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Cecil Lee

Feng Shui of HDB Keat Hong Quad

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Feng Shui of HDB Keat Hong Quad

1. This development has only 3 blocks of flats. Thus, from the block alone; I cannot figure why it could be called "Quad".

2. Perhaps, if we look at the plot of land; then maybe, just maybe it makes more sense: As this plot sits within a Square (Quad)plot of land. And it seats on 2/3rds of this Squad or Quad plot of land.

3. Although it comprises a total of 3 blocks of flats; yet, there are a total of 6 Flying Star facing directions of: N1, N2, S1, S2, SE3 and NW3.

4. From a Flying Star point of view; amongst all the stacks/units S2 except for those with kitchen at NW are suppose to have better qi than say a N2 facing direction.

5. This plot is preferred as compared to the cheaper (or cheaperest) site: HDB Keat Hong Crest which manages to cramp like

1,100 flats in a small plot of land.

6. From a Shapes and Forms point of view part of the quad is the Neighbourhood park and this is a refreshing change and this is a plus for many of the new sites that prop-up perhaps to house the 6.9m to even 10 million crazy numbers churned up by our government.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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