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  1. Dear Master Lee, I have had an arguement with my friend andwondered which is more inauspiciose : hdb units face the lift door or units have their kitchen sharing the same wall with the lift. I have no idea whether this is a silly question and please enlighten me. Thank you
  2. Dear Sir, Is overhead bridge a poison arrow which will pose threat to allits hdb blk around it ? Thank you
  3. Dear sir, I learnt that kitchen not supposed at northwest sector in the house but how about stairsat northwest sector ? Is that as bad as kitchen at northwest or worse ? Thank you
  4. Dear Cecil, If a flat with bad house number according to your house number report, will the house luck still be secured or enhanced by your professional service ? Thank you for your advice
  5. Dear sir, Is it possiblesuch a big area considered to be protusion? Thank you.
  6. Dear Sir, Is this the center point of the layout ? If it is, can I say that all the blank area is missing corner ? Thank you
  7. Dear Sir, Is this a l-shape floor plan ?
  8. Dear Sir, I read through your forum about Eight House Theory and wonder in applying this theory "only", which option has more inauspicious forces : i) bedrooms in badsectorbut main door in good sector (direction)for everyone in the family ii} bedrooms in good sector but main door in irritation orspook (not death or disaster) for everyone in the family or these two options are about the same. With Best Regards Thank you
  9. Dear Sir, Is missing corner at north west considered a major leak and have to fix it as soon as possible ? Thank you
  10. Dear Sir, I plan to re-renovate master bedroom and kitchen and wonder will it change the house period ? Thanks
  11. Dear MasterLee, Can someone purchase a hdb flat base on the house number report for example when the report says that the number is inauspicious, one should stopbuying the unitor there is other remedy help to reduce the bad influence of the number ? Should someone consider moving out of his current house after knowing that his house number is inauspicious ? Thank you
  12. Dear Master Lee, Doeshouse number play an important role when determining to buy a new home ? I just checked a house number using your House Number Report from your website. The report said that the number is bad. I wonder whether I should ignore the house numbersince the real issue about feng shuiis location, shape and form of a houseand etc which needs deeper and more intensive review. Thank you
  13. Dear Master Lee, Please advise which is worse, ( i )bed faces glass sliding door open to balcony, ( ii )bed under/against three quarter height window. Thank you
  14. Is it ok to have a habit ofsleeping with my head on the foot of the bed ( just happened that head towards the favourable direction ) where my feet pointing towards the headbead ( the headbed towards most unfavourable direction ) ?
  15. 1) Isthat considered a leak if windowsopen at the left hand side ofwallatmain entrance upon entering the house ? 2) Is that inauspicious that bed placed behind the swing of door ? 3) Does it matter main door swings from left to right or from right to left ? Thanks
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