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  1. thanks for quick prompt. The ceremony already happens and I think masters and monks already did whatever they think it's good. I cannot do anything now because I'm in far away my original country. Just pray for the soul. That's the only thing I can do. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Cecil, my mom passed away last Dec 18, 2017 at 23h20 in my original country Asia. People was asking me the date and time to close and to cremate the body. I do use your Paid Auspicious Date and Time to give them. According to your answer: 19 Dec 2017 (Tue) 2017, 11th month, 2 day Self Punishment with Rooster Year [View Hour] 1st person chen-shu chen Very Inauspicious 2nd person chen Very Inauspicious
  3. Great thank you for your helpfull information. We thought that changing the foundation will change the period of house. That's why my previous question about to have something touching to the ground as repair the entrance of car or renovation of toilet in basement as it will have major jobs touching to ground with hammers. Sometime we think about to have swimming pool in the backjard as it need a job to dig into the ground. But entrance and swimming pool are things outside of the house, but it requires big jobs with trucks to change things under ground, while renovation of toilet i
  4. Hi Cecil, if the house is in period 7. Can we change it to period 8 by repairing the toilet, entrance of garage? If not, what is your suggestion? Thanks a lot and happy new year
  5. Dear Cecil, I just read somewhere on this forum that the house number option is for appartment, high rise building. How's about land property? For example for the house with number 86 I did checking meaning of number 8 is for money or something, it considers auspicious Number 6, some shows it's not lucky for Cantonese and some says it's lucky under Mandarin due to voice spelling. Please help me if combination of number 86 is lucky or not? What is the meaning of 86 under Chinese culture and Feng shui? (for land property not high rise, period 8) Thank you in advance Best regards. Anh NG
  6. Dear Cecil and Robert, There's fences around my garden, but there's none of roof for garden. There's concept that Flying star cannot apply to open space without roof. And flying star has Chi to interact with other parts of house. Then I have some questions, please help me to answer them 1. Can I apply cures from report of flying star to garden? If North West needs to cure with Metal this year, can I apply to use only Metal flowers and Metal trees to outside of garden? 2. The street belongs to West 1, but the front door is West 2. Then what is flying stars to my house? Can the direction of the
  7. Dear Cecil and Robert, Please help me on this case between compass and flying stars. My situation is my bathroom and toilet is at North-West, and it belongs to location of Health as under your reports (8 House Chart). But my son is with Death from this location. Plus, I don't have condition to change the current room nor another house at this moment. As far as I know, if the toilet or bathroom is at NW, it's inauspicious if increasing the metal. But your report for flying stars, yours requests to enhance of metal because of star 5 and 2 for 20 years. What can I do on this case? Thank you so mu
  8. Dear Robert and Cecil, I would like to know what is the element of Acura logo? I guess the round outside is Metal, and the head of arrow inside looks like the Fire. But I don't know what is final decision on this. Could you please help me? Even for the Lexus logo. The character L, is it Fire too? and what is the meaning in combination of 2 elements for Lexus too? Thank you so much for your time Anh NG
  9. Dear Cecil, Thank you so much for Premium report. There's a lot of information in there, even more than 1 week, I still do not having time to consume it. Let's back to the topic. I think you would be agreed with me that Food and eating is one of the important element in ourlife. So the stove does it well. But in the detail of the report, It's rarely to find it, except in the last part of report via Summary of Owner/Breadwinner Eight House Chart. It gives me only where is suitable to the kitchen. It's one of the my Irritation location. You have very nice report for study, working and sleep loca
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