many past examples of detailed reviews under Can or cannot buy resources on specific stacks at High Park Residences
  15. Yes of course, temple is one of the many considerations when choosing a home. Please refer to a past exercise on Punggol Point Cove:- For example the Legend for temple is = V And for Can or Cannot Buy review...Two stacks of Punggol Point Cove comes under "Last Resort". While some others are not as bad.. and may fall somewhere along the one of the choices.... V highlighted in yellow and C = a stack of Punngol Point Cove:- For confidentiality all relevant details are masked out:- BY RANKING COMBINED PUNGGOL POINT COVE & TAMPINES GREEN GEM =========================================================== Note: Tampines Green Gem is represented by a "G" in front of the stack number e.g. G While Punggol Point Cove is with a "C" e.g. C1xxx 1ST CHOICE = Cxxxx Cxxxx Gxxxxx 2ND CHOICE = Cxxx Gxx Gxx 3RD CHOICE = Cxx Cxx Cxx Gxxx Gxxxx 4TH CHOICE = Cxx Gxx 5TH CHOICE = Cxx G1xxS G1xxx G1xxx 6TH CHOICE = C1xx G1xx G1xxx 7TH CHOICE = C1xx C1xx C1xx G1xx G1x G1xx G1xx G1xx Gxxx LAST RESORT = CV Cxxxxxx CVxxxxx Gxx GxxxABDEJT GxxxCKT GxxxxCDEH GxxABNPR GxxxAEKT GxxAJKT LEGEND: ======= A = Frontage suitable for Mr xxx & sss: (standing inside the living room facing either NE, NW, West or SW). However, this Compass School Feng Shui is not xxxxxxxxx... xxxxxxxxxxxxxor Mrs = North, South, East or SE may even be xxxxx higher than these. B = Indirect afternoon sun all year round. Also depends on floor level and whether other blocks/stacks provide some needed shade. For GreenGem no issue for stack Gxxx as it is only to the service yard area which is considered no issue. Also no issue for Stacks Cxxx, Cxx and Cxx C = Afternoon sun may bathe the master bedroom wall. And hopefully on a sunny day, the heat does not ooze out in the evening making the bedroom very warm unless one can cool down the bedroom. D = Stack Gxxx has a direct view of the Bin Centre (PWCS) at 1st storey. While stack xxx also has a view of the Bin Centre (PWCS). E = Stack Gxxx has a distant view of the vehicle entry and exit of the covered carpark. Stack Gxxx also has another entry and exit point. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, this is less than ideal also. Most inauspicious is Stack Gxxx as it is at the immediate vicinity. F = Precinct Pavilion (PP): Directly below Stack Gxx is the PP. Higher units preferred. Plus expect prayers and religious ceremonies (noise) on some occasions. Gxxx & also Gxxx share the same concern, here. Really high floors is preferred. For stacks Cxxx and Cxxx must get high floors to compensate for excellent Shapes and Forms Feng Shui and no direct view especially for Cxxx of the internal of the PP and occasional funeral ... (if any). H = Expect some traffic noise. Higher floors preferred. J = In close proximity of the central rubbish bin. Not perfect but still not a major concern or issue, here. K = However for Stack Gxx & Gxx it is the closest as it is beside the central rubbish bin. thus best to avoid such a stack/unit. Stacks main door with a view of teh central rubbish bins: Gxx Gxx L = The bus bay close-by. Higher floor preferred to avoid noise of the buses stopping and moving off. M = Inauspicious for the Kitchen to be at NW. But especially for stack Gxx, it has good Shapes and Forms that can make this become a minor issue. N = Under symbolism and Poor Shapes and Forms Feng Shui as "curved" road into the stack/unit. High floors preferred for stacks Gxx & Gxxx. Stack Gxxx has no issue, here. P = Sharp corner of stack Gxx aimed towards stack Gxxx. Q = Athough there is no known problems with an Electrical Sub-Station (ESS). But it is more of a stigma of living in close proximity to the ESS. R = Stack Gxxx frontage partially blocked by stack Gxx and with partial view of the service yard area. Stack Gxx by Gxx. Stack Gxx by Gxx. Stack Gxx by Gxx. Stack Gxx by Gxxx. Stack Gxxx by Gxxx. Not that critical. But a consideration that the unit is "sunken in". Sometimes also the reflective glare and partial look into the service yard especially from the Master bedroom window(s) if any. S = Expect around 3 years construction noise if the plot next to the development is being developed. Plus depending on how the blocks are laid, hopefully, it does not pose a poison arrow if any from their sharp corner towards this stack/unit. T = Main entrance door is in full view of the lobby lift(s). There is a stigma attached to such a situation. Actually more to do with common sense. For example, if the main door is opened, those coming in and out of the lift would often get a glimpse of the unit - more of a privacy concern. But if one always close the main door most of the time, is not that of an issue. This is why 1/2 hour fire rated doors are provided for each unit. In the unlikely event of a fire breaks out at such a unit, it does not spill into the lift lobby area. In a future resale, some may have a harder time selling such a unit = due to this stigma. U = No issue with morning sun. V = Close proximity to future temple and/or temple view. W = Majority masked with xxxx: Unit maxxx facing a long corridxxxxly, the corridor ixxxxxof a straight path at the "turn" of a lift. While for stacks Cxx and Cxx there is a "xxxxxx bend" that results xxxx the sha qi. For example, it isxxxxk #Cxx where this stack/unxxiew once one tuxxr getxxxne of the three lifts! Given that the uxxxxxe eastern-direction of the sea, this long corridor is not a xxxs it has vxxxxlent Shapes and fxxxg Shui. ===========END ============ Recent resource of temple and it's concern at HDB Melody Spring Yishun BTO Extracts from the above link:
  16. Dear Susan, Step 1: Location, location and location (Lx3). This accounts for 70% of the total luck of the home. Step 2: Eight House & Flying Stars accounts for the remainder 30% If Step 1 is a high score, then you wrote: "1. If the North-facing housing is ideal for me, then how this sector be very bad for me, according to the 20-year Flying Star report? Should I not purchase any houses facing North at 360 degrees, which are built between 1964-19" Can be balanced. Not an issue. But if Step 1: Lx3 is low score than Para 1 above can be a concern. You wrote: "2. Our bedroom is in the SOUTHWEST sector of the house, which is considered a DEATH area for me. The Flying Star also considers this sector very bad. But we are unable to change the location of our master bedroom. Are there some other remedies, besides those suggested in the report?" Reply: This is common for most homes.. For example in this illustration, the wife sleeps closer to East to her good sector. While the husband sleeps closer to NE as shown below:- 3. Sometimes the cures offered to remedy the Five Element Analysis of the Mountain vs. Water and the 20-year star vs. year star seem to contradict each other, and one cure may negate the other. For example, according to the report, in the SOUTH sector, there is a 6+6 Metal combination which is very lucky, according to the Mountain vs. Water theory. But the 20-year star vs. year star shows there is a STRONG WOOD, which should be weaked with FIRE. But FIRE also weakens the lucky METAL from the Mountain vs. Water analysis. How can I find a balance between the two cures in this case? Reply: There are there pages in this chart. The last page is based on Ba Zi Feng Shui. And Ba Zi Feng Shui is used in relation to the full audit:- The reason why an individual Feng Shui chart takes around 4 to 5 hours to prepare is based on all the considerations:- The Eight House + Flying Stars + Ba Zi are considered for each sector....
  17. Hi Master Lee, I am sorry to disturb you. I hope you can advise me with regards to which units to be avoided near to the temple. Based on your experience, is Blk 477A, unit # 1059 , High floor , is it close to the temple ? Should this unit be avoided staying ?
  18. Cecil Lee

    Thank you

    Thank you
  19. A small plot of Graveyard next to this home:- More photos of the Lucky Gardens Graveyard:- These tomb stones are typical of Muslim Cemetry graves. Non-Chinese. This HDB Bedok South estate with the background showing the Lucky Garden's Graveyard.... Below Block 71 Bedok South:- Bedok South opposite Temasek Junior College:- A meaningful signage at HDB Bedok South ... For sale a house with a nice "88" number:-
  20. Ahh...I see, makes a lot of sense! I understand what u mean... (masked out) wants to make his own dining table, so we are looking for 'old' table legs! 🤪 The one in the picture I sent is very solid & stable😁 🤣🤣🤣 you are super funny!! Thanks so much for the great advice!! Will keep looking 😊
  21. How sweet! You too!
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