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  1. Dear Mr. Lee, Thanks for the detailed reply and case study. It did not occur to me that being shielded (some buildings in front) is actually a good thing. Almost all of the Park Facing Stacks without blockage to the frontage are quickly sold out for reasons like unblock view, park view, and probably good flow of wind (windy = cooler), etc... The "blocked" ones (inner stacks) are the "left over" With regards to the point you highlighted as follows:- 1. Both purple and red depends on distance from each other What is a safe distance? Also, from attached, does the corners of Staircase and Lift pose a threat to the blue unit on the left? From most of your posting, if pointing at wall seems ok such as in this case. I came across some other fengshui forums saying that pointing at the back of the house is also bad. Not sure how accurate. As for the corridor (blue arrow) leading to the entrance, does it pose a threat such as "Road Leading to Main Door"? Or, can we consider this more like "curved" road although it is actually not curved, but an angled bent. Some say curved road is good. Straight, especially straight and narrow road is "Sha Qi". Kindly enlighten.
  2. Also, as the top leftmost yellow building ends in between the opposite blue building, the opposite blue building will be seeing the edge of the yellow building in front. See purple arrow in the attached picture. Is this considered bad fengshui for the blue building such as being poison arrow, knife slicing the building, etc.?
  3. Dear Mr. Lee, I think we might have a misunderstanding. I used the diagram earlier referencing to a few stacks were not meant to ask for advise on the stacks itself. Thus, I describe my queries with some description. In any case, let me re-phrase my questions. I have attached a new picture. For those red arrows, do they count as poison arrows? Are all corners visible from the house considered poison arrows or only corners pointing at a certain angle can be considered poison arrows? Additionally, for the blue arrow, does it count as "sha qi" such as the case of "Road leading to the main entrance"? In the case of HDB Flat, we have corridors for human traffic instead of road traffic. I saw in some forum that a straight road leading to the main entrance is bad, but curved road leading to the main entrance is actually good. Not sure does the pathway depicted by the Blue arrow considered "curved" road. Kindly enlightened. Hope to hear from you soon and that with the rephrasing of my questions, it could be more general suitable for public consumption. Thank you.
  4. Dear Mr. Lee, Thank you so much for your detail reply on Air Well. How about Poison Arrows? Are Stack #55 and #53 (those in Picture 2 - Site Plan Marked.jpg, marked in Blue and Red Circles) affected by Poison Arrows from surrounding blocks, architectures, etc.? Please find attached pictures for reference. For Stack #53, is it affected by Stack #201 in any way? I am wondering since #53 is not aligned with the end of Stack #201, such that some part of the Frontage will be facing the "edge" of Stack# 201 Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  5. Dear Mr. Lee, For Tampines Green Court, I noticed some blocks with something called Air Well in the centre of the block. See pictures attached (Marked Purple). Is such block considered good or bad Feng Shui? It would seem that the Blocks surrounding the air well could be dark in the centre of the development where all the front doors will be located as sunlight is unlikely to reach the centre unless in the middle of the day when the sun is right on top. How can I tell if a stack is affected by Poison Arrows from nearby blocks. Using the same picture, are there Poison Arrows pointing at the stacks marked with Blue and Red Circles? For Stack marked with Red, it seems that some part of the unit will see the edge of stack #201. Is this considered poison arrow? Will you be plotting Flying Stars for Tampines Green Court? I noticed you have done for some of the other developments later than Tampines Green Court like Tampines Green Dew and Tampines Green Foliage. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
  6. Dear Mr. Lee, From the picture attached, on the area marked, do those blocks fall into the category of Bad Fengshui where "Road Leading to the House"? I am in doubt because the traffic of the Road while moving in the direction straight towards the Stacks enclosed in the Red Circle, bend to the right to the side. From the house, the road (Avenue 12) and it's traffic should be seen to face the frontage from the distance that will bend away to the side when closer to the units. Kindly advise. Aside from this, will you be reviewing this Project, i.e. Flying Stars, Good and Bad of this project, etc.? What are the recommended stacks for a West Group people? Hope to hear from you soon? Thank you.
  7. Dear Master Lee, Thank you so much for the clarification. I have read a number of Singapore Property Reviews by you. I noticed that a number of reviews of NE1 and some SW1 stacks in your review mentioned about the bad stars just like the one on Tampines Green Lace. Can I assume that NE1 facing is in general a direction to be avoided? Are there also NE2 and NE3? If yes, do all NE facing have the same problem with the bad stars you mentioned above? Beside this, you mentioned that the two wonder stars will gradually move in time (pretty soon considering that 2023, 2024 is just 7 to 8 years from now). Does the same happen to the bad stars too? Does this mean we should change house or renovate the house to constantly align with the movement of the stars? Or perhaps, have the house reviewed by Fengshui Master regularly to implement corrective / enhancement measures? Lastly, what are the significance / impact of House Number and Eight House Principle as compared to Flying Stars? Kindly advise. Thank you.
  8. Dear Sir, In a Property Review you did in 2015 on HDB Tampines GreenLace. under para 3 in the following:- -------- 3. NE1 facing stacks = 42 &44 with SW1 facing stacks = 24. 3.1 NE1. Has the auspicious water wealth #8 star at the frontage. Thus, units with water position at the frontage (balcony side) can enjoy good Feng Shui. If so, the sum-of-ten can be activated for : Health, wealth and family luck. If the unit is not facing a water position, then best to place a water position at the balcony area to activate the luck. On the downside; the other sectors in such a home has bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised. -------- (1) Do you mean stacks 42 & 44 have bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised? There doesn't seem to have any other NE1 Stacks mentioned other than 42 & 44 mentioned in your review. (2) Are these 2 stacks good for West Group People? (3) Is Tampines GreenLace having Good or Bad Fengshui in general? (4) Is this plot of land well located (free from any harmful surrounding influence)? (5) Is the layout considered ideal? Ok? (6) It is located just opposite a school campus. I saw some posts from you that if the house is near hospital, medical facility such as Tampines Greenweave, it is no good. How about near School and Fire Station (close by though not exactly just next to it)? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear Sir, I notice some review on Tampines GreenView, but none on Tampines GreenVerge. Can you comment if Tampines GreenVerge has good or bad FengShui in general? How can one decide if a HDB BTO Project is good or not? I understand there is map of the site provided by HDB. But as you have mentioned in the forum, many factors affect the Feng Shui of a home. So, how can we tell the Feng Shui of a house that has not even exist? I passed by Tampines GreenVerge site recently and the whole place is empty other than a big drain between the Main Road and the site. Lastly, I have used the tools on Geomancy.net to determine that I am a West Group person. My ideal Main Entrance is South-West and Favourable directions are North-East, North-West, West, and South-West. This leads me to one question. Most of the new houses have the Main Door opposite of the Frontage. Assuming Punggol Waterway Cascadia. Based on your review, a number of North-West Stacks are good. my question is, it may be able for one like me to position most things in my favourable directions. But, how to change a South-East facing door to be facing South-West? Hope to get some advice on the above. Thank you.
  10. Dear Sir, I saw another article on Punggol Waterway Cascadia posted on Oct 29, 2015 saying that "1.Flying Star N2 facing with Stacks 693, 695, 721, 723, 725 727 Here, under N2 facing; the combined auspicious wealth stars are wasted at the rear of the home. Here, "rear" often means wasted at the kitchen / yard area in stead of at the frontage like that of an S2 chart.". But, in the article posted on July 30, 2015, it said "2.1. In this review, I have identified the Flying Star numbers of these blocks and stacks: Blk 316C Stacks #693 #695 #721 #723 #725 #727 2.2. I have determined that all the above stacks face Flying Star Period 8 N2. 3. Next, I need to determine the flow of the water in the waterway. 3.1. As there is a Punggol Reservior with a dam to the upper left of this plot of Waterway Cascadia; 3.2. The assumption is that usually, a reservoir on normal days (other than droughts) should be higher elevation than the waterway to the right of it. And usually if the reservoir becomes too full; it will release water towards the waterway. 4. Thus, based on the above assumption; We can say that water would usually flow from left marking in blue A towards marking B. 4.1. Thus for these blocks and stacks: Blk 316C Stacks #693 #695 #721 #723 #725 #727 water is said to flow from LEFT to RIGHT. 4.2. Since under the Water classics formula; the above stacks are N2 facing; N2 facing benefits from water also flowing from LEFT to RIGHT. 5. Therefore, the waterway's water flow is said to benefit these stacks." Aside from this it also said " Feng Shui of HDB BTO Waterway Cascadia 1. Stack #725 and #727's compass direction currently is determined at 7 degrees. 2. Hopefully, during construction, it remains as such. 3. If not, is cutting too thin between 7 to 7.5 degrees. 4. It can be dangerous or very inauspicious if the actual reading is between these two zones which is considered as in the zone of emptiness!" So, is Blk 316C Stacks #693 #695 #721 #723 #725 #727 good or bad. I am confused. Also, since the project has T.O.P, are stack #725 and #727 remain as 7 degrees? Please advise. Thank you.
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