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Cecil Lee

Assorted varieties of Bread buns, donuts, curry puffs,

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Hillion, Bukit Panjang - NTWU Canteen. Less of meal items sold.. half of the canteen is dedicated to high quality baking equipment .. mostly hidden from view.

All bread/curry puffs/donuts/cakes/pastries  for $1/- each. Quality on par or even better than those bread shops like BreadTalk or Four Leaves.. and much cheaper even.

Imagine pick 7 items and the cost is $7/-. While at most other bread shops, depending on the item, the total costs for 7 items can even be $12/- or more!


However, the tidbits on the temporary table costs around $2/- each:


Located at the Bus Terminal where all NTWU Canteens are found. 


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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