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Cecil Lee

Case Study: Flying Star Feng Shui & the Key Considerations of Period 9 E1 facing home

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Part 1 - Flying Star Period 9 E1 Resources

1. Frontage of E1 (67.5-82.4 degrees)

2. Period 9 = Years 2024 to 2043

E1 P9.png


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Part 2 - Case Study & the Key Considerations of P9 E1 facing home


1. East

1.1. Water Star #5 = Misfortune sickness with #4 = Average "weak" Wood. Although wood helps to reduce #5, it is not enough to neutralise it.

1.2. Frontage at East is not a good facing direction. However, it would be advantages if the unit faces a pool of water.

1.3. Or alternatively, no real water, one might want to consider placing a water feature at the balcony (if any).

1.4. Here, a water position at the frontage is not to enhance luck. But rather used here to try and DROWN the bad #5!

1.5. With such a facing direction it is even more crucial to seriously apply this concept of 阳宅三要 or Yang Zhai San Yao:-

1.5.1. The three major considerations in a home: Main Door or Frontage, the Kitchen & Bedroom.

1.5.2. If possible all these three factors should be highly favourable. To lessen the burden of a poor Flying Stars frontage!

1.6. In many new developments, if there is an E1 stack/unit, often within the same block, there are also W1 stacks/units.

1.7. If so, try to see understand a W1 unit. And see which is better.

1.8. I know, I know. W1 stacks are often the last to be sold.

1.8.1. As based on common sense, many who had experienced staying in a West home in SGP, might want to avoid such a unit like the plaque = direct afternoon sun.

1.8.2. Often = Hot, hot, hot! And often, all bedrooms including children's rooms are very hot in the afternoon and even at night: if the heat soaks into the walls and ooze out.

1.9. Under Flying Star Feng Shui: W1 is a flip of E1. And the only major advantage is that W1 has double combined #9 auspicious wealth luck at it's frontage:


1.9.1. Note: Ignore a W1 if you find it not worth it! Wealth but many years of "direct afternoon sun".

2. NE vs SE

2.1. In many instances for an East facing unit, either the Master bedroom or Living Room is either located at NE or SE.

2.2. Based on the 阳宅三要 or Yang Zhai San Yao concept. It is preferred that a West Group breadwinner sleeps in a good sector such as NE. As this sector favours the West group person. While SE favours an East group person.

2.3. SE = #3 represents Quarrels, conflicts and legal entanglements. Thus even if one is an East group person and favours SE, one might want to consider this. Although it can be neutralised. But why take the chance, here. For this reason, An East group person may want to consider even a NE bedroom. (Not as bad as the devil or the deep blue sea. More like the devil's associate vs the knee deep water, that's all).

3. West 

3.1. Often, if the frontage is East. West is considered as the "rear" the unit. Usually, the kitchen or service yard or toilet or air-con ledge is located, here.

3.2. West has the #9's x 2 = Double auspicious current prosperity wealth luck. Thus most of the time: "Wealth luck is wasted at this area e.g. a service yard". 

3.3. It is highly unusual for a flat to have a bedroom or study, here. If so, this is at least a good compromise.

4. NW

4. There is a Water Star #1. Good (or nice-to) if this is an open space such as part of the living room or dining room. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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