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Ola Executive condo at Sengkang

Cecil Lee

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OLA Executive condo at Sengkang by Evia and Gamuda 


Passed by the site many times for Feng Shui audits at three close-by condos...

Also transit at the kopitiam food court at Sengkang Community Hospital. Only bought drinks there + chill-out.

As the rest of the food does not look appertising as well as "crazy" prices.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 1: Checked the meaning of Ola

1. In Spanish, Ola means to wave. This seems to be the main theme, here.

1.1 While Hola means hello in Spain. However when the Spanish pronounce this word, the “H” is silent. Thus all we hear is also “Ola”.

1.2 We can now even call this “Hello” or “Wave Hello Condo!”

3D7499A5-A3E7-423A-91B0-A076B56C12B9.thumb.jpeg.946a8ea272cca190a8bc5c8b151b7c9d.jpeg2.  Under one other language = Azerbaijani translated to English.

2.1 Ola means “be”. Or in mandarin is generally 成为 Chéngwéi

2.1 Where is  Azerbaijan?

9C03F9CC-9515-42AD-9176-DBD3C70ABFFA.thumb.jpeg.6da7c0316b65e200ffd991528cd2ca99.jpeg3. Thus in both languages the word OLA seems acceptable.

4. Heard this story:-

Chief Security Guard at Ola (CSG): "Guys and Gals, security at Ola is different from all other condos"

An audience of 5 secuirty guards: "Huh? Sir, can you elaborate?"

CSG: "Listen here: You are always to greet all visitors and even dubious ones = "Hello! Ola! and Wave them in! No need to record their particulars, please".

An audience of 5 secuirty guards: "Got, Sir!"

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 3: Any other developments or places called OLA?

I remembered in the past, I did a Feng Shui audit at Ola Residences,  Mountbatten Road, a small private condo development in Tanjong Katong:-


Two more major Ola location stands out:  Ola Beach Club & Ola Hydro Sports (Both located in Sentosa.)

Here goes... 


More photos of OLA Residences at Mountbatten Road...


Comfort Delgro Taxi Driver (CDTD): Sir, where?”

Passenger: “Ola condo lah!”

CDTD: “Reached!”

Sleepy Passenger, Yawn!: “No lah! Ola Sengkang! Not Tanjong Katong! Seow Liao Lah!”

CDTD: “Huh? Simi Lah, Alamark! Say so lah”.

CDTD: "Furthermore, I see you dress so UP must be staying at this FREEHOLD Ola.. not a 99 one! But looks can be deceiving!"

Sleepy Passenger, Yawn!: "How you know! With the help of my Feng Shui Master, it's mine in no time! LOL!"

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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4 hours ago, Cecil Lee said:

Frankly, I have been unsuccessful with obtaining an ebrochure. As nowadays, Agent / Developer site wants to capture HP no. ; email address.

And later, lots of spam from them. Thus anyone care to share a copy, here. or Email: support@geomancy.net Thanks!

Thank you very much!


P.S. For confidentiality all private information has been masked-out!

Finally! Can study this development!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case 6: Potential Sha Qi/Poison arrow from the sharp corners of OLA Grand Lobby GL (may) be aimed towards stacks #16, #17 and #22

1797896759_Poisonarroworshaqi.thumb.png.3acf6437a112dcc7c8570151116b7baa.png1. Based on the artist impression (see below) the roof-line / sharp corner of the Grand Lobby (GL) seems to be at the same levels of the window area up to level #04.

2. For example units #01-16, #02-16, #03-16 and #04-16 may have the sharp corner of GL aimed towards the side of the balcony as shown by the RED arrow.

1635095699_stack16.png.a9bc1d956232a2a471ad3c7b74c88430.png3. Another type of Sha Qi happens to be as shown as a purple arrow. Here, there is a possibility of an opening e.g. a bedroom has half of it's frontage facing a "wall" and the other an opening. In general, this PURPLE arrow is another type of Sha Qi.

3.1. As Block 76 with stack #16 and #15 tilted at an angle against the GL; even if there is perforation of the GL; Notice that if wind flows from Y towards X, one will notice that it will slowly compress when it reaches close to the fringe of the living room balcony of stack #16 (levels 1 to 4).

3.2. This can cause disturbed qi at the frontage especially for #16.

1342707172_shaqiillustratedbygreenarrow.thumb.png.5fd2247ce70abe8d0c2e713b73e2b6fa.png3.3. Thus my recommendation is to avoid or "siam" #01 to #04 of #16 totally.

4. As for stack #22 it is nice also to avoid levels 1 to 4 given that there is a possible shar corner as there is a certain thickness of the pillar of the GL which might aimed towards these units.

4.1. Of course, best that the physicall development is completed and this should be accessed within the unit.

4.2. As for stack #17 the main concern for levels #01 to #04 is where the windows open partially towards an opening and partially against the GL "perforated" wall.

4.2.1. For stack #17 since the stack is parallel with the GL; not as bad as described earlier of stack #16.


5. To be on the safe side, just scrap looking at these units.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 7: Where is the bin centre (BC), electrical sub-station (ESS) & emergency gen set (EGS)?

1167478813_BiinCentre1.gif.87ff3e6558fd7f9c6a8040400f913d1a.gif1. If I am not mistaken, this is one of the few brochures that could have "accidentally" left out the bin centre, electrical sub-station and gen set.

1.1. Scientifically, the ESS is a non-issue. But if one's unit is say at #01-13 or #02-13 or even #14; this may affect the resale value. As potential buyers may either low-ball or stay clear of it.

1533432368_BiinCentre.gif.bb31a2d2cc6440c8495ce4ca640c1326.gif1.2. EGS is often a white elephant and at most tested once or twice a year. As it uses diesel oil; during the testing.. it is like inhaling toxic fumes... kinda like the weekly fogging done at the estate. Often, the tell tale sign of this fixture are the smoke tubes on top of each EGS.

2. Even the guard room is not shown in the brochure.  Frankly even if the guard room is obvious,  many other developer's sale brochures still note it as a legend. It is clear that the guard room is marked as G by me.

3. Most likely it looks like a high possibility that the BC is at marking "X". And ESS / EGS at Y?

3.1. Do check this out. Especially if one is looking at low floors of Block 76 = stacks #13 and #14??

4. Appended by Cecil Lee:

4.1. Okay, managed to see that the Bin Centre, Electrical Sub-station, Outdoor Gen set are all found in this sitemap:-1711242150_bincentre.thumb.png.47224a72c707385ef631be668740adf6.png

4.2. What is quite worrisome are two Legends:

4.2.1. Ventilation Shafts = which means ventilation fans. Which also means do expect some noise when the ventilation fans are turned on.

4.2.2. In the past, I remembered that some clients were wholly disappointed when ventilation fans directly below their bedrooms were turned on.

4.2.3. Thus these ground floor units were unhappy that even at night when windows are opened, such noise was unbearable.

4.2.4. Unfortunately, there was no way to dampen the noise when the fans were working.

4.2.5. I understand that later on, they reached a compromise. And these fans were turned on only during specific timings.

4.2.6. Has also to do with the design of the basement car park. If the architect had added more open areas between the basement car park and the upper floor; there is really no need to have to permanently turn on such ventilation fans to exhaust the CO2 levels.

4.2.7. Furthermore, vehicles should not be idling for more than 3 minutes or more if parked at a lot.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 8: This development's common bin is at the lobby of each level. Therefore, please ask for a copy of each block's common bin. And avoid signing on the dotted line if the unit's main door is beside a common bin and/or facing it!

999405489_TREASURECRESTINTERNALRUBBISHBIN1.png.8cc8aa942ee964397b9c5a7d2e815453.png1.  A sample layout shows no sign of something similar to this to denote a rubbish bin within the unit


2. If so get the developer's representative to provide it. And or mark the location of it.

3. Developers like CDL often provide two: common and recycle common bins. However, many other developers only provide a common bin for each common area at each level.

3.1. But no harm to confirm that there is only one bin for each block.

4. This is because, yesterday, I was discussing a client's layout plan. Currrently they were renting a unit at Commonwealth Towers. So happens that there is a rubbish bin in each of the units.

4.1. When I told the client that there is no internal unit bin; they were surprised and kinda of shocked.

4.2. Hoping or crossing fingers not to win "lottery" luck of getting their keys to Queens Peak condo and later find out that the common bin could be beside their unit main door. (Fingers-crossed!)

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 9: "Even if I don't stay there, I will try my best to make it as practical as possible a home for you!" 


1. Under the 12 Habits of Feng Shui, let us take a look at what is Habit number 10?

2. Even if the architect/designer of a development may not stay at the place they designed; they should jolly-well make it like as if: "Even if I don't stay there, I will try my best to make it as practical as possible a home!" 

3.  Taking a sample of Type B6.

3.1. There are three balcony sliding panels especially for the living room.

3.2. Thus the opening or key-lock is as shown as a red "X".

1483743996_balconythreepanels1.thumb.png.65269cf29e9cc04de77f0a6c53fb93c3.png4. For such a layout plan, never purchase the living room sofa in advance.

4.1. Common sense says that if the sofa is too large or too high; one may end-up blocking the lock/unlock of one of the sliding panels.

4.2. Perhaps give and take a few years, family members arm muscles or they fingers may be distorted given that it is difficult to lock/unlock the panels. At most, some end up not locking it at all. But may impact of leaks - in the event there one does not have an external zip-track/blinds and or strong winds and rains:-

5. Traditional model or pretty common in the past was four panel balcony sliding panels. As shown by the BLUE "A" marking.

1150056243_balconythreepanels2.thumb.png.9e878f1a3c3507a4dbc088d047b60dee.png5.1. Take a look at the illustration.

5.2 Quite possible especially if one does not install an external zip-track or even if one has, and if there are really strong winds and heavy rain; during such a period if one forgets to close the sliding panels, there may be a possibility that rain may come into the unit!

5.3 Contrast this if there were four panels. For a four panel sliding panel, even if we leave some panels slightly ajar around marking in blue "A"; less likely for rain to "splash" into the living room area.

6. For bedroom 3 and if the bed-layout is as shown in the illustration, sometimes leaving the panel beside the head-area would mean that it may be too cold to the person. It would have been better, if the sliding panels again is at "A".

6.1. Again, if heavy rain and very windy conditions may mean that an open sliding panel in bedroom 3 closer to the feet area ... may "splash" rain into the bedroom (wooden panels) damaging it etc...

7. Please take note that this entire topic has more to do with pure common sense and not really Feng Shui.

7.1. It may become a Feng Shui issue if say a person in bedroom 3 falls sick due to Para 6. above. Or somehow, one forgot to close the panel and damage say the speakers or some electronics at or around the TV console area. Where if the panel opening at Blue marking "A" is less of a liability, here.

8. One past culprit is that of Sol Acres EC. Where virtually all living room balcony sliding panels are also odd or 3 panels similar to the above layout.

9. The morale of the story is? Let's hang the architect/designer? Hope so... but wishful thinking.... Hopefully one fine day... the architect/designer gets to stay in such a home.. and.. something like that befall on him/her.. LOL

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 10: Should I be concerned if the main entrance door opens directly towards the dining table?

1. Frankly there are few layout designs in Ola where the dining table is in full view of the main entrance door. Here is a 3 bedroom, + 1 Deluxe - Type B6 #30:


2. It has more to do with common sense and in some instances turned into some sort of stigma for some people.

3. This is because of this statement: "First impression counts!"

3.1. The first time one enters the house is what catches our eye. Thus if the main entrance opens towards the living room; this is the first visual impression of it.

3.2. Often, no matter how "untidy" a home is; the living room area with the TV console area and especially the low sofa chairs will not look as bad as a cluttered dining table.

3.3. Go take a look at one's current dining table. Wow! If it is cluttered now with lots of stuff.. spare bags, tidbits, even old Handphone power supplies etc..

3.4. Then it is strongly recommended that the person, choose another layout type. Many in this development has the main entrance door open towards a wall. I will talk about this in the next thread.

stigma.gif.d839e476b4a85e1a9e0e42460a65f10d.gif4. Otherwise, if you are the neat and tidy type and always keep the dining table clear of things, what is then the worry, here?

4.1. The only worry may be 5 years or more later. Should one choose to sell the unit.

4.2. As there may be some potential buyers who may not understand the rationale of their perceived stigma; as they were always told not to purchase a home with the main entrance looking towards the dining table.

4.3. To some, they were also told that for privacy reasons, the main door should not face the dining table.

4.4. Given that there is no possibility to place a partition between the main door and the dining table for such a layout design.

4.5. Perhaps these persons were told that one should not be seated for lunch or dinner with neighbours walking past one's unit!

4.6. Honestly, for many condo veterans, how many leave their main entrance doors opened. Frankly, I can say for sure.. not many!

5. Unfortunately, in a potential re-sale situation; it is not up to us to change other's perception or stigma. As we can never do so. Therefore, for this we are at the "mercy" of the potential future purchaser (if any). Unless, one claims that one wants to still in this unit for life! LOL

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 11: Should I be concerned with the main door open towards a blank wall?

1. Many stacks/units in this development has the main entrance door facing a "blank wall"?


2. There are some Feng Shui Masters (FSMs) who advice their clients not to purchase such a unit.

2.1. Their rationale is that one should enter into the home "smoothly" and not "hit" an obstacle such as a wall or even a cabinet full of shoes and what-not!

423645479_mainentrancedoor3.thumb.png.9381afc7fac3442953d31e67095dd93d.png2.2. Thus some FSMs advice their clients not to get the above type of unit layouts or those facing a dining table.

2.3. These FSMs would recommend one getting something similar to Type A1 2 Bedroom stacks #29 and #30.

2.4. Unfortunately, there are very few such layout plans in this development especially for larger units. And a few bigger units have the main door open towards the balcony sliding panels.

3. The plus point of a main entrance open towards a "wall" is that there will never be a direct path from the main door "leaking" towards the other side or the living room / baloncy opening (if any).

3.1. Thus there is no need if one is too concerned of this to have to install a partition between the main entrance and the balcony area!

stigma.gif.c501ba63df71d72ba278ab5e44ba1753.gif4. Again similar to Case Study 12: If it is time for re-sale of the unit; we cannot control the potential seller's perception of it. Nor if they hire a FSMs to comment on the unit.  

4.1.  Where as mentioned earlier, some FSM also had this same stigma!

4.2. Here some FSMs either say main door "slamming" into a wall symbolises difficulties. While some FSMs may relate it in terms of Qi being unable to "turn properly" to flow into the unit.

4.3. In fact, just last year, a client bought a similar unit in an older condo unit with such a layout plan. They told me that under the Can or cannot buy stage, their FSMs told them to remove the cabinets built onto this same wall. As it restricts the qi flow into the unit.

4.4. Here, most likely the FSM is a real "Conservative!". Such FSMs only eat and sleep on the main entrance door!

4.4.1. Understand what a Conservative FSM stands for:-

4.5. In modern times, many FSMs today consider the frontage of the unit as really not the main door but that of the living room and various bedroom window opening (area).

5. Frankly, in recent years, there are many developments which I had visited or reviewed with similar layout plans. Not perfect. But not critical doomsday as painted by some persons and or FSMs.

6. Common sense also says that don't install highly reflective glass or poster(s) with reflective acrlyic facing the main door.

6.1. Why?

6.2. Sometimes on ocassions when our mind (might be) somewhere else, when we open the main door, some got a sudden shock to see a reflective image of themselves!...

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 12: I am interested in purchasing a Penthouse unit. Should I be concerned with the individual block's water tank directly above my unit?

1. Highlighted in yellow are where the individual block's water tank sits.


2. Stacks such as #23 and #32 have the entire water tank situated at it's entire unit.

3. While the rest of the water tanks are sitted collectively between e.g. stack #05, #08 and part of the block structure at Block 72 as another example.

4. Should I be concerned if I purchase a unit with a water tank either fully sitted on my roof-top or partially?

5. Let me share a story with you.

5.1. Around 2 years ago my client was considering purchasing a penthouse unit at Hillview Heights condo at Hillview Avenue. This development was completed in 1996.

5.2. As I was walking inside the unit doing observations, actively, I also looked up at the ceiling of the penthouse.

5.2. Naturally, this is one of the checklists whenever one is considering the highest floor where what stands between the unit is the roof of that stack.

5.3. Sure enough, there was an obvious leak area. Strangely, it is not at the toilet. But on the ceiling of the passageway.

5.4. We also tried to see where the water tank was. And realised that most likely the leak was at the location where one of the legs of the water tank was bolted to the roof.

5.5. Common sense says that a water tank and it's ancillary fixtures may expand. Thus imagine since 1996, that bolt over a specific ceiling expands and contracts. Bound to have a cracked roof.

5.6. Of course, if the roof water proof seal is well maintained; less likely of this. But which development or even MA or MCs are aware of such issues.

5.7. Often the only time that they are aware is where the Subsidary Proprietor of a unit complaints to the MA.

5.8. Following this.. of course it is the onus of the MA / MC or the estate to fix any external issues or leaks.

5.9. But often either the damage has been done or one does not feel that comfortable with a water tank above one's head.

stigma.gif.1c7ef0f8d557ca522987fa6ec7faacdb.gif6.  Like the example of Hillview Heights and under symbolism in the Iching, it is inauspicious to have water directly above one's unit.

6.1. Here, water symbolises difficulty for those staying below it.

6.2. Feng Shui accounts for only 33.33% total of the luck.

6.3. Other factors like Human or Man luck (or feel good or bad) also accounts for another 33.33% of one's luck.

6.4. Thus after purchasing such a penthouse unit, some may not have a good feel that they are staying under a water tank. There goes one's Human or Man luck factor...

7. In a future re-sale senario, a potential buyer and or their Feng Shui Master (FSM) may also feel the same.

8. In particular do avoid the penthouse unit especially at stacks #23 and #32. And if possible the rest of the penthouse units with the water tank partially above it.

9. There should not be a concern if one purchase a unit one level just below such a penthouse. A future potential purchaser should not have an excuse to give a "low ball" offer based on this!

10. Okay. Let me know where are the common bin locations in each block?

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 13: Looking out for "red flags" in the development via the Legends on the site map.

416672566_LEGENDSANDREDFLAGS.thumb.png.02243999a3eff3551b6ce39a99421878.png1. Some "red flags" depends more on personal preferences.

1.1. For example, there are some who prefer to steer clear of units close to certain potential noisy facilities.

1.2. For example, on certain days and timings areas like Kids' Splash Pool or Aqua Play and/or Kids' Placespace can get a tad noisy or rowdy at times.

1.3. Thus for those who are not too keen with having to deal with such noise levels should steer clear from a unit facing such a facility.

1.4. However, as mentioned earlier, some really like to have a unit facing such a facility. The adage: "one man's meat and another's poison applies, here".

2. Under Case Study 7, I had already touched on areas like Bin Centre (the developer uses the American "CENTER" instead).

3. Nice to avoid a unit close-by to anything related to BBQ. For example, a no-no to purchase a low floor unit especially at stack #24.

3.1. If possible also avoid low floor units of #23, #26 and #27. Unless you want your home smelling like a BBQ pit especially during weekends and/or public holidays.

1267061806_bbqlegend38.thumb.png.4b3bcef9bf3dacad429858d22692907c.png3.2. Sometimes if it is not the BBQ, but do expect noise and privacy should parties be held at the Picnic Jardin & BBQ area. And wait a moment! Your new home might just be a magnet for ants. Since it is close-by to the BBQ pit.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Interlude: Ola plot sold!


Photo taken from Treasure Crest EC. Showing the former Heavy Vehicles Parking. (Today as we know it will become OLA EC):-


Photos were extracted from Treasure Crest EC around the time of it's T.O.P.

Other photos of OLA (during my visit to Treasure Crest EC previously). These photos were taken sometime in April 2019:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 14: Should I leave the lid of the WC up or at the closed position? Lets look at the example of the yard toilet of Ola Type B3 layout plan

1. Common sense

1.1. All toilet seats have rubber studs that provide a padding between the ceramic toilet bowl and the plastic seat.

1.2. Thus even if one were to close the WC toilet seat lid; there will always have a ring of small gap.

2. Now. Assuming if one were to flush the toilet bowl. Water rushes into the air-pocket within this WC. And ultimately, forced out through this gap.

3. Below: Is a rough representation of the micro-droplets spraying out of this gap:-


(Of course in real life, these droplets will have a uniform spray all round the toilet. But above is to illustrate it can spray towards the stove.

3.1. One might say who cares! The food that I cook will have additional flavours found no where else. And my visitors (victims) always says I cook so well.. LOL

4. Much like someone sneezing and spraying their micro-droplets a distance away.



5. What's the problem? I can always leave the toilet lid at the open position. Or close the toilet door when not in use. End of story... Just to highlight that it is not the end of a "tasty meal."

P.S. Studies have found that leaving the toilet lid open also do allow some "air" from the toilet blow to "move" vertically upwards.. instead of horizontally. Therefore, there is no such thing as one is better than the other. However, most of us are healthy so often can be resistant or no issue with this.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 15: Should I be concerned with the stove in close proximity to the washing machine?

For example, lets take a look at a sample: Ola Type B1 layout plan...


1. Okay, the stove is on the table top. While the washing machine is flushed below the table-top but a few inches away?

2. Some Feng Shui Masters (FSMs) or concerned persons may claim this: Washing Machine = Water. Stove = Fire. Thus somehow come to the conclusion that it is very inauspicious to do so.

3. Drawing a parallel. Some persons and even FSMs claim that a fridge represent the water element. Frankly, in general, this is not exactly true.

3.1. As many FSMs do consider a typical fridge a METAL BOX. And consider a fridge as belonging to the metal element. Not water. Why?

3.2. Simple. How often we leave the fridge ajar? Only when we need to use the fridge. Or in some cases some fridge need defrosting not that often.

3.3. If the fridge has a water dispenser or ice-maker at it's frontage, best not to have this feature face a stove. That's all. Here, under symbolism in Feng Shui, really fire and water clash.

3.4 A wine fridge often has tinted glass door. And the wine bottles can be seen. If so, this is no longer a METAL BOX. Again avoid having the glass door area face a stove = fire and water clash.

4. But for Ola Type B; the concern has more to do with pure common sense:-

4.1. If the washing machine uses power detergent. Sometimes even if we are very careful, when pouring in the power to the washer, the power may fly all over the kitchen. And since the stove and surface of the kitchen top is so close and even right above the washing machine...

4.2. Okay, I am using liquid detergent. Safe right? No issue right?

5. In some condos, where if a developer adds a door for the washing machine, there are noticeable ventilation slots on the door.

5.1. What does this mean? Heat is often produced by the washing machine naturally as the motor heats up or purposely. As some two in one washing machines may have heaters.

5.2. Thus vapours may be produced by the washing machine. And sometimes these vapours evaporate and fall all over the surface of the kitchen table top and stove.

5.3. These are considered extra condiments that may flavour the food. Sometimes, the food may taste even more flavourful. But is this healthy? Hmm.... go make a guess...

5.4. How often we leave our plates, cups in the open... let not these particles coat the interior surface of these items... got it? get it...

6. This is why in the past and even today, we still see especially new HDB flats that has a separation between the kitchen and the service yard where the washing machine is suppose to be at it's righful place!

7. What should I do now? I already booked this Type B1 unit? Common sense says don't use the washing machine when cooking etc... And don't leave plates and utensils lying around during the use of the washing machine! Or wash the plates etc.. prior to use..

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 16: Do you know that even if a geomancer says that the site is excellent, all sites are govern by the concept of the Bell Curve

1016030592_THEBELLCURVE(1).png.6bd8421a800bf571c5f03c1f9fa4a481.png1. Remember, even if a geomancer says that this is a good development. However, a good unit also depends on where it is within the development:

2. Is your potential unit under the Good, the Bad or the Ugly?


3. Often if one is lucky, even if the unit is not so fantastic superficially. Some units are like an unpolished gem. While others unfortunately may be a hopeless rotten apple.

1223152688_unpolishedgemorlemon.png.abb51c55256cd4cbcda8809d95be7a7a.thumb.png.60f198235c0ec9fd543d82bb3bdb9a0a.png3.1. Just imagine, if the unit is like a 10 year old rundown 1,000 cc car. Even a good Feng Shui Master is unable to turn it into a good unit!  

By the way, (above) this falls under Habit Number 11.

546183713_HABIT1B.png.6ce21c3762026c92d7356fb74f366862.png4. Under Habit 1, one possibility is by ranking one's bedroom type by stack/unit: 1st choice, 2nd choice etc... 

Reference: Habit 1 can be found under this link:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

769932874_ladenwithdebt.thumb.png.45f77c884eb4ef135e74e54a6c2f3cb3.pngFeng Shui suffers a bad reputation, today.

Many Feng Shui Masters are a Feng Shui Store.

Their core business is not authentic Feng Shui.

But rather making big bucks by selling lots of useless commercial products in the name of Feng Shui.

Please give me a good reason not to buy such products. Here's one:-



Okay, the above was written prior to the knowledge of COV-19. Here’s to another reason, why.

Many Feng Shui Masters and their shops are FAKES!

Saturday, 14.3.2020...


P.S. Frankly, I was just being extremely polite. Actually if one got the hint, as the British always say just throw the "bloody" thing away!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 17: In Flying Star Feng Shui, all units in this development either face Period 8 North 3 (N3) or South 3 (S3).

1. Is the Sales Brochure Site Plan (SBSP) North marking accurate?

1.1. Orientating the SBSP and projecting the protractor onto it; the compass readings for all blocks with the exception of Blocks 74 & 76 yields a compass reading of 14 degrees and 194 degrees.

ola flying stars 1xx.png

1.2. 14 degrees falls under Flying Star N3 of 7.5 degrees to 22.4 degrees.

1.3. While 194 degrees falls under S3 of 187.5 to 202.4 degrees.

1342274866_1-24Mountains-withdescription4.gif.fa3e23c0e4e14706b39f804c4e2d41e8.gif2. As my next preferred e-streetmap = onemap.sg does not show the profile of the blocks (until T.O.P. or close to it); no way of using this map.

3. The next best alternative is to use streetdirectory.com's map.

3.1. For Blocks 70, 72, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86: Either face N3 20 degrees or S3 200 degrees.

3.2. Although there is a 6 degrees difference between that of the SBSP north marking of 14 degrees where streetmap's is 20 degrees; fortunately the conclusion is the same = both still falls under N3.

3.3. The same is said for S3 for both maps.

4. What about Blocks 74 and 76? The stacks/units in these two blocks either falls at 10 degrees or 190 degrees.

4.1. And surprise, surprise, these two blocks also falls within N3 or S3. 


5. In essence, one can thus conclude that all of this development's units either face N3 or S3.


6. Thus if one were to stand inside the living room looking outwards; the units are either that of N3 or S3.

6.1. Do you always use the main door for Flying Star Feng Shui? No?
Understand why? We use the frontage = standing inside the living room looking outwards. Not the main door direction, here.



20th Silver Anniversary, 2020

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

1. A Consolidated Site Plan where I took time to add individual descriptions beside each of the Legend Numbers.

2. See Below:-


2.1. Have also marked the Bins x 2 location.

LL = Two lifts for each Tower
Stairs = Stairs.

3. What a pity as majority of the Bins x2 are located beside the bigger bedrooms.

4. Only one of the 3 bedders that of stack #36 has a bin beside the stack/unit.

5. Don't be so happy, yet. For example stacks #04, #08, #11, #15, #17, #24, #26 & #35 seems to have their main entrance facing what seems to be the bins x2 area.

6. As the bins were marked by an Agent, frankly, not too clear whether the bins (most likely has bin doors) facing the main entrances of stacks like #04, #08 etc...


7. Given the above, do insist from your Agent to obtain a block floor plan. Even just one layout can help. Given that all the blocks share almost the same configuration e.g. Two lifts side-by side againts two stacks e.g. #01 and #04. There is also a emergency staircase.

8. I am more concerned is the actual location and specification of the bins x 2. (Most likely a common and a recycle. At Parc Rivera it was two uncovered bins at each common area without any doors).

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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