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  1. sir,? We have a strange situation of kitchen in front of toilet. Some of my family members dont believe in keeping the toilet door closed all the times. Would hanging a windchime between them a good enough solution??. I can also hang a big boxing bag if that can be an effective solution. Thanks
  2. sir, I have read at many places that one should not hang pictures of water bodies or trees in bedroom. But that leaves very little options for paintings in the bedroom. Can you please suggest some ideas about what type of images can be used in bedroom. Is a picture of desert inauspicious in any way? or a picture of an animal? Thanks
  3. Sir, ?Laughing buddha is available in various colors and stance. Which one is most ideal. Most of them are available in golden color and there are so mancy stances. Which stance should I buy or should one keep all of them . Also please tell me about the color as well. There is green, golden, brown, all kind.? Thanks.
  4. Sir, How should we classify artificial flowers according to the five element theory. Should we consider them as wood energy. Thanks
  5. sir, There is a bit of confusion about the fix the leak concept. Does it just means to fix the broken things and complete the incomplete jobs or is it more complicated. Do we need a master to evaluate the leaks or one can do it himself. Thanks
  6. Sir, I want to know whether christmas tree has good feng shui, since its leaves are extremely pointed. I have read at many places that plants with pointed leaves donot have good feng shui. ?If we follow this advice than we have to do with many many good looking plants. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply sir. You have ?given a wonderful explanation for mirrors. But ?can mirrors also be used as water element cure? You have also talked about water paintings. Will the painting of a waterfall be a sufficient water element cure. Since the ?painting also has a mountain and hence earth element comes into play. So a painting of ?a waterfall ?is of the earth element or water??
  8. sir, Can glass vases be used as water element cures. Also can a mirror be considered a water element cure. Please tell me how to introduce water element except using fountains. Thanks
  9. sir,? Can we say all homes made of brick, sand and stone are predominantly earth element house?. And if the whole flooring is of white marble, then it makes the earth element more stronger.? Using clay pots as decoration pieces would furthur intensify the earth element?? Thanks
  10. Sir, A lot has been written on the importance of front gate and front door. But not much on the back gate and door. I want to know how the back gate affects the feng shui of the house. Our back gate is not easy to locate as well as a bit torn. Does it creates bad feng shui.? Thanks
  11. sir, ?Toilet seat in one of our bathrooms is directly under a big beam. I have noticed that it is not very comfortable to use it. There is also no way to construct a false ceiling. Can you suggest any cures for it. Thanks
  12. Sir, Is an empty vase in the living room bad feng shui. Does it hamper the flow of qi in any way. We have a big black empty vase in the living room for many years.? Thanks for your time.
  13. Yes, sir it ?is an external factor. My question was fundamental as well as in what should the main door ?ideally face if not a door or even a wall. So that I dont make the same mistake while making a new house. Also ?in the present scenario I ?can make a window or ?a door in the wall, that would also open up the space, but ?then the back windows would be ?visible from the front door. Thanks
  14. Sir, It is commonly said that there should not be a window or a door right across the main door as qi will escape too fast. But then there would be a wall. My house has a blank wall the moment you enter the front door. The wall is at a distance of 15 feet and in between is the living room. Is that good or an obstruction for qi. Please help Thanks
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