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HDB Flats through the years

Cecil Lee

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1. HDB started to built 3 Bedroom New Generation flats from 1976 and ended building them by 1989.

2. Whether by coincidence all these flats main door including the frame coincides with auspicious measurements of the Feng Shui ruler: where the opening is between 31" to 32" inches and the frame is around 35".

3. Another characteristics of these flats is that there is no directly openings e.g. if we stand at marking A (main door) looking inwards; there is a wall B to block a direct path towards the rear of the unit.

4. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, this is to prevent loss of wealth. And often in many new units; owners may consider placing a partition between the main door and an opening be it the living room window/balcony or in this case the service yard windows.

5. Under marking C also, the windows use louvres and not casement or sliding panels. As such even with the entrance to the kitchen, there is also no straight path between this marking C towards D.

6. In addition, the entrance to the kitchen is also based on auspicious width of 35".


7. In addition, the toilet is never at the centerpoint of the unit. And other than a minor missing corner outside of the master bedroom windows; the unit is pretty much rectangular in shape.

8. Overall, this design is Feng Shui friendly with the exception that in many instances, the kitchen may be at NW especially for South facing units.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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