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I think one should not try to change things around too much


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Hi every body,
I completely agree with cecil about what he said that if its not broken, don't fix it.
I have a bad habit of moving things around the house. Its not something new. I have been
doing it since I was child. But since I started applying feng shui(flying star) to my home. i started noticing that whenever I change or move things around too much something goes wrong and next day I rearrange it back to what it was in the beginning. Before knowing feng shui I use to think that I am unlucky that's why bad things are happening. But now I don't think that but know that may be I changed the direction of Qi which is not favorable to me. And I have learned a important lesson. That there is time and place for everything in life and rushing things wont change things like a seed wont become a tree without undergoing all the
stages of germination and growth. And that adding too much of fertilizer or water or sunshine wont make it grow any faster.

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