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Hotel Royal 4 star hotel with outdated designs

Cecil Lee

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Hotel Royal an old establishment at Newton ... the external facade remained the same as in the 1970’s. While other hotels with the same type of facade such as Mandarin hotel and Hilton had already upgraded theirs many years ago..F35894AB-CD07-4FD0-83E3-678CC2A88768.thumb.jpeg.89b5dbd649c0a144b42f56adb41c71f5.jpeg

Thus no wonder it only has 4 star rating23C7583C-A720-4288-93E6-9A04A95A3EAD.thumb.jpeg.f679dad6bf1c84c0660fbb662913649f.jpeg


This facade with its iconic murals remains unchanged since it openedFAEE416D-3FA1-4687-8216-4130C4C97E86.thumb.jpeg.9bb2a29b291a045301a5386999ad0dc2.jpegC295E76F-8296-4C1F-A4AC-B9DBB0AEBDF5.thumb.jpeg.225a787cac1a18c9b53355846fbc090a.jpeg

And the nearby Hakka Methodist ChurchF7D8315E-6AA7-45A7-869E-1F393212AA08.thumb.jpeg.e70a6e2022386026f00879e957866412.jpeg

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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