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A. Please look at this chart [See Below]. Your Ba Zi element e.g. Strong Wood is just a drop in the ocean of many other concepts.

Ba zi element such as Strong Wood person does not automatically mean that one can apply it wholesale into every single sphere or domain directly.

For example, a home also has a birth date and it's personal birth chart.  Reference: That of your second question.


1. You wrote: "2. And do setup a fountain heading onwards from east sector/south east sector, will eventually increase wood elements?"

1.1. Just because under Ba Zi or 4 Pillars you being a "Strong Wood" person has nothing to do with eventually increase wood element.

1.2. Furthermore if you are a "Strong Wood" person, under the Five elements concept, too much wood is not beneficial assuming that setting a fountain will hep to increase wood element in the first place.

1.3. Please note that to evaluate a sector be it east or south-east sector it is about plotting a Flying Star chart and analyse the chart for the proper enhancement or deficit/ balance if any.

1.3.1. And not to do with your ba zi. Unless a person, say has a bedroom in east and want to harmonise the room to that person. In this instance, his Ba zi is considered in the Flying Star equation.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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You wrote: 1. After determine I am a Strong Wood with my favourite elements are fire and metal, and wealth element is earth. Do wearing more gold rings, or jewelries will reduce my wood elements? 

Frankly, what you wrote is too simplistic. Closer to the term kindergarten type of Ba Zi usage.

For example under the link below:-

There are many other considerations including time dimension of one's ba zi.

Do you know that even if you are a Strong Wood person, your personal body, yes body's elements changes with each period and season.

What makes you think that wearing sometime all the time is beneficial?

Take a look the an extract of the above link and the "Changes in your Five Element Balance for Year when to when...

B. Health: The Five Elements and Associated Organs of The Body

1.  Each body part is associated with a body function


2. Check your individual ba zi report: "Your Five Element Breakdown".


2.1. In the above example, the highest imbalance is the wood element at 40%.

2.2. Based on the above illustration, wood is associated with Diabetes or Liver problems.

Case Study: Ba Zi with Wood element (40%) and Higher risks of diabetes

3. For example, the highest percentage is 40% Wood element.

4. A chart with too much wood element can affect one's health. In particular high risks of diabetes.


5. In addition, for this person, he is at highest risks of diabetes between age 31 and 40. This is where at this age, he has a high imbalance of wood element = 46%:-


6. Between age 41 to 50, this person's wood element is at it's highest imbalance of 70%. Considered as abnormal risks of diabetes or liver issues. Liver issues especially if excessive alcholism.

The chart below shows circled in red = Wood = 70%:-


7. The Ba Zi Personalised Summary highlights Minor and Major Health concerns.

7.1 For this person, the major Health Issues falls within the years 2017 and 2026.


Mr Ba Zi Major Health indicators.png

The saying goes....

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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