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Chinese Legend of the Eighteen levels of Hell with King Yama as their Supreme Governor

Cecil Lee

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Chinese Legend of the Eighteen levels of Hell with King Yama as their Supreme Governor

1. This legend is based on Diyu 地獄 a Buddhist concept of the ream of hell known as Naraka.

1.1. Naraka is an underground maze with many levels of chambers where the souls of the dead are taken to atone for their sins committed when they were alive.

1.2. One Legend says that there are two main chambers: The East and The West Chambers of Hell.

2. Here, sinners are perpetually subjected to gruesome tortuers until infinity.

3. The East Chamber of Hell

3.1 Tongue Extraction Chamber: Still want to Gossip? Stop it!

3.2 Scissors Chamber: Finger torture, snip, snip for spoiling someone's marriage.

3.3 Chamber of Mirrors: Not yet punished for sins committed when alive? See self-reflection of past deeds, here.

3.4 Chamber of Ice: Not filial to elders and adulterers. Please come in. Let you freeze to death.

3.5 Chamber of Knives: Killers will enjoy climbing up a hill of sharp knives.

3.6 Chamber of Iron Hooks: Sow discords, trouble maker? Hung on iron hooks.

3.7 Chamber of Oil-Cauldron: Thieves, rapists and bad people most welcome.. to be fried in oil

3.8 Pressure cooker Chamber: Troublemakers and hyprocrites... come.. come.. we want you in this...

3.9 Chamber of melting Copper: Arsons are most welcome, here. Please come right in, please.. we are waiting for you.

4. The West Chamber of Hell

4.1 Pool of Blood Chamber: Disrespect others? Drowned in a pool of blood

4.2 Hall of Blackness: Those who commit suicide comes here.

4.3 Chamber of Saw: Lawyers and those engage in unfair practices, please come here to be sawed into half.

4.4 Chamber of Stone Mill: Bullies and Power Hungry evil persons.. come here to be crushed.

4.5 Chamber of Pounding: Still want to waste food? Will be forced feed by demons. Much like the French force feed ducks to become a delicacy like Foie gras.

4.6 Chamber of Dismemberment: Generally bad people get their body torn to pieces.

4.7 Chamber of Rock: Guilty of giving away a baby or killing babies? Please hold a heavy rock until crushed by it.

4.8 Chamber of Eternal Flames: Robbers, thieves, shoplifters, the corrupt will get perpetual sauna bath...

4.9 Ox Chamber: Abuse animals? Your turn to be tortured by animals.

5. By the way, King Yama's birthday is on 8th day of the 1st Lunar month.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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