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  1. Thank you Master Lee for your reply. Sorry if I sounded like I am pressing for an answer. Am just trying to figure out somethings after going through the articles and forums . Nevertheless am thankful you provided assistance to those who need help and take time to answer to us all here. Will continue to look out to your post
  2. Also west position is Not for a east person . Master Bedroom happen to be at the west position. Place the bed at the positions favourable for east group of people? If north is the best ( which means leg will be facing the sky) that is not advisable right ? Thanks
  3. Hi Master Lee, need some enlightenment. If main breadwinner happened to be a east grp and his total loss position happened to be at NE where the main door is. Whats the implications? Because it seemed like with flying stars at south (suited for east) but with NE position with total loss. Then is this a good or bad thing? Thanks
  4. Hi Master Lee Hastily, we purchased the project before encountering your web, hoping that it won’t be too bad for us. May I check if we could still get your help to analyse the unit for us? And if yes what’s the rate? You would require eight character of all people staying in the house? Thanks
  5. Hi Master Lee. Thank you for the post above. Reference to above post, though the unit may be inauspicious as pointed out, but it may not necessary be the case depending on the family’s members Eight characters? In general most blocks as mentioned in your earlier post are N2 or S2 facing, which means all these blocks falls in inauspicious category?
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