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  1. Dear Shifu, Considering to purchase a dual key unit and will be renting out the studio section in yellow. When plotting, may I please check if I should use both green + yellow areas or just the green square which my family is staying in? Thanks for your time.
  2. Shifu plotted a S3 but I got a SW1 instead for #48. Did I do it wrongly to measure from the living room window panel?
  3. Shifu, all the 3 bedroom units (6 units) I am considering have the WC and Stove sharing same wall and back to back of each other. Are there cures for this? Thanks for your time.
  4. Shifu, I recall you mentioned that facing should follow the main door that people enter. Is this still valid? Am looking at stack 43 in 7A. Main door should be facing SE but it seems you follow the windows opening which is then NE2 and not suitable for East group husband and wife.
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