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About Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net
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Cecil Lee

Will your geomancer give you a detail report?

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Case Study: Geomancy.net takes into consideration your need to discuss with your ID/contractor the geomancer's findings.

1. A summary of our comprehensive Feng Shui review:75BE6F07-3DB0-4A5F-AEFD-F79C67840E14.thumb.jpeg.9de7c1aaaf59c92744ce1e0288fb5719.jpeg

Condensed Brief scope of work.pdf

1.1 A sample of our Option 1:


1.2 Combined Auspicious Dates for two (2)

[1]. Guidelines on non-Chinese customs: 1st time open door, start of renovations & move-in.

[2]. Resources on Mirrors and reflective materials

[3]. Additional resources and illustrations to aid you in house renovations (if any)

[4]. Complimentary Individual Ba Zi reports for whole family staying in the same home.

1.3 After our full detailed discussions; Feel free to share our proposals with your ID/contractor.

3. What about other Geomancers?

3. Please ask them.

3.1 This is an actual report given by another Geomancer to a new client who had previously used her service:


(For confidentiality: I have masked out sensitive information)

3.2 Her charges are not only expensive. But this is all one gets from her.

4. Some other geomancers do give a little more. Usually a compass template over the layout. But again, nothing else.

5. Here you are expect you to jot down the full session notes.

6. Too bad if you cannot understand everything!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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