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  1. Dear Master, Thanks for your prompt response. May i ask if we buy this unit, is there any way to counter this "toilet in centre of unit major leak" effect? Thank you.
  2. Dear Master Cecil, Kindly refer to the attached picture. I'm intending to buy a unit (i have not offered but interest is there). The common toilet door partially faces both the common bedrooms, Bedroom 1 & 2 in the attached picture. In this manner, what should i do to nullify any negative effects, if there is any? Also, the master bedroom door is directly in line with master bedroom toilet door. If i were staying in this unit, what do you suggest i should do ... if i make sure i keep the master toilet door shut at most times, will that be sufficient? Thank you.
  3. Dear Master I am interested in purchasing a unit at Simsville as I needed to stay near the Circle Line for my son to commute to school by himself and also for my husband to commute to work. The units I saw are so far track facing. As the SMRT has installed noise barriers years ago, I find the noise from the mrt track acceptable. However, I need to check with you.. Do you think the way the MRT track runs poses any Sha Qi (poison arrow) to the development (I don't know how to tell if the mrt tracks "cuts into the development" - because to me it seems straight hence it's better I seek expert advice from you). Next, from the window.. I can see the Chinese temple if I look to the left - the temple is not directly in front of the main window but if u turn to the left can see the temple - is that ok? Or, is that bad fengshui as well? Facing the main living room window is the mrt track and a green open field... but if u look to the left it's the Chinese temple and if you look to the right, it's the mrt station. I have seen 3 units so far - 2 units on 2nd floor (1 of which I had described above) . The other 2nd floor unit faces the mrt station and can't see temple. The 3rd unit is on 9th floor (description is same as 2nd paragraph above - ie directly facing MRT track and green open field but if u look to left, can see temple) Kindly advise & I thank you sincerely in advance for your time & input on this
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