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  1. My aunt is considering Stack 6 or Stack 15. Based on the principle that it should be further from the refuse chute as possible, I guess Stack 15 would be the better choice ? 80% sold reported is out of 200 units only...it translates to approximately 20% sold out of the total 774 units for the entire development.
  2. Attaching the refuse chute location circled in red. Bin center is marked As T1 under Tower 4.
  3. Hi Mr Lee, I enjoy reading your analysis ? More building layouts and some floor plans that I found on this development.
  4. Hi Mr Lee, What are your thoughts on the fengshui of One Pearl Bank? I found the site plan in a google search. Any particular blocks have better feng shui compared to the rest? Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thank you.
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