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  1. Hi Cecil What is your overall score sheet on this project ? I read through your forums and on some projects you gave an overall score sheet however I didn’t see the score sheet for projects like Parc botannia and would appreciate if you can take time to enlighten interested parties here . That’s because you also mentioned in one of the post that location location location accounts for 70% of the overall luck. The score sheet shown in some projects were in number of stars for location, location, location and also on the site plan and block layouts. Are 5 stars the full marks? Thank you
  2. Okt47

    Advice needed

    Hi Cecil thank you for your prompt reply . I saw that you have given some projects like tre-ver your take on the location, location, location and site plan&block layouts ( picture as attached) but I can’t find any of this picture board at projects like tapestry, Parc botannia, garden residences and kandis. How would you rate them in terms of location, location, location and overall qi of the project? Thank you for your help and time .
  3. Okt47

    Advice needed

    Hi Cecil, I did the free reports on your web and found out that my bazi I am wood and east direction and my hb bazi is oso wood and southeast direction . happened that both our kua is east group as well. Our house frontage is a S2/3 facing where our main door is at NE sector and bedroom is at W sector . Under period 8 flying stars understand the frontage is good for us however with our bedroom location facing west (not so ideal direction for east grp but with good numbers 1 and 6) and main door at northeast (with bad numbers like 7,2,9) is this still considered a good unit for us? I have also read tht kitchen must Not be at nw area which thankfully it is not . May I check what comes first? Isit our bazi or the flying stars or the eight house report or kua? Thank you for your advise.
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