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Teacher: "Can anyone form a sentence using the word FINE?"

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*Note: This is purely fictional* If you got a weak heart or can tear easily... do not read further!

F852206E-3E17-4B68-A068-5D2A25F228B0.thumb.jpeg.e46643c2e04744cc4eb9f9371cebcb9f.jpegSmartest Class Prefect (SCP) : “After I FINE the person who vandalised the lift,  I will be fine!”

Teacher: “Why and how much is the FINE?”

SCP: “ I get a commission from meeting my quota! The FINE is $1,000/- Per advertisement.”

Teacher: “Mentally calculating in her head.... and suddenly Fainted”

SCP: “Anyone knows why teacher fainted?”

Another student: “That’s her part-time job! Can’t blame her! She has to pay the school car park fees!”

SCP felt very guilty and also fainted!



An update: SCP fully recovered! But sad news was the teacher hit her head against a student’s table. She is still in coma till today!

During the counselling session organised by the school, the psychologist told each student that no one else is to be blamed but the blame should fall squarely on their teacher!  What she did was totally illegal!

Furthermore, she owes the school huge sums in parking fees. As the school charges an additional hefty $10/- per day penalty for parking vehicles overnight!

Thus, if the vehicle is not claimed by end of August 2018, the principal says, she is entitled to keep the ride for herself! [This is a government aided school and the Rule says: The boss is always right!”]

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Robert Lee changed the title to Teacher: "Can anyone form a sentence using the word FINE?"
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Everyone was impressed with the School Principal.

As many seen her going to the School chapel to pray three times a day. As she never did so before this incident! Many assumed she was praying for the poor teacher’s recovery

However, Just now, a student overheard the principal praying.

The Principal apparently was not aware that this student was lying flat on one of the chapel benches to trying to catch a nap during lunch time.

She could however clearly hear distinctively these words: “Vegetable, vegetable, vegetable... then Mine, mine, mine, please!”

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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