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Diagram:Confuse, Please Help! Using Period 8 or

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Dear Cecil Lee, We have just gotten Flying Star for Period 8 book, and we?re confused. Please help. Thank You. Located in the West of Northern Hemisphere (USA), the condo was built in 1981 on the ground level, previous owner only changed the tiles in the bathroom and repainted all the walls inside the condo before selling the condo to husband in 2000, and Husband moved in to the condo in August 2000. Please see attached diagram to get better idea of the condo. Based on our Kua 7 and 6, our best directions are only W, NW, SW, NE. We had started our cleaning and organizing since August 11, but got confused as to whether we should use period 8 flying chart or our condo period 6 or whether our condo period has changed to period 8 since we had opened our N1/NW sliding glass door for a few months. To continue our organizing properly, We need to know the best flying chart for us to use in harmony with our Kua 6 and 7 best directions to put our bed in the living room or the only bedroom, to activate our water and mountain stars, and to protect ourselves from the couple (in their late 20?s to early 30?s) in upstairs condo who spreaded negative energies about us to others without even knowing us at all (other than overhearing our conversations to each other; we haven?t even chatted, how could the man claim he knew us therefore gave him the right to talk about us to other people in the complex, and complained about our Fu Dogs that we had recently put up on the wall outside our sliding glass door in our own private patio with wooden fences?). Using period 8, it seems that we need to switch our living room to our bedroom and our bedroom to become our living room, since our NE is only ? left inside the condo, and that?s the only best direction that agrees with our Kua 6 and 7. Number 8 in period 8 chart in the center has 3 mountain and 4 water stars. That seems to be the only place we can put our bed with our head facing one of our best Kua directions supported by the wall and we could also see the door (= main door in the living room, if we switch living room to bedroom). If we use our condo period 6, number 8 has 3 mountain and 9 water stars in the West sector of the house where the bedroom is located (between W and NW on one side of the wall, and N and Center on the other side of the wall). NW sector has number 7 with 2 as mountain star and 1 as water star. Previous owner only changed tiles floor in the bathroom area, and repainted all the walls inside the condo. Husband had only changed medicine cabinet in the handwash leading to bathroom and shower head, repainted the bathroom wall, and replaced the toilet since moved in to the condo in 2000. Last year, the HOA decided to take off some of the roofs and replace some of the wood; above us is another owner. Our condo doesn?t directly connect to the roof, only has ceilings that separate us from above condo. For a few months, We had let the sliding glass door (knob in N1 sector sliding to NW sector of condo) open slightly for the entire day. We are thinking of changing our door to metal with glass and minimal wood, since for Kua 6 and 7 wooden door is not good in the East sector of the condo and from inside facing out is still facing East. Question 1: Is our condo using period 8 flying chart with NW sliding door already opened for a few months? Shall We use Our condo period 6 flying star chart to put our main bed then arrange our furniture and paintings accordingly, or use the period 8 flying star chart? Will switching living room to bedroom and using period 8 chart instead of period 6 condo flying star chart is better for us? Does our condo period 6 stay all the time based on 1981 as year it?s built (Since we don?t really have roofs directly on top other than ceilings)? We really need to change our luck. How can we use period 8 if that?s better for us? If we use period 6 condo flying star chart, number 8 house has 3 mountain and 9 water stars in the West sector of the house. Actual 8 mountain star is in number 4 house with 4 as the water star. Actual 8 water star is in 9 house with 4 as the mountain star. The period 8 flying star that has 8 mountain star and 8 water star in the North sector seems better. The only problem is according to Kua 6, there shouldn?t be any water in the North other than plants. If we use Period 8 for our condo with facing palace North 345, our mountain 8 and water 8 are both in the North. Unfortunately, the Grand Duke is also in the North for 2008. If we put small water fountain in our patio that is part of the North sector of the condo to activate our water and mountain stars, aren?t we then disturbing the Grand Duke that resides in the North for remaining 2008? Question 2: How are we going to activate our water and mountain stars using flying chart period 8 without disturbing Grand Duke for 2008? Since 2009 is only several months away, if we are going to rearrange our furniture and paintings, we might as well know the three afflictions for 2009 before we start our organizing efforts. Please tell us the three afflictions to consider for 2009. Using your Flying Star for Period 8 book that we just received, we saw a sample diagram of an apartment A on page 147. We believe that our condo has the same facing palace (= facing direction) as this Apartment A diagram. It seems to us that the sliding glass door from our only bedroom to the patio is the mouth of the condo, and it might be the facing direction (= facing palace) of our condo instead of our main door. Our main door is located in the East sector of the house. Our living room window faces NE and N. Question 3: When determining facing direction, are we turning our face and body to the main door as if we are going out from the house? If using the main door as facing direction by turning our entire body to the main door as if we are going out from the house, is East the facing direction of the house? Or, is it the North based on the opening of the sliding glass door from the only bedroom to the condo?s patio (like Apartment A diagram on page 147 of Flying Star Period 8 Book)? Since our condo is located in the West of Northern Hemisphere (USA), are we using the chart with South on top? Are we using the chart with true north as the North in the chart, meaning: NE, E, SE on our left hand side when we stand with our back facing true north direction = our window and sliding glass window are located, opposite of our main entrance door that we could see when we stand in the living room with our back to the window as North chart? Or, is North equal to whenever we enter a room or door then we align the chart to where we stand without turning our bodies around facing the entrance? Please verify. Using our Kua numbers for remedies, we had put a small rosewood Laughing Buddha on a black wooden tray attached with white metal to the wall in the living room, N sector of the house. Along with it, a golden money ingot sitting on a reddish metal stand and a jade Piyau that has money ingot at the bottom. Above the tray on the left corner, we had also hung a golden metal Wulou. In the East of the East sector of the house, we hung a golden brown jade Kuan Kong with yellow cord on the wall facing inside of the house (= center of living room). Above the main door located in the East sector of the house, we had also hung a golden metal Wulou tied with black silk cord instead of the red cord (due to no earth for SE of East sector of the condo based on the condo period 6). Question 4: We had changed the metal Wulou from red cord to black cord. Will black cord still activate the metal Wulou? Shall we keep as it was with red cord even in the SE of the East sector of the condo, it has 5 Earth? The East itself has 8 mountain and 4 water stars for period 6 in the house of 4. Continuing on Kua numbers remedies, We hung a jade coin with green silk cord (since red in SE sector wasn?t recommended, and actually hanging moving objects are not recommended either, but we figure hanging a jade coin isn?t a moving objects, so we did it.) above on the wall of our kitchen open entrance. We also hung a small rooster jade that has ingot at the bottom of it above the ceiling in NE of East sector of the house; rooster is facing the main door. In South sector inside the condo, between S and SW on the wall above the handwash sink door that connects with the bathroom area, we hung a small dragon that has ingot at the bottom of it with yellow silk cord and the dragon is facing SE direction. In center of the SW sector, above the wall of the door that leads to the toilet and bathtub from our only bedroom hallway, we hung a jade horse that has ingot at the bottom of it with red silk cord; jade horse is facing S/SE. In the SW of West sector, on the wall of the beginning of the hallway entrance from the bedroom to the closet area, we hung a yellow wooden Wulou that has red painting of maybe Kuan Yin with some red writing on it with yellow silk cord. In the SW of North sector above the sliding glass door, we hung a jade pig that has ingot at the bottom of it with purple silk cord. Between SW and S of NW sector, we hung a jade happy Buddha on the right with purple silk cord (Possibly S of NW) and black Wulou with red string (SW of NW) on the left of the wall. Between SW of NW sector and NW of West sector in the bedroom, we put Liu Hai Buddha who sits on a golden three legged frog on a wooden tray along with a pair of metal piyau. Outside our private patio, in the SE of the NW sector, we put a pair of rosewood Fu Dogs on a light brown wooden tray attached to a white metal looking out to the walkway and happened to be across the walkway is also another apartments. In center of the South sector, left wall of open entrance to hallway leading to handwash sink that connects to the bathroom, we hung a metal three legged frog windchime facing main entrance door. We also hung a metal hand protection (Jewish thing) to the left (from inside the condo) of the main entrance in SE of the East sector of the condo. A blue and white eye protector glass (Jewish thing) and a porcelain hand protector had been hung between NW of West sector and SW of NW sector of the wall inside the bedroom. A metal star of David (Jewish thing) in silver, white, purple for the star and yellow for the glass in the middle of the star colors is on the N of Center wall. Question 5: We didn?t follow any flying stars prior to hanging all above items, other than Kua directions to put some of above items as remedies. Knowing all above items, which would you say needed to be moved using what period flying chart (condo is period 6 or flying star period 8 where both 8 are in North sector of the condo in private patio) and to where location (As an enhancer or a cure)? Since we did hang the rosewood happy Buddha on the S/SE of North sector in the living room without knowing about the Grand Duke in the North for 2008, what remedies do we need to reduce the effect of Grand Duke? When re-organizing our condo, we hung some paintings on the wall of NE and N and W of the South sector without knowing the locations of three killings (sarm saat) and five yellow (wu wang). If three killings and five yellow afflictions are in the South for 2008, what remedies shall we put in the South to reduce any effects of hanging our paintings? Please advice. In 2001, Husband got laid off, and got a job again several months later. In 2006, Husband got a second time laid off after moving into this condo, and since then He had gotten several interviews, but no offers. We are interested in starting our own business, but money is tight. We both are also thinking of getting a Ph.D. or an MBA/JD to later enable us to travel while making money to pay for our living expenses and sharing our fortune with our parents. In 2007, Husband had applied to Stanford, Harvard, and USC for his Ph.D. in Engineering, but none of them accepted him. In 2006, Husband applied to MIT, but got rejected. His GPA is slightly lower from his master degree (3.4+), and higher in his undergraduate degree (3.72). Husband is a Wood Rabbit, January 1976, with Kua No. 7. Wife is a Water Ox, October 1973, with Kua No. 6. Question 6: What shall we do to improve our chances in getting our businesses going smoothly and successfully, and to welcome abundance of good fortune and wealth into our lives, so we could share them with our parents (in their 70?s) while they are still living? Our Owned Condo has a community lawn outside our Window and wooden fences patio that can be considered NE, N, NW sectors of the condo. This lawn community is not private. People across from our main entrance door, above us on the second floor (Building only has 2 floors), diagonally across to the left of us and left of us have dogs. Many of these people purposefully let their dogs stand in our lawn (even those who don?t live nearby our building from the same complex) while purposefully stand nearby our window pretending to attend to their dogs? needs while also conveniently staring at our window to check what we have and what we are doing, also standing by our wooden fences patio where their eyes would be about the height of the open section of the patio fences to peek at our patio while we weren?t nearby our patio and our window, then gossip about our belongings or about our conversations and arguments. Some of these people are smokers, and we could smell the smoke creeping into our living room and even bathroom area as if they didn?t like our quarrels and decided to smoke to our windows and patios directions. Unknown dog owner(s) even purposefully left their dog snacks and another time trash by the lawn in front of our window that is actually a community lawn as if the person(s) doing this negative act is or are trying to make a negative statement toward us without knowing us at all; as if trying to point out that we were the ones doing the trash on the community lawn and luckily we don?t have any real animals other than decoration animals (like Fu Dogs in our own patio). We didn?t mingle with our neighbors. We mind our own business. We didn?t hang around outside even when some were sitting or standing outside and across from our lawn (all lawns are shared lawn). Our arguments were for ourselves and they weren?t directed at anyone else. Yet, like couple above us who are in their late 20?s and early 30?s (both Caucasian) felt the need to gossip about us whenever overhearing us, and complained about our Fu Dogs that we put outside our own private patio (even they are looking out to the street; across from our patio is another patio, and these couple in their 20?s, we haven?t heard them complaining to the HOA or to other people). Only the couple above us is the one starting the gossip and the complaint about us to others. For instance, so happen the laundry coin had been changed twice the price and for a brief period, we decided to air dry some of our clothes or towels in our own fenced patio following a program on TV we saw where the couple was trying to live without polluting the environment by not using washing machine. Our clothes or towels cannot be seen directly from the walkway unless people purposefully tip their toes in order to look into our patio fence, and above couple could only see a bit of our patio from above their window and only if they purposefully look down into our patio. Above couple purposefully pointed out our cloth line to other people during evening time when we weren?t in our patio. (Perhaps something to do with female looks Asian and male looks Caucasian, whereas those dog owners look Caucasians.) Question 7: The problem is the gossip above couple spreads about us solely based on overhearing our conversations and arguments influence other people who only saw us to have negative thinking therefore negative attitudes towards us (like the smokers and the dog owners). What remedy should we take to eliminate negative energy from our surrounding and to ease above couple and other people who have negative perception and intention towards us? We have a light blue with light grayish white blue pattern rectangular 3 seats couch with wooden brown armchair that has golden stripe on it. We also has a single couch with the same color and pattern. Question 8: Will this light blue stripe rectangular couch be considered earth because of the rectangular shape or water because of the color or earth, water, and wood because of shape, color, and armchair wood material? Where exactly can we place this if it's all three elements? (For period 8 facing N1 or period 6 condo chart.) Please advise. Thank You for your answers in helping us practice Feng Shui correctly as you have always encouraged all of us to do. We?d truly appreciate your reply and answers, so we could correctly continue organizing our condo soon using proper flying chart (period 8 or period 6 condo chart?) in accordance with our best directions (NW, W, SW, NE) Kua 6 and 7. Sample Inside Condo & Walkway outside condo: [Across patio and walkway is other building and apartments] [From main door, coming inside the condo, kitchen & bathroom on the left, living room & bedroom on the right & private patio with wooden fences is far right corner outside the bedroom] bathroom ------------------------------

hallway closet leads to bedroom ---------------------------------------------------------
bedroom ----------------------------------
This patio has shared lawn before walkway to the parking area handwash area leads to bathroom --
hallway leads to handwash has small storage door almost across from main door --
door to the only bedroom in the condo--
sliding glass door to private patio with wooden fences kitchen --------------------------------
main door ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
living room with half way glass window--
looking out to shared/community lawn in front of window [across from main door is another apartment with their kitchen outside wall also connected to shared laundries] [Other side of inside kitchen lawn is shared laundries area] [community mailboxes in walkway] [Turning left to walkway street & parking areas, Walking straight to other community mailboxes & laundries area also entrance to other apartments, Turning right to other walkway & buildings & apartments & parking areas] [Our detached garage is located nearby parking area]

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1. Too many texts and there are no spacings.

2. Will just reply to this quote below. The rest, I gave up reading, altogether.

3. If your condo unit does not have any major renovations between Period 6, 7 and to 8, then; you should first construct a Period 6 chart.

4. It is good that you draw up both a Period 6 and Period 8 chart.

5. Often what we do with these two charts are:

5.1 If the home had been lived in for some time, we try to see if it match our "live". Usually, a professional Feng Shui consultant can find out salient points.

5.2 In many cases, before, we want to add enhancements or cures, we look at both charts. In some instances, by coincidence, a water position can be placed both or either under Period 6 and or 8. And in some instances the mountain position matches both P 6 and or P8. And it means looking at both charts.

6. In general, one "strict" Feng Shui school of thought says that only when the foundation of the condo is replaced or demolised and rebuilt could it changed to a Period 8.

7. Thus it is always good to work out both charts. This is the preferred method.


Nin Z. wrote:
but got confused as to whether we should use period 8 flying chart or our condo period 6 or whether our condo period has changed to period 8 since we had opened our N1/NW sliding glass door for a few months.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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