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  1. Hi off-site home audit members, I am posting some useful tips here so you can make use of it while you are waiting for cecil and robert to do your audit. Since the better one is prepared and is able to provide better information to them the more it will help them to do a audit faster. I am posting this since I read one member asking the cecil what should they do next. 1. One should read about the following topics by doing a search or from some feng shui books(enough books are mentioned on the forum) and then see if their home falls under any of those 1. Main doors 2. Bedroom 3. Toilet 4. Staircases 5. Kitchen 6 Poison arrows (internal and external) 7. Intangible lines 8. death and disaster lines. 9. Personal Element 10. How to strengthen the personal elements. 11. Rules regarding the water 12. Beams and the cures 13. 5 elements and yin and yang theory 14. Form and shapes theory 15. 8 house theory 16. How to find the center of the home 17. How to find the direction of the main door 18. Basic information about the flying star. I will suggest that one should go to the www.geomancy.net and www.geomancy.net and read all the information provided there and then read all the information provided on the forum by doing search and try to see how much is applicable to your home. I think if ones puts a little effort here it will result in faster and more complete results. Then just asking that what should be my next step. And please don't forget to share with the other forum members how things changed for you so it will give hope to future members who are going through some rough times. Any way wish you good luck with your audit.
  2. Dear cecil, I read on the forum that one should not keep the auspicious symbols or statues facing the toilet door or on the same wall as the toilet. Does that mean hanging any pictures(eg flowers etc) outside the toilet wall is bad. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, Is having a storeroom inside a bedroom considered bad (I have a L shaped bedroom so I put a screen to make the room regular and turned the other side as a storage place). Is this bad. Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, I have a brass incense burner with 2 lion head with mouth open attached to it. Will this be considered bad to keep in the house.(since I read on the forum that one should not keep lion or tigers especially with mouth open in the house. Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, Keeping roosters in the dinning room is considered inauspicious. What about kitchen. Can one keep rooster sculpture or pictures in the kitchen. Thanks.
  6. Dear cecil, If one has a huge kitchen. Is keeping plants and flowers in the kitchen bad. Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, Is keeping the plants outside the bathroom (outside the bathroom wall) bad. Thanks.
  8. Dear cecil, If one has a L shaped room and they make it regular by using a partition or screen. Will it be considered one room or two room. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Would like to like a pillar of destiny of an ordinary person so that users can compare the ordinary pillars and the pillars of wealthy man already there on the forum. This will also give users an opportunity to know what kind of pillars they have. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, What are the big coins used for since they too heavy to be hung on the beams. (In the photo tour of interest). Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, In the photo tour of interest in the murals pictures there is a red S shaped in the borders or surroundings of the pictures. What does it signify. I have seen it in paintings and also in some chinese greeting cards. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, What does dragons and pagoda signify. Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, Why chinese people considered cicada auspicious. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, You advise against using small crystals balls what about crystal chandeliers. Do they affect the feng shui of house or one can hang them without considering the flying stars. Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, Why chinese people consider the crane with the red dot on head auspicious. Thanks.
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