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  1. Dear Cecil, I always thought my house direction is SW2 because the whole frontage of my house faces SW2. If I stand in front of my front door or stand behind the front door with a compass, the direction is also SW2. But then I came across your answer to a question that asked you how to determine the direction of a house. Your answer was to stand in the center of the house with a compass aiming the center for the front door. if I do that my house direction is S2. So is my house S2 or SW2?
  2. Dear Cecil, Will painting the walls of a sector, that requires metal cure, WHITE be sufficient?
  3. 1) I just bought a Period 7 house with the E1 frontage. According to P7 house's Flying Star for the E1 sector, the MS is 7, WS is 3, your #1 proposed solution is "Make use of Fire to destroy and control Metal". The Base star is 5, year star is 4, your #2 proposed solution is "Make use of Metal to destroy and control Wood". This house has two Front doors. The Main Front door (made of wood) has a light brown color. Right outside of the Main Front door is a White aluminum Storm door. Since the Storm door is already white, I was going to repaint the Main Front door Red to respond to your #1 proposed solution. On second thought, won't Fire (Red) make the #5 base star (=sickness) Worse? Please advice what color I should paint the Main Front door. I'm attaching a picture of this house with the white storm door. You will see the Main Front Door when you open the white storm door. 2) On the side of the house is a Public Walkway which is not part of the house's property. Under this walkway is the water drainage for the street. Is this BAD fengshui? I'm attaching two pictures here.
  4. So what do you mean when you said "Make use of Fire to control Metal" and "Make use of Metal to control Wood" in your Flying Star charts?
  5. Dear Cecil, According to the Flying Star for the East frontage house, you have two proposed solutions: 1) Make use of Fire to destroy and control Metal (this means I should paint my front door RED) 2) Make use of Metal to destroy and control Wood (this means I should paint my front door WHITE) So what color should I paint my front door? Red or White? (FYI, I'm a Strong Water, and I have Zero Fire in my element chart. So probably Red is a better choice. What do you think? Many THANKS in advance to you. Hoa
  6. Dear Cecil, This house faces big mountains in the front, and backs to a big lake in the back. Is this considered "bad" feng shui? Thank you as always, Hoa
  7. The 2 garage doors and driveway of this house face NE and the main street. However, the main entrance (front door) is on the side of the building, and faces S. Which is the direction of this house, NE or S?
  8. Dear Cecil: I'm a Strong Water (70% water, 18% metal, 8% wood, 4% earth, 0% fire). Here's my dilemma with house hunting: 1) House 1 faces West, my Excellent direction. But West is Metal which is my Worst element. 2) House 2 faces East, my Death direction. But East is Wood, which is my Best element. Both houses were built in period 7. Both are beautiful and in nice locations. Which house should I choose? Many Thanks and wishing you a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Hoa
  9. Dear Cecil, My brother owns a beautiful East facing house which he wants to sell to me. I'm a strong water, and East is wood. From the elemental view, that's good, but I haven't bought the house because East is also my death direction. If I'm a renter instead of an owner, will I still be affected by the death direction?
  10. Dear Cecil, 1) Would Replacing the roof's tile/shingles with new ones change the house period? 2) If I add two new sky lights to my house's roof (right now my roof has none), will that change the house period? Thank you for your response. Hoa
  11. The Flying Star for NW2 sector is GOOD for period 8 house. So in order to change this house from period 7 to period 8, what should I do without changing the direction of the front door? Thank you in advance.
  12. Dear Master Lee, My Period 7 House Hunting report said NW is an EXCELLENT sector for the front door. The Period 7 Flying Star Report said NW (NW2) is a BAD sector for the front door. Very confusing!! Please advice
  13. Dear Cecil and Robert: Just to update you with an example of a very Bad Luck house that sits at the Blade of the Knife Cul-de-sac. My brother house is at the top of the cul-de-sac, but it was built slanted so the front door and and garage door don't really face the cul-de-sac directly. However, his next door neighbor's front door and garage door face the Blade directly. When they first moved here 16 years ago, they were a young healthy couple with a baby boy. I had not visited my brother for a while, but when I came to see him recently, I discovered the husband died last year from liver cancer. The wife had breast cancer two years ago, but she chose to go through chemo. Her cancer went into remission, then it came back to her brain. She's still alive. So I told her about the sha qui of the Chinese Butcher Knife Cul-de-sac, but I'm not sure she believed me. Their son doesn't look normal either. You can just tell he has mental problem. If I asked him a simple question, it took him several minutes to answer it.
  14. Dear Cecil and/or Robert: Happy New Year! My house is SW2, P7. I'm aStrong Water(70%) with West (excellent), NE (longevity), SW (health), NW (prosperity) directions. Since 2008, I've slept and worked in the direction that's good for me (according to my house's flying star for that year). In 2008, I slept facing NE (which was the bestsector for 2008) and I had a good year. In 2009, I slept facing SW(which was the bestsectorfor 2009)and had an OK year. Accoding to the 2010 flying star for my house, W is the bestsector and NE and SW are average sectors. So I've slept facing West since 2/14/2010. Realizing that W is metal which is not very good for astrong water, so I've been using maroon color sheets for my bed. To be honest, my sleep has not been very restful. Last night was the worst. Two hours into my sleep, I woke up finding myself gasping for breath. So I went downstair to sleep on the couch (that sits in the NE sector of the house).I could sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.I conclude that even though W is my excellent direction and a good sector for my house according to this year's flying star, it's still not a good sector for me because it's metal which is the worst element for a strong water like me. Am I right about this? Yourcomment is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much as always, Hoa
  15. Hi Cecil/ Robert: I'm a strong water (70%). I have 8% wood, 4% earth and 0% fire in me. I'm considering buying a new computer for my work. I'm confusedabout which computer I should choose, a green one or a red one? greenis my most favorable color and red is my wealth color. I'm thinking about red since it's my wealth color. However, I'm also thinking if I'm destroying the computer that I use for work (if I buya red one), then it doesn't sound very good either. Would you help me pick a computer please, red or green? Thanks for your help as always, hoa
  16. Dear Cecil or Robert: Is the half moon shape headboard as shown in the attached picture considered the "Chinese Coffin"?
  17. Hi Cecil and Robert, When does my house fengshui for year 2008 begin? on Jan 1 of the western calendar or Jan 1 of the chinese calendar? Thank you much, Hoa
  18. Dear Cecil: I'ma strong water. What's the best car color for me, red, green, or yellow? Thank you very much, Hoa
  19. Dear Cecil: I'm thinking about adding a roof for the building of my business. The roof will be a metal roof painted RED. The building outside walls are a very, very light bluish white. The reason I'm thinking of having a RED roof is because fire (red roof) burns metal (white walls) to produce wealth. Is my reasoning correct? Is there anythingBAD about having a red metal roof? Thank you very much for your advice. Hoa
  20. Dear Cecil: In the year 2007, the Grand Duke will sit in N-NW 330 deg, and the location in conflict is West. Does this mean that Ishould notdo any digging in the N-NW 330 deglocation or the Eastlocation of my property? Thank you very muchfor your advice, hoa
  21. Dear Cecil: Not just the glass, but all the frames were replaced also. Basically, I got all new windows including frames and glass (all 14 of them). Does this change the house period? Thanks again, Hoa
  22. Dear Cecil: A week ago, I had allthe windows (14 of them) replaced in my house whichwas built in P7. Does this change the houseperiod to P8? Thanks for your advice, Hoa
  23. Dear Robert or Cecil: I'm looking to buy a house. This one is NE1,P7. I'm a strong water, west house person. So this house seems fine. Also there is no bathroom facing the front door, next to the front door, in the center of the house. The only problem is that the front door facing half of the stairs (as shown in the picture). But there is not enough space to place a screen between the door and the stairs. Will it work if I place a tall tree in front of the railings to cover them soyou cannot see the railings when you stand at the front door? Thanks much for your advice, Hoa
  24. DearMaster Lee: I'm a strong water. A few of my inauspicious days this month are fire element which is my wealth color. It was suggested in the auspicous dates section that I should wear my favorable elements on the inauspicious days. My favorable elements are wood, earth and fire. My reasoning is that I should wear earth color on an inauspicious fireelement day since earth reducesfire. Am I reasoning correctly? Thank you very much for the advice, Hoa
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