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Ba Zi Lunar vs Xia Calendar: Not all Ba Zi are created equal. Many use short-cuts. Geomancy.net does not do so. Learn Why?

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Question: Hi Robert, about [masked out of Mr ABC's name] BaZi, can you possibly check  the highlighted part in the picture (the month part)?
If I run other baZi services the result is different in this month part only.
You know I’m totally ignorant in BaZi, that’s why I humbly ask for your help.
Thank you for your help.
[Name masked out for privacy]
Comments: Hi [Name masked out for privacy]
Yes, we are aware of the difference in Month pillar as we are using the Lunar Calendar vs the Seasonal Calendar. There are many reasons for why we do that, you can read more in this link:-
The most notable issue you will encounter at sometime, is especially when Chinese Horoscope indicates you are a Rat vs Pig depending on whether the year past or not. How can one person be both horoscope at the same time depending on the analysis. This and of course many other factors are some of the reasons.
Unless, you have a chance to learn and compare both analysis, unfortunately, you won't be able to see much difference as this only affects a handful of people, which we call the grey or blind period. Unfortunately, most people only learned the Season Calendar version in which Hong Kong Masters tend to use as their default calendar and so not many are aware of why there are some of these differences, and/or they mainly practice one concept and/not a variety of concepts .ie Ba Zi, Chinese Horoscope, Chinese Astrology, Compass School (Flying Star, Eight House), Shapes and Forms etc.
All concepts are there for a purpose, and each concept help to balance, reinforce and counter-check each other. So there must not be any conflicting issues such as Chinese Horoscope which uses Lunar Calendar to determine the horoscope sign, and in which the same principles are also applied to the Earthly Branches in Ba Zi. So how can you be two different horoscope for example especially for those born near to the start of the new year.

Hence, since we started the website, we have done extensive research and comparison on both analysis for many thousands of analysis. What we found is that Ba Zi based on Lunar Calendar, while it is more complicated to calculate due to the additional consideration Season Calendar for the season (which needs to be calculated when dealing with season portion of the analysis which is a bit more extra work), however it is much better and more accurate than those based on Seasonal Calendar. Plus it doesn't suffer from the many conflicting results and works with all the other various concepts since almost all uses Lunar Calendar as the common calendar.
So we have since adopted this, even knowing that many other sites will use Seasonal Calendar. So far, I am glad to say that almost everyone who query about this, have told us that in the end our analysis is still more accurate and more effective. That's why we opt not to follow the crowd blindly.
Hope that helps.
Warmest Regards
Robert Lee




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: Not all Ba Zi reports are equal. Many lack two extra pillars: House of Life and House of Conception. Making it a total of Eight pillars to be exact.


1. Many Ba Zi systems and charts are very superficial + lack two important Ba Zi Pillars: House of Life and House of Conception.417354625_kindergartenfengshui1.thumb.png.fd89df52aa0dec37bd4dc4ee42e8f816.png

1.1. If your Ba Zi was calculated without these two additional pillars, we simply call it a Basic or Novice Ba Zi chart.

1.2. Truly Professional Ba Zi Charts = Advanced Ba Zi Charts must have these two additional componets.

2. It is like these Ba Zi systems run on 4 cylinders only while actually the authentic Ba Zi is suppose to run on 6 cylinders for the living.

3. Car enthusiasts know that the more cylinders not only the car has more Horse-power, but the smoother the engine block.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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