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  1. Laser tattoo removal: This is what getting a tatto removed looks like!
  2. Are any of the stacks affected by poison arrows from neighbouring blocks/stacks?
  3. Part 12A: Another consideration is a Chinese Temple site at the North of Piermont Grand. 1. In fact, Piermont Grand's Site Plan, even when I zoomed into it; shows thin and tiny fonts used to reluctantly spell: "Proposed place of worship" as shown, here.. LOL 2. Piermont Grand’s coastline neighbour HDB Punggol Bayview Site plan also shows the Sumang Link site.. which we now know as Piermont Grand. 2.1. This Site plan distinctively states that the place of worship is proposed to be a Chinese temple. 2.2. The Piermont Grand's map "sneakly" just mentions "Proposed place of worship"; in my opinion most likely on purpose. As locally, some are more concerned that it is a Chinese temple vs a church unlike that of The Flo on the opposite of Punggol. LOL The small rectangular tab to the north of Piermont Grand indeed is reserved for a Chinese Temple... one more consideration... during the purchase of a unit in this development.
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