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Cecil Lee

Feng Shui of HDB Joo Seng Green

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Feng Shui of HDB Joo Seng Green & Flying Star Feng Shui

1. Other than stack 61 and 63; the rest of the other stacks either face NE1 or SW1.

2.NE1 facing unit. For example stacks 12, 14, 28 & 30 etc..

2.1 Has the auspicious water wealth #8 star at the frontage.

2.2 Thus, units with water position at the frontage (balcony side) can enjoy good Feng Shui. If so, the sum-of-ten can be activated for : Health, wealth and family luck.

2.3 If the unit is not facing a water position, then best to place a water position at the balcony area to activate the luck.

2.4 On the downside; the other sectors in such a home has bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised.

3. SW1 facing unit. For example: stacks 16 & 18 etc..

3.1 As the water wealth #8 is at the frontage; water at the frontage is good. Fortunately, all stacks in Tower 6 Soho for SW1 are facing a pool of water.

3.2 As such overall, the unit can acivate the sum-of-ten. Need though to disarm bad stars in many sectors of the home. To disarm health related considerations.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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