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Cecil Lee

Duo Towers: Office and Residences. ConCave buildings has a strong sha qi imbalance that can affect health for the occupiers

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Case Study: Another type of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) = conCAVE towers at Duo

1. In my opinion, Shapes and Forms Feng Shui does not look favourable towards concave tower blocks.

2. On the contrary, there is no issue if the tower blocks are the usual convex design or the circular design.

3. Majority of many building towers allow excess qi or wind to flow away or distribute more smoothly away from the surface area of the tower:-


4. What about horse shoe design?

4.1 Horse shoe design buildings although do have some concave areas, however, the difference is that the concave areas are "protected by the outer shell of the horse shoe design.

This resource was done for CDL prior to the launch / sale of The Tropica condo in the past:-



5. Contrast to Duo (above) and the illustration, below:-

[Note: This is for illustration purposes only and in no shape or form an image of Duo. Other than the resemblance to the concave sides of the building!]

5.1. Wind flow by the RED arrows shows that excess qi or wind is unable to flow off the surface of this concave "shell". 

5.2. Invisible sha qi as shown can be seen to be able to "penetrate" into the building as shown by the yellow zone. 

5.3. Or rather, those seated along the yellow zone would face the greatest impact of such a sha qi.

5.4 This can lead to many health concerns for office workers in this development.

Take care!

If your company is trying to upgrade to buildings... do not take this lightly...



6. In addition, did you notice that the surface area of each of the window areas has this distinctive pop-up shape.

6.1. It would have been better if such surfaces are smooth to further reduce the sha qi or allow some of the sha qi to be channel out instead of being trapped at the concave surfaces!












This ceiling looks more like a nuclear reactor core..


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Morale of the story is that compass who choose to move to a new building or move out of their existing building should look for a more conventional office space to rent or lease.

And if possible, try to skip moving into such developments even if the excuse that it is a newer building... 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Case Study: Greater concave surfaces where offices are location would have the greatest impact - especially the North and Southern side given the high and low pressure zone areas of the Southern part of Singapore.

Below: The greatest sha qi are along especially the tower block to the right of this photo or the office block side.

X marks the vulnerable side:



At the Southern part of Singapore, due to the sea at South and land form at North (X).

If one has learnt basic geography, as the sea is directly towards the south and the north (X) side concave, depending on the time of day, high and low pressure zones flip-flop between land and sea and vice-versa;


And when strong winds blow from North towards South, then area X with the large surface area will get compressed sha qi:-


Recommended not to seat at the X areas of the office... (if possible)duoA.png.67ed1ec7abaa0af39f5914c1721f17b6.png




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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