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Cecil Lee

Plants that flower are generally `good signs' in your home

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Dear Users,
Ever since I moved into this house, both pots of plants have been flowering non stop at the home's balcony at the South side of the house.
Picture 1: Showing the pot of plant with flowers on the left side of the balcony. (Facing out of the house)
Size of picture 32K, please wait loading...

By the way, the balcony of the house faces the swimming pool. Here, I usually relax at the pool and admire it's `Ming Tang effect'.
*JOKE* `Practise what I "preach" ' i.e. water at the frontage of the house:) Oops, the picture of the person at the pool side is certainly not me! -- I am the one taking the picture from above.
Picture 2: Showing the pot of plant with flowers on the right side of the balcony.
Size of picture 36K, please wait loading...

Earlier on, I had also posted a picture of a `wooden dragon' I had used to neutralize a poison arrow.
The picture of the wooden dragon (which I made do without purchasing a special dragon) is found under the Conference: Wish List / Enhancement / Feedback. Look for a Topic with the word `wooden dragon'.
My home is also not immune to poison arrows. As I am also a man. I have to like everyone take precautions against poison arrows.
Like Anon, recently mentioned, Flying Star may be powerful but environmental scanning does help to locate poison arrows. After which we need to find a way to neutralise it.
When my home had to redo the floor titles, I had no choice but to remove the `wooden dragon' which neutralises the poison arrow.
I knew that when I removed the `wooden dragon' I would encounter problems. True enough, it happened.
Immediately after the flooring was completed, I placed back the `wooden dragon' and things went back to normal.
The two potted plants continued to flower without fail all year round. Immediately after one set of flowers bloom and die, another set takes over. What a lovely sight.
I believe that only after one has tasted "bitterness", then, sweetness arrives.
I hope the above helps.
Warmest Regards,

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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